8 Best Running Shoes for Pronation 2020

Every athlete expects to enjoy maximum comfort while running. But in the practical sense, there are times a runner or athlete experiences some sorts of pains and collapse in their feet while running. The feet may roll in excessively while the athlete is on track. Most times, this occurs when too much weight is transferred to the inner part of the feet.

When an athlete or runner runs down some mileage and subsequently travels in the forward direction, the body weight is distributed evenly to the inner part of the feet instead of being transmitted and chiefly borne by the joint of the feet ball. The adverse effect of this may very from severity to mildness- it may cause destabilization and also make such athlete or runner experience further problems because the human body always tries to stabilize in situations like this, only to end up damaging other parts of the body.

In order to have enough stability while running, there are certain running shoes that ultimately help to keep your feet stable and prevent abrupt internal foot inclination.

Running shoes for pronation have numerous benefits for the feet as they aid the feet with the best needed support from the joint of feet ball. Generally, the best running shoes for pronation are firm- from the inside to the outer part- and give firmness to the mid-sole as well as the heel. This is why people who have feet that are more inclined towards inside do not get the required support for the feet while running.

To enjoy the benefits of best running shoes for pronation, it is advisable to buy one that can save you from every form of discomfort and pain. However, many people usually encounter problems in identifying the best running shoes for pronation that can last them for years and also keep their weight on the ball joints. But to save yourself the mess of getting a substandard product, here are the procedures to follow in choosing the best running shoes for pronation.

Best Running Shoes for Pronation

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Pronation

1. Choose the best fit for your feet

In the evening time, or when you are through with your daily activities, the feet become swollen. They get swollen to their maximum size. This is the best time to test if you have chosen the right fit for your feet or not. Getting a proper fit for yourself is undoubtedly the most important factor that must be considered when choosing a running shoe for pronation.

If the shoes are too small, you might  end up having black toes or blisters. But if the shoes are larger than your feet size, it is impossible for you to have a firm grip. It is however strange to also know that the size of each foot may differ from the other. This is why there are athletes whose running shoes are not of equal sizes. Ensure that the chosen shoe is snug but it is not tight at the heel after lacing up the shoes.

2. Consider your arch type

People usually have different foot arches. Those with high arch types are liable to run with more impact on the outer part of the feet. So, they need running shoes with some cushioning in order to absorb shock when they are running.

On the other hand, people with medium arch tend to roll their feet inward while running to ensure even distribution of the force of impact received when the shoe touches the ground. This is why it is advisable for people in this category t9 choose neutral running shoes.

Lastly, people with flat feet tend to roll their feet in further. These low-arch people must ensure their running shoes have enough stability to balance-out in case of over-pronation.

3. Opt for light-weight shoes

The weight of shoes has so much influence on the speed of a runner. Light-weight shoes enable runners to run faster than shoes with so much weight. A male whose foot size measures 9 can opt for 10-ounce shoes. While a female with foot size 8 can opt for 8-ounce shoes.

4. Check for a heel-to-toe drop

Heel-to-top drop is the difference in thickness of the shoe’s forefoot region and that of the cushion of the shoe heel. This is required to be of minimal difference for people with normal arch types. For others, it is advisable to choose shoes with little or no drop at all as this provides the needed support for the feet while running. Low heels are also better choices for people with low foot arches.

5. Don’t choose excess fore-foot cushioning shoes

Ideally, good running shoes help to complement the strength of the feet and protect the feet from any form of injury. However, good running shoes for pronation should not have excess cushioning because of the landing effect they pull on the feet of the runner. But generally, the arch type is a factor that determines the ideal amount of cushioning your feet need.

6. Watch-out for a wide toe box

The space between the toes in the shoe and the front region of the shoe is commonly referred to as Toe Box.  You must ensure that the toe box is wide enough to allow you wiggle your toes easily. If the toe box is tight, your feet might not be able to distribute forces evenly when running. Preferably, 0.5 inch is the least required distance you much watch-out for between the front of the shoe and the toes.

7. Test-run the shoes

Trying the shoes out is one of the ways to determine if you have chosen the perfect running shoes or not. Some stores allow you to test-run the shoes by running between a few blocks. This will enable you to know if the shoes will be good on the track, last long or cause any discomfort later on. However, it is advisable to change running shoes after covering about 350 miles.

