How to clean Adidas Boost

It can be said that shoes are an indispensable item in our lives. However, cleaning shoes is not an easy task. In today’s article, we will share 7 steps of cleaning Ultra Boost shoes you should not ignore.

Adidas Boost

1. Prepare cleaning water

This is the first step you need to take in the cleaning process of Ultra Boost shoes. Specifically, you need to prepare a small basin. Then, you add a few drops of detergent such as soap and shower gel. You can use a special detergent to clean the shoes.

2. Remove shoelaces before cleaning the shoes

Before starting to clean shoes, you need to remove the shoelaces first. Then, you continue to remove the shoes lining. After you remove these items from your shoes, the cleaning will become easier.

3. Use a brush to clean the shoes

Brush is the most effective cleaning tool for cleaning shoes. After preparing the brush, you should dip it into the basin of soapy water. Then, rub gently on the sole of the shoe and inside the shoe. You can also use a sponge to scrub away the stains on your shoes. The cleaning process will be simple and effective.

4. Rinse the shoes with warm water

After scrubbing the shoes, rinse your shoes with warm water. You can rinse your shoes with water several times to remove any dirty water that may be on your shoes. Then, use a dry cotton towel to put inside the shoes to remove excess water. Note that you must not stuff newspaper in the shoes, because the paper will get wet and stick to the shoes.

Moreover, you should not dry shoes under the sunlight. Because when the sun shines on the shoes, it will fade the color of the shoes. It will reduce the aesthetic value of your shoes.

5. Wash the shoelaces

How to clean Adidas Boost

After drying your shoes, wash the shoelaces. You can wash your shoelaces with soapy water. Then, you put the shoelaces in a dry place so that they will dry faster.

6. Clean the Ultra Boost shoe insoles

Similar to cleaning shoelaces, shoe insoles can be cleaned with a brush with soap. After the shoe insoles are clean, use a towel to dry them. Or you can dry them under the sunlight to avoid leaving a musty smell.

7. Put on the shoelaces

If you have completed the above 6 steps, the last step is to re-lace the shoelaces. In addition, you also add the insoles to your shoes. You can also spray moisturizer to keep the shoes fragrant and not moldy.

Here are 7 steps to cleaning Ultra Boost shoes that are both simple and time-saving that we would like to share with you. Hope this information will help you know how to take care of your shoes.