10 Best Shoes for New Walkers 2020 Reviews

Watching your toddler make the first steps in life is the most captivating, fun-filled moment you will ever come face to face with as a parent; whether for the first or the nth time. There is that gush of excitement that spurs your inner being, not knowing whether to let the tot go on with the steps or save him/her from the expected fall. As a parent you immediately start figuring out the best shoes for new walkers and make the first ever steps made in life memorable.

This milestone requires the necessary support from the care givers and the comfort from the shoes as well. As a parent, get shoes with soft soles, enough room for growth and movement and also of breathable material. The chosen shoes should enable your kid move in a more natural manner whether the surface is rocky or smooth at the same time offering protection on both cold and hot surfaces.

Best Shoes for New Walkers

Top 8 Best Shoes for New Walkers

Robeez George Sneaker4.9
ENERCAKE Baby Shoes Soft Sole Moccasins4.7
Pediped Originals Adrian Sneaker4.6
Stride Rite Kids' Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker4.6
Tommy Tickle Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes4.7
Momo Baby Mary Jane Leather Shoes4.8
See Kai Run Noel Sneaker4.8
Bobux Xplorer Origin4.7

With the tips on what to look for in a toddler’s shoes before buying, choosing a suitable shoe for your child is now a lesser problem. You certainly don’t want to pick on a pair because they are too cute to look at. Check out all the pros and cons before gifting your baby with their first foot wear.

These are some of the best shoes for your new walker that will not only glam on their feet but will also give the feet proper room for development…

1. Robeez George Sneaker

These super comfortable trendy shoes for kids will make your child feel comfortable any day, anytime and anywhere. These sneakers have an elastic detail at the ankle making it comfortable for the long haul while keeping the baby’s foot intact inside the shoe.

With a comfortable soft rubber sole divided in two for enough grip, the shoes come in a make like the adults’ and both the parents and the kid can step out looking trendy in matching shoes.

The pros and cons of these shoes

  • The shoes’ elasticity at the back provides a soft pad for the tot’s ankle to rest on and in cases of twitching, less harm will be noticed.
  • The sizeable sole that is an inch from the ground provides a comfortable base for the kid’s tender soles.


  • They are not the best for a struggling walker because of their seemingly ‘heavy’ weight on the baby’s feet.

2. ENERCAKE Baby Shoes Soft Sole Moccasins

These shoes are classical but trendy. With their feather weight, these almost bare-feet leather shoes are perfect for those initial steps indoors. The comfortability associated with the Moccasin will make you dress your child complete with the shoes even before the tot starts walking. Though old school, these shoes will shine and make your child yearn for his/her first steps way before he/she can move out of the fours.

They are easy to slip in the baby’s feet and are flexible enough to measure if the young lady/guy has out grown it and it’s time to move to the next size.

Pros and cons of the Moccasin

  • With the old school fusion that these shoes boast of, your baby will look trendy with an awesome look from the past.
  • Their light weight is the best for any new walker. The flat inch less sole makes it easy for the baby to connect to his/her walking surface.


  • The kid will quickly outgrow the Moccasin. They do not offer the baby growth space since they do not stretch.
  • With their ease to slide in the baby’s feet, their removal by the baby is also easy.

3. Pediped Originals Adrian Sneaker

These tots’ shoes are not only comfy and flexible, they are also stylish and cute at the same time. They will make your little angel step out looking like a fashion star, thanks to their unique designs. With most of the shoes coming with Velcro for fastening, busy moms have a reason to smile as they quickly slide the baby’s feet and strap the shoes up to a perfect fit.

Thanks to their slip resistant soles that come in rubber, sliding is a thing of the past as the grip on the soles is enhanced for ease in walking. They also in various types and parents can take a few types from the same collection.

Pros and cons

  • The kid’s frequency of falling is lessened thanks to the skid free soles the shoes come in.
  • With the shoe’s varied designs, your baby will have the advantage of owning various pairs from the same designer.


