How to Choose Men’s Golf Shoes

Close friends of male golfers are their shoes. How can shoes be worn smoothly for 4-5 hours and create stability for golfers at each hit? Let’s learn some tips for choosing golf shoes for men in the following article.

Notes on choosing golf shoes for men

Contrary to the thoroughness in choosing golf shoes among women, male golfers often tend to choose their shoes uncarefully. That makes many golf players uncomfortable due to tightness and foot pain. Oversized or poor-quality shoes make many male golfers fail to deliver a good performance on the golf course.

To be confident in every step and be able to drag their feet for hours on the golf course, male golfers should take the time to choose the best shoes for themselves. Just like how to choose golf shoes for women, when choosing a pair of male golf shoes, you need to pay attention to criteria such as weight, material, nails and shoe size.

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Picture: Footjoy

Weight of golf shoes

In fact, during training or competition, golfers cannot play with a pair of shoes that weigh too much, which will make them tired as well as experience problems such as joint pain and knee pain. Therefore, male golfers should choose lightweight shoes to minimize unnecessary health issues, and thus, they can move for a long time without tired feet.

Material of golf shoes

Moving for hours outdoors under erratic weather is part of golf, so you should choose shoes made from synthetic leather with 3 layers. The outer part should be coated one-way waterproof to prevent water on rainy days; the middle lining should be cotton, and the inner part should be mesh. With this structure, in the case of rain, the shoes will be waterproof, while on sunny days, the shoes will be airy and help absorb sweat as well as limit foot odor.

Nails of golf shoes

Typically, the golf shoe will have 7 to 9 nails with 2-3 pieces distributed on the heel and the rest placed on the sole and the nose of the shoe. These nails help golfers walk on the grass without slipping as well as keep them in balance when they are about to hit the ball. The arrangement of nails on golf shoes also partly helps players to keep their legs for the swings. Golfers will have stability when swinging and having power in each hit.

One point to note here is that golfers should choose hybrid nailed golf shoes or soft sole shoes but not metal nailed soles. Because mental soles often make it difficult for players to move, increase the weight of the shoes and damage the grass on the golf course.

2 Pairs of Men’s Golf Shoes Worth Buying in 2020

As we all know, golf shoes are important and indispensable items in every match. For golf, shoes are not only used for walking but also contribute to the stability and balance of the swings. Therefore, world-renowned golf shoe brands continually launch models of shoes that meet the needs of golf players every year. Currently, the two below models of shoes are very popular in the market for men’s golf shoes.

FootJoy Icon

FootJoy Icon satisfies two criteria: fashion and performance. This shoe model is made from high quality cowhide material with TPU sole for maximum comfort and durability.

FootJoy Icon golf shoes are waterproof, which make it possible for players to travel in any weather and terrain. Moreover, the shoes are equipped with foam cushions that make the feet feel smooth, helping golfers to play golf freely.

In addition, FootJoy Icon shoes have 5 sharp nails, providing better stability and power during swing.

PUMA Men Titantour Ignite Hi-Top Se

This shoe model is popular with male golfers because of the Ignite foam feature that brings great momentum and comfort along the entire foot. Moreover, the PWRFRAME structure and perfect strap help golfers play golf without worrying about the weather and terrain on the golf course.

One plus point which makes men have to buy this shoe model right now is the waterproof pigskin lining that creates comfort for players. The shoes also bring natural movements to players when they perform basic techniques on the golf course.

Currently, there are a variety of male golf shoe models with a wide range of designs, colors and features that assist golfers to achieve the best training and competition results. Therefore, golfers should spend time choosing for themselves a suitable pair of shoes that are fashionable and elegant as well as bring a sense of comfort.