Quick and Effective Tips for Cleaning White Men’s Leather Shoes

Apart from getting your outfit geared to look the very best, there are a number of reasons why white men’s leather shoes stand out from the pack when used. Whatever the occasion, these foot wares make their mark as they bridge efficiency with style. That being said, among the numerous items housed in your closets, you can’t deny that your white leather shoes look most battered after hitting the road. One of the major challenges of owning white leather shoes is that with time, these pairs become less white. Although lived-in shoes leave an impression on the mind, it is far worse for outright dirty shoes.

Having a pair of white leather shoes pay in many ways, especially when they are handled with care. So, how do you go about doing that? Well, this article is exactly what you need to take proper care of your white leather shoes. It highlights quick and effective tips for cleaning white men’s leather shoes that will ensure that you get the most out of your shoes, brighten them as they look brand new and make them outlive their lifespan.

First, it is great to point to the fact that quality white leather shoes- as with other leather shoes of differing colors, will last over a long period of time, even decades if they are properly taken care of. As a matter of fact, cleaning white shoes can be a difficult task particularly when you have to go out with it on a regular basis. Bearing in mind that you cannot put them in a washing machine, cleaning your white leather shoes is even a harder task because ammonia and other chemicals can result in undesirable discolorations. Well, there is good news to all men using white leather shoes. They can now get their white shoes in order in very quick and effective steps.

White Men's Leather Shoes

Quick and Effective Tips for Cleaning White Men’s Leather Shoes

Many individuals have adopted different approaches for easy upkeep of their white leather shoes. Some of these approaches have been found to be really quick and effective. They include using toothpaste, vinegar and olive oil.

The toothpaste method

  • To embark on this process, you have to rid your white pairs of mud or excess dirt. This requires scraping excessive dirt that lies on the leather surface and wiping the entire shoe surface with a cotton rag or soft nylon brush. This would loosen and remove a large amount (or most) of any dry dirt left on the shoe’s surface.
  • Next, you have to remove the shoelaces to make the cleaning process easier and faster. After getting them off your shoes, soak them in a bowl containing warm water and detergent. You can also use a washing machine to wash them.
  • After taking your laces off, you can use a towel or rag to dampen the outside areas of your shoe. The towel or rag in use should be wet, but not soaked. A soaked rag or towel will only over-saturate the shoe and damage it in no time. All you have to do is clean the entire shoe with the damp cloth to remove dirt.
  • The toothpaste part comes next. As exciting as this is, you have to pay much care to it because using the wrong substance in the first instance will only spell trouble. So, you have to rub a non-gel whitening dab of toothpaste on the stains and scuffs of your white leather shoes. Non-gel whitening pastes are used in steads to prevent the stains that arise from the use of toothpaste made with artificial dyes. When you apply the toothpaste over the stained areas on the shoe, you have to further rub into the leather with the use of your fingers. After applying it, the next step is to scrub the stains in a circular motion using a toothbrush. You have to keep doing this to every part of the shoe, till the stain breaks from the surface of the leather.
  • After breaking the stains off the shoe’s surface, you can employ the use of a towel in wiping off the toothpaste. Ensure that every bit of toothpaste left from cleaning is wiped off the shoe surface. If wiping the toothpaste off the surface of the leather shoe proves to be much hassle, dampen the towel with warm water, then rub off.

Once you have got all the bits of toothpaste off, dry your white pair of shoes. Using a microfiber rag, wipe down your shoes. Repeat the process if you still observe dirt on the pair till you are satisfied with what you’ve got. Before returning your white pair of leather shoes, ensure that they are dry.

The Olive Oil and Vinegar method

This method requires that you combine olive oil and vinegar.

  • To get the mixture right, you have to mix half a cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. The spray bottle should be medium sized to allow easy conveyance. Also, after mixing, vigorously shake the mixture and keep shaking through the application process as vinegar and olive oil separates easily.
  • Next, you have to spray the solution of olive oil and vinegar on your shoe. Ensure that it is finely coated across the surface of the shoe. In areas that have been discolored to a very large extent, apply more of the solution to get the best results.
  • Let the sprayed solution sit in for about 5 minutes to bring out the embedded stains from the leather. Then, wipe off the solution using a dry microfiber cloth to avoid a scuffle on the shoe’s surface. As you do this, you will observe the stains pull off with the solution. This will get your white leather shoe back to its original state. Keep on wiping till the shoe is dry.

White Men's Leather Shoes


In cleaning your shoes, always begin by wearing a pair of gloves and set your cleaning area by laying some old pieces of clothing or newspapers down to avoid staining your workspace. As soon as you have confirmed that the dirt is removed from white leather shoes, you have to dry your pair at room temperature. In a bid to dry your pair at a faster rate, avoid using heat as it will not only dry your shoes at a faster rate, it will damage the leather after the dry out.

Adhering to these quick and effective tips will only ensure that you get the most from your shoes, and save cost as well. Your pockets will thank you for it.