  • The Velcro which is the most common fastener for the shoes are easy for the baby to pull off and remove the shoes.

4. Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker

You want to remain stylish and glued to the same make of shoes? Worry no more, these sneakers have you sorted. They vary in sizes right from the early walkers sizes to the toddlers who have by now garnered the art of moving fast in their shoes.

This collection has a uniquely designed rounded sole majorly to maintain the tot’s balance while trying out the first wobbly steps. The wider opening for slipping the foot in and off gives you as a parent an easier time to help the kid slide in and gives the kid enough breathing space and room for growth for the fast growing kids.

Pros and cons

  • Your baby has a surety of growing with the same shoes with different sizes, thanks to the availability of the shoes in many sizes.
  • Their unique rounded soles provide more than enough support to the baby’s feet and offer both comfort and free him/her from falls.


  • They are best suited for stage 2 and 3 babies who have already mastered their steps and have steady strides.

5. Tommy Tickle Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes

They are small, adorable and will excite that wow feeling when you lay your eyes on them and are probably thinking of your little person back at home who is trying his/her luck with life’s first steps. Made of quality leather and suede soles, be sure the comfortability of your baby’s feet is guaranteed.

Though they have no fastening, the elastic detail at the back for ankle protection and for ease when it comes to putting them on and taking them off makes them tick. They come in various designs for both sexes and your child will find it fun walking in these soft soled baby shoes.

Pros and cons of the Tommy Tickle

  • Suitable for your baby’s first steps because they are light in weight.
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable on the baby’s feet because of their soft leather fabric
  • Both your little man and young lady have their designs as they come in both sexes.


  • The shoes are only good for new walkers
  • Because they are easy to wear, they are easily removed by the baby

6. Momo Baby Mary Jane Leather Shoes

These extensive rubber-soled shoes have a wider room at the front for easy and free movement of the baby’s toes. The slip resistant sole will prevent your tot from unnecessary injuries that result from falling.

Be assured that your baby will look elegant in these shoes because of their vast designs. They are also cute and durable to add on the fact that their wide fitting will ensure that your baby grows with the shoes for quite some time before letting go.

Pros and cons of these shoes

  • The wider space at the front give the baby’s toes freedom of movement
  • The rubber sole have enough grip on the ground to prevent the baby from sliding and falling
  • The wider fitting associated with these shoes will see your baby walk in them for a longer period of time.


  • Mostly suitable for kids who are versed with their walking

7. See Kai Run Noel Sneaker

Made of a sock fabric, these shoes are the best for your hyped up toddler. The rubber sole these shoes boast of are not only comfortable and an inch above the ground, they give the shoes a good grip when the toddler is walking. They are also light on the feet and flexible too.

The shoes also have a wide fit that will add extra comfort to the kid’s feet as well as ease the task of getting them on and off. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, your tot will exude glam wearing these shoes.

Pros and cons

  • The shoes’ stylish and trendy nature will make your kid look like a fashion guru
  • They are comfortable on the baby’s feet because of their weight and flexibility


  • With the ease in wearing, there is ease of removal too by the kid

8. Bobux Xplorer Origin

When ample flexibility and comfort are the subject of the day’s babies’ shoes, the Bobux Originals will not miss in the ratings. These mini shoes will be a solace when the toddler is not yet well versed with his/her steps. They are cute, light and will enhance the toddler’s first movements.

They have no fastening but be sure they will hold the tot’s feet in place. The elasticity at the back of the shoes expand and stretch back to ensure wearing and taking them off is not a hustle to you as a parent.

Pros and cons

  • They save on time during wearing because they have no fastenings; perfect for the busy mums.
  • The elastic detail at the ankles make them comfortable for the kid to walk in


  • They are only suitable for babies who are still on the early stages of walking
  • Can be easily removed by the baby

Best Shoes for New Walkers

How to Choose the Best Shoes for New Walkers

So, before going for your new walker’s shoes, here are a few tips on what to look for…

The perfect Fit

Since the kid is so young and cannot speak for himself/herself, it will be hard for him/her to complain if the shoe doesn’t fit. It’s therefore your role as a parent to carry out a length and width test. You can use your fingers to gauge the size. To know if the shoe is of the right length, press your thumb at the end of the toe nails to feel if there is space left between the toes and the end of the shoe.