Best Running Shoes for Pronation

Top 8 Best Running Shoes for Pronation

Saucony Men’s Omni 13 Running Shoe4.7
Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 194.9
ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe4.7
New Balance Men’s M940v3 Running Shoe4.6
PUMA Men’s Speed 600 S Ignite Athletic & Sneakers4.7
Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe4.8
HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Arahi 3 Running Shoe4.7
Saucony Men’s Marauder 35.0

1. Saucony Men’s Omni 13 Running Shoe

When you are on the look-out for the best running shoes on the market, Saucony Omni 13 is one you should purchase. This running shoe is one of the best on the market with great features, technology and durability. This model gives you maximum comfort. It has a unique design that has given it an edge over several running shoes.

Design & Material

The design of a running shoe is one of the factors every buyer takes into consideration before making their choices. Some running shoes have unappealing designs. This however is not the case of Omni 13 running shoes. The shoes come in different fascinating colors.

The midsole and outsole of Omni 13 are other appealing features every buyer wants to see. The outsole of Omni 13 is made from a rubber material known as IBR+. This material gives the much-talked-about comfort for the running shoes. The midsole of this running shoe is made with a dual-density EVA foam technology which allows your feet to be in control while running.

Also, Saucony adopted GRID technology in the engineering the Omni 13 model which ultimately helps to absorb shock and distribute pressure in the shoe. Saucony designed Omni 13 with a comfortable mesh and less-sticking material to aid comfort and also prevent irritation when running.


Omni 13 is a durable choice. The durability innovation adopted in designing the shoe allows you to run a longer distance than most other running shoes, thereby saving you from unnecessary maintenance expenditures. The outer parts of the shoe are designed with nylon and synthetic materials that account for it its sturdy nature and prevention from ripping or breaking.


  • Shock-absorbing feature.
  • It is lighter than some other running shoes on the market.
  • It can be used comfortably on smooth surfaces, offering great cushioning effect.


  • Omni 13 is not an ideal option for rugged terrain runners.
  • It has a somewhat cumbersome lacing feature.

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the latest models from Brooks. This model has a totally different face for stability and joint and foot support. With it’s streamlined and low-profile appearance, you are sure to enjoy every ride in the shoe. It’s an advanced model of the GTS 18 model with some great outstanding features.

Design & Material

Adrenaline GTS 19 came into the market as an advanced model of the GTS 18 model, featuring some step-ups in its design. Brooks designed the GTS 19 with an unbeatable injury-prevention technology. This running shoe has a guiderails support system to protect you from sustaining injury and give you stability. It is designed to keep excess feet movement in regular checks, giving your feet the needed comfort while running.

One great feature you can not see on the older version is the DNA LOFT that works the effect of perfect cushioning. The upper has also been revamped with a 3D kit print, which has undoubtedly made it more attractive to every eye. While it is uncommon of many other running shoes, Adrenaline GTS 19 has an integrated segmented pad underneath the heel to give the shoe soft landing on every surface it strikes.


The outsole of Adrenaline GTS 19 hasn’t really changed from what it used to be on the GTS 18 model. The heel has only been extended and made with large chunks of carbon rubber to aid durability.


  • The DNA LOFT feature aids excellent cushioning.
  • It has a good (anti-pronation) support system.


  • It is a bit heavier than the previous model.
  • There are just a little differences between the shoe and its previous model.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS is known for years to be a manufacturer of quality running shoes. Their shoes are ranked amongst the best running shoes for pronation and their commitment towards their services is unparalleled.

Design & Material

ASICS Men’s gel-venture 5 running shoes are designed with a saucy athletic look. The construction of these shoes is made from synthetic materials, high-impact rubber sole as well as gel-cushioning system. These unbeatable features work together to protect your feet from experiencing the full impact of landing on concretes. Some other features of this running shoe includes but not limited to a removable foam sock liner.


The outsoles provide excellent grip and maximum stability on landing. The outsole rubber helps to reduce the weight of the shoe.


