The most expensive high heels on the planet

Heels come in different varieties and brands compliment them, so it becomes easy for an individual to identify the right choices pertaining to their requirements and budget. Expensive shoes have been launched in different countries representing brands and their products which are a milestone in the company’s quality and performance.

The list keeps changing every year due to new arrivals and suspension of previous models available in the retailer stores and attracts new consumers every now and then. Below are some of the most widely used expensive high heels that are available today in the world in different countries across major retailers.

Stuart Weitzman

stuart weitzman ruby slippers

Stuart Weitzman’s Ruby Slippers priced between 1 and 3 million US Dollars has captured the hearts of many willing to walk the fashion house with an elegant appearance and a desire to win and conquer hearts at the Red Carpet. The slippers are made of platinum and diamond which became very popular in Massachusetts.

Stuart Weitzman designed shoes for the company over a considerable period of time. Some of his popular ones are Platinum Guild Stilettoes, Marilyn Monroe Shoes, Retro rose pumps, Ruby slippers, and the Tanzanite Heels.


Gucci Sofia Etoile

Gucci, an Italian brand has stolen the hearts of many in Florence and continues to impress with its unique quality and flawless design. The most prevalent and innovative design provided by Gucci continues to be a privilege of the rich. Some recent models launched in the last few years are priced at around 2000 US Dollars which includes Sofia Etoile and the Woven Leather Boot.

The heels available with this brand are a great treasure to the country’s economy. They have spread their network and are distributed across various stores and continues to be a remarkable entry into the market.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton is equally famous in high heels as it is with other accessories. They are not new to the market and have served customers since 1860, they have achieved huge growth recently due to their luxury designs. They have good heels for men priced at around 10000 US Dollars and have impressive and fabulous designs.

The soft leather lining gives a unique finishing touch to their heels that are a privilege of rich men. Their ankle boots, after game sneakers, silhouette sandals, nomad sandals, horizon sandals, streamline pumps are perfect for men, and women of different ages.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is another branded name in the shoes market. They have gained name and popularity in the sector due to their unique and glamorous designs intended to help men and women with different stylish varieties. They release products every year and the price keeps on changing with new and stylish looks.

Alexander, being a costume designer offers products for both glamorous and less stylish women with a contemporary look and appearance suited for mostly young and middle aged women. The purchase of heels and accessories are worth the money with oversized and extended sneakers being the favourites.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu luxury shoes

Miu Miu brands have immense popularity with both men and women having an unfathomable attraction to their unique and extraordinary designs. Women, especially love their accessories due to the company motto and strategy, their inclination and strive towards luxury brands suited for glamorous women.

The new entries into the market including the Mesh Sneakers, Glitter fabric mules, leather and glitter sandals and Patent Leather pumps are priced between 2000 to 3000 dollars and are known to drive profit and good sales to the company.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Gorgona

The Christian Louboutin brands have good and high varieties and continues to be as one of the most expensive heels in the world. They are more renowned for red soles and best suited for the modern day women. The new arrivals include Iriza, Marie Jane bucket bag, Debout, Gorgona and the signature’s sexy strass priced at around 3000 Dollars and above, have dangerously high heels.

They have gained prominence in Paris and other states and continues to be the strengthening force for stylish and glamorous women across the nation.

Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger designer brands are popular in France, Geneva Milan, London, and New York. They have unique, off beat designs and high quality accessories to suit the requirements of both men and women. Their products are suited for both men and women and continues to remain in the forefront of providing luxury and affordable heels in the market.

They have launched recent additions in their stocks with price ranges starting from 500 dollars to fit the needs of ordinary people and help everyone get a branded shoe for their daily use and comfort.

Manolo Blahnik

The Manolo Blahnik designs are very consistent and continues to be as of the one of the forerunners and expensive list of shoe brands in the market. The designs are unique and customized according to the needs of the customer. Serving the industry for around 50 years, the brand is a top performer in this industry and strives to steal the top spot any day.

The creations have unique designs and has gained eminence in movies, red carpets and other fashion events. Their price range continues to increase everyday with the growing popularity and increased sales in United States with Blixa Alligator pumps grabbing the attention of customers across the globe.

Expensive heels are here to stay for the benefit of the rich and more brands are developing new varieties every year to replace the existing and old designs that have become obsolete today. They continue to impress both genders with unique and impressive designs available at affordable and expensive prices suiting the budget of consumers.

The brands have their flagships and distribution spread across different geographies to help heel lovers get the best designs and quality for their use. With the entry of Passion Diamond Shoes introduced in UAE for the first time last year and priced at around 17 million dollars, designers have decided to create fashionable and impressive designs every year with high prices. These new designs have created a buzz in the market and helped consumers get the ideal product for their purchase.

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