For the width test, you can try inserting your fingers when the young one is trying the fit and see if there is space for your fingers. Similarly, consider the heel that is comfortable for the tot. You don’t want to buy an inch heel or a wedged shoe because of its beauty and strain the toddler, frustrating his/her walking.

The shoe material

Fabric designed shoes with soft soles are the best shoes recommended for the little one. The major advantage that these light weight shoes have is their comfort. The shoes are not heavy when lifting up a leg thus, the child will not feel a lot of weight weighing him/her down ending up in dragging the feet.

Some of the best shoe materials for first time walkers apart from the fabric shoes are the canvas and light weight feather. Not only are they light on the weight, they are also comfortable on the tender soles of the toddler.

Flexibility of the shoes

How flexible are your child’s soles and the toes in the new shoes? Does the kid move funnily or maintains a steady stride? The shoes should not be too stiff to be bent. This will ensure that the baby’s foot is protected from unnecessary deformities that may result from the stiffness of the foot wear.

The shoes should also be easy to be worn and be removed even with the baby. This space gives him/her enough room for toe movement.

Good grip for the soles

You definitely will not feel funny when your baby keeps on falling because the soles of his/her shoes do not have enough grip on the ground. Canvas are some of the best shoes because of their padded soles. Skidding and sliding will be lessened during the swaying to and fro of the kid’s unsteady movement.

Shoe fastening

Choose shoes with either Velcro, straps or shoe laces. These fastenings help adjust the kid’s perfect fit every time. The comfort of the shoe largely depends on the movement of the toddler’s toes inside. The choice of the fastener similarly determines whether the shoe will stick to the feet or will be easily removed by the wearer.

Shoe laces consume quite some seconds to tie and pass them through the hoops. The Velcro on the other hand is easy to tie but easy for the child to pull off. In as much as the busy parent would prefer something easy to work with, the child too will have found something easy to undo.

Shoe value

Avoid spending large amounts on the baby’s first shoes. At this stage in life, the soft bones and tissues of the child are growing rapidly and very soon the baby will outgrow the shoes. Investing in a toddle’s shoes might be costly to a parent who would rather opt for the cheaper alternatives of the similar quality which will also offer service to the baby.

Expensive shoes do not mean that they are the best for a child. Remember, the tissues and ligaments on the baby’s feet are in the growth period causing the rapid outgrow. You might go for the expensive shoes which are not flexible and fail to have a non-skid sole exposing the kids to harm when they fall.

Do they serve their purpose?

At this stage, these shoes are majorly for protection. Getting the soft soles of the toddler protected is your priority and you try as much as possible to shield them from harm. Unless your baby has not yet thought of getting up on twos ready to walk, new walker’s shoes are not that expensive in the market.

Avoid going for shoes that you see on high end fashion charts; use the ones that are comfortable with your baby instead of straining financially only to learn that they don’t go well with your child. At the end of the day, this is a child you are looking out for and not yourself.

Best Shoes for New Walkers

Must know facts to every parent with a new walker

  • It is a requirement for a normal kid to walk between the months of 8-18. If the baby delays long after this due period, it is advisable for the parent to seek help. It might not necessarily translate to late development, the case could be more severe.
  • Let your toddler learn to walk barefooted for a while. They learn muscle strength by feeling what they can touch with bare feet. The child first learns walking without any shoes giving you the chance to look at the toe movement and the speed associated with every step.
  • Get the tot a pair of shoes after he/she has learned to confidently make a few steps on his/her own. Constantly keep checking the length and width of the shoes to prevent the kid developing ingrown toenails because he/she wore shoes that are smaller than the required size.
  • If your kid has not yet shown any signs of getting up, don’t force them for as long as they are within the 8-18month bracket. Every child is different therefore, different growth rate. Let your kid enjoy being a kid before you force them up when they are not ready. It could be that the bones are not yet to stretch and an abrupt damage might cause more harm than good.
  • Should you notice any form of deformity on your child’s legs and feet, do not assume. Rush the baby to a pediatrician for a professional opinion. Do not wait until the condition worsens and the child is considered for a correctional surgery when it can be prevented.

