How many shoes does Nike sell a year?

Nike is one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers in the world. Their journey towards success in the industry is commendable. Their innovation in the sports industry has helped them to build an empire centered around the principles of quality and performance. Nike has earned its reputation by putting out the best sports equipment that the world has ever seen. They are known for their tenacity and have built their colossal statue with their shoes.

Everyone loves to own a pair of Nike’s, and their mainstream popularity has surged as we saw the dawn of the new millennium. Whether it be Frank Ocean’s melancholic song or Cristiano Ronaldo’s sheer class on the football field, we have all seen them boasting their Nike’s. Their shoes bring different magic to your feet. We all can find ourselves turning heads to appreciate a good pair of shoes, and that’s what Nike is famous for. Their ecstatic design and comfortable footing make them the best in the business. They’re the best at what they do and have been making humongous profits from their sales.

About Nike and its shoes

Before Nike was all about brand deals and advertising, the company indeed had one of the most humble beginnings. Originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, the sports venture was started by University of Oregon student Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. Their first shoe was made for Otis Davis who went on to win two gold medals while wearing them at the 1960 Olympics. The renowned Nike “Swoosh” logo was created in 1971 and ever since then has formed the core of their brand. The trademark “Just Do It” slogan was a part of their ad campaigns in 1988. The simplistic slogan speaks volumes and has influenced millions of people, so much so that it is still in use. Their design innovation and reliability in footwear would go on to change the way games are played to date.

Nike in recent years

The shoe manufacturer is going to turn 60 next year, but their brand is strong as ever. The reason for their success in recent years is due to their endless pursuit of perfection in the shoe industry. They’ve mastered not only the fields of our favorite sports but also won the hearts of the people on the streets. A massive shoutout to Back to the Future series which has cemented the position of Nike in our pop culture. Self-tying sneakers, a concept that was portrayed decades ago, is finally a reality. It is a testament to Nike’s patience and perseverance, which has made the impossible, possible. This motto of doing the impossible is what appeals to the current generations.

Their recent more accessible line of shoes include –


  • Nike Mercurial (football studs)
  • Nike Air/Air Zoom (Running Shoes)
  • Nike Air Jordans (Basketball Sneakers)
  • Nike 6.0/ NYX/ SB (Skateboarding shoes)

Street Fashion

  • Nike Air Max
  • Nike Air Force One
  • Nike Cortez
  • Nike Mag

They also have ownership of the famous sneakers brand Converse, which is a staple for young teenagers.


The Brand and Innovation

With numerous shoe offerings and constant advancements in technology, Nike has been one of the most successful businesses. The brand is currently valued at $29.6Bn, and their steady stream of income sees them making more than $25Bn in revenue every year.

Their most prominent innovation in the shoe business has got to be the development of air cushioning, external heel counter, shock absorption, and the fit frame technology. Their shoes are comfortable and sturdy at the same time with expertise in keeping your feet well dressed. The iconic designing revelations of the Jordans and CR7 brand of Mercurials is something that has never been done before. Only Nike can make footwear that looks dope and feels dope at the same time.

Their shoes make use of the Flywire and Lunarlite Foam technology to help your feet glide on the streets and deliver the best performance on the playing field.

Advertising and Player Deals

Nike has also indulged in what is called smart business along with continuing their hard work in changing the shoe game. Today Nike is known for their Swoosh logo and Just do it slogan. We are living in the golden era of Nike, where the professional players and millions of people demand the very best from them.

Nike is known to sponsor top athletes who rock their shoes. This has helped them to increase their reach to the general public further and indeed has skyrocketed their sales. Football legends like Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Francesco Totti, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and many more changed the game while wearing Nike’s. In Basketball, the court was decimated by Michael Jordan, who is now the proud icon of the Jumpman Logo. Nike also sponsors tennis players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova.

No sport has been left untouched by Nike. Their Brand value has increased fourfolds because of the popularity of these young and talented athletes who help to portray the winning attitude of Nike.


Sales and Statistics

Let’s talk about the numbers! And you would be surprised even to comprehend the success of their brand. Careful advertising and intelligent campaigns translate to more substantial sales and more significant profits. Nike is known to be the largest footwear company in the world today. The success of its brand is incomprehensible. What many readers want to know is, “How many shoes does Nike sell a year ?”. The number is so large that many people prefer to count the number of Nike shoes sold in a second instead!

Nike has a record of selling about 25 shoes every passing second. This insane amount of sales is truly overwhelming. Their overall revenue for the Fiscal year of 2018 pulled in $36.4Bn. With just 1182 stores worldwide, the company is already selling an incomprehensible amount of shoes yearly. Statistics show that Nike is selling over 780 million pairs of shoes each year. The numbers are baffling and what’s surprising is that the company is just going to grow more from here so we all should be ready to see a lot more from Nike.

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