FAQs when it comes to new walkers’ shoes

Questions parents ask themselves and other parents are so many. Common with many first timers, the excitement of seeing their tots get up from the fours and wobble up before they make the first step is a really electrifying moment. The parents then gear up for shoes in a bid to make the little ones look fashionable.

What are some of these Frequently Asked Questions?

When should I buy my baby shoes?

It will be good if you bought your kid his/her first shoes after he/she has mustered few steady steps barefooted. If you must get the toddler some shoes, make sure they are light on their feet and flexible enough so as not to limit the young one’s movements.

Which shoes should I major on?

Go for the canvas and fabric shoes for a start. They are not only easily available but are also good on the grip. Light leather and sneakers are not bad either. During the later stages, let the kids grow with bolder shoes but with comfortable soles, more advanced than the new walker’s shoes.

What if the kid falls off when I fit the shoes?

Stop fitting the shoes for a while. Maybe the kid has not yet grasped the act of walking in shoes and still needs some time to try his/her steps before a small weight can be added on them.

How fast does my baby’s feet grow and how often will I be required to buy new shoes?

The tender feet of your toddler will grow rapidly at this stage and it will come to you as a surprise if the shoes you bought a month after the kid started walking no longer fits. As a result, invest in bigger sizes; though not so big, with suitable fastenings that the kid will grow in for quite some time before you rush for a new pair.

When will the feet’s rapid growth stop?

Until the kid starts going to school, brace yourself for new additions. As from the age of 5years onwards, the growth starts slowing down but will gradually continue until late into teen age when 100% growth is experienced and probably stop growing.

What is the importance of measuring my child’s feet?

You will not know the growth rate of your child’s feet you do not measure them. When the baby has worn his/her shoes, measure the feet and the space left for breathing to gauge how comfortable the toes are inside. This way you will know when it is time to advance to a bigger size.

How will I know if my baby feels uncomfortable in the shoes?

Easy, look at the posture of the kid while he/she is walking. When you have removed the shoes, check out for blisters or any deformities on the child’s foot. If you notice some changes on the normal development in the kid’s movement, it’s time to let go of the shoes. He/she might not be able to speak up for himself/herself but the actions you read will shout the agony the tot is going through.

How will the right shoe improve the health of my baby’s feet?

The right fit equates to the proper development of the child’s feet. You will not be seeing bent toes and unnecessary breaking of the toe nails if the shoes are comfortable. Breathable material for the shoe will ensure freshness thus your baby’s feet will remain cool after the exercise.


Congratulations. You have worked hard since birth to see your child make the first step. You feel overwhelmed by the kid’s growth and the excitement makes you feel like you are on top of the moon, you consider starting buying your little angel his/her first shoes and are confused on what you should opt for.

Relax. Don’t be in a haste to get the tot his/her first shoes before she can comfortable move barefooted or in socks. Let the kid master his moves first. Watch the number of steps made on initial stages then an area covered before you decide to strap him/her in shoes.

You go to the market and find a variety of shoes, most of which are cute and you get torn on what to pick as a gift for your new walker. Before buying the shoes, ask yourself if the ones you are just about to get are the best. There are various factors to consider beforehand and you probably should equip yourself with some.

For instance, are the shoes slip resistant? How comfortable are they on the kid’s feet and how flexible are they? If you can answer these questions at the shop, then know that you are on the right track. These excitements and rush moments are what make parenthood blissful and such experiences worth remembering when the kids are so grown and all you can do is sit and reminisce.

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