  • This running shoe features gel-cushioning system.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It provides soft landing on hard surfaces.


  • It is a bit heavier than other running shoes
  • It is not water-resistant.

4. New Balance Men’s M940v3 Running Shoe

The New Balance 940 v3 is an excellent running shoe for people with severe and moderate overpronation. This model comes with deeper grooves to aid flexibility and it has more cushioning effect than the previous model.

Design & Material

The general look of the 940 v3 model has undergone several physical and material changes, and as a result, the general performance of this running shoe has notably appreciated. The 3rd incarnation of the New Balance 940 has ABZORB foam for better cushioning and shock-absorbing effect. Even the heel offset has been reduced from the previous 12mm to 10mm in a bid to reduce slight instability experienced with the previous model.


The outer side and heel of the 940 v3 are made with a durable carbon rubber, Ndurance, for better durability. The blown rubber on the forefoot and mid-foot regions equip the shoe with more traction effect and responsiveness.


  • The thick cushioning is a good shock-absorber.
  • The ABZORB foam cushioning aids soft landing.
  • It is a bit wider than the previous model, thereby giving the feet some pronation effect.
  • It is ideal for gym workouts.


  • It is heavier than the previous model v2.
  • It is more expensive.
  • The heel collar is not made high enough, and this could cause the feet slipping out easily.

5. PUMA Men’s Speed 600 S Ignite Athletic & Sneakers

Puma is a reputable brand known for quality shoes and wears. They have practiced the art of professionalism in their services, and received laudable comments from local and international fashion groups. The Puma Speed S Ignite is an ideal running shoe every overpronator runner must endeavor to buy because of its versatility, comfort and stability.

Design & Material

It is an understatement to say Puma has produced the best fashion product. Puma Speed 600 S Ignite went through four technological improvement stages before it finally came out with all the features you want to see on every running shoe. In the dual-layer of the midsole, there’s engineered stability support for better cushioning and shock-absorbing effects. The midsole is made from Puma’s trademark foam, Ignite. The inclusion of Ignite is primarily aimed at giving the running shoe a soft landing effect on sturdy surfaces and long-lasting performance.

There’s also a propulsion zone somewhere in the forefoot section of the outsole which adds a bit more propulsion effect during toe-off experiences. To mention also the indispensable EverFit+ feature on the upper of the running shoe. This helps to lock the foot tightly in shoes and prevent the feet from slipping off. The outsole is made of a quality blown rubber material called EverTrack+ rubber which adds more to the ruggedness of the shoe on rough surfaces.


Puma 600 S Ignite has various external components contributing to its durability such as the quality leather on the upper and the rubber in the sole. The rugged state of the sole prevents it from wearing out easily. The sole is professionally made to suit over-pronators who are fond of hiking in the mountains.


  • The outsole is made of quality rubber material.
  • It can also be used for hiking and gym workouts


  • It is somewhat bigger than most other running shoes for pronation.
  • It is a bit expensive.

6. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon is a brand known for ride-and-feel experiences.  Since it began operation in 2001, the manufacturing company has been growing to meet the standard of fashion. Speedcross 4 for men is equally good for trails, mountain hikes as well as outdoor terrains.

Design & Material

Salomon Speedcross 4 is the fourth version in the Speedcross series. The previous model had half-size lugs which were not good enough for traction. This 4th version has however improved the design and replaced the half-size lugs with full-size lugs.

The outsole has a Contagrip rubber compound that keeps the runner stable while running on wet surfaces. This has generally improved the shoe’s traction level.  The midsole has a thick EVA foam for proper cushioning and better shock-absorbing effects on rough surfaces.


The outsole of the fourth version of the Speedcross grips well. The Contagrip rubber as well as the aggressive lugs offer the shoe some improved traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Its durability is not limited to sturdy surfaces, this running shoe is durable enough to protect the feet from sustaining injuries, keep the feet from hitting sharp rocks and other known trail objects.


  • It has unparalleled griping effect
  • It comes with a cap for toe protection.


  • It takes a long time to completely dry.
  • It is smaller than the previous model.

7. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Arahi 3 Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE is a lightweight option for all runners, giving your feet maximum support unlike any other running shoes.  It is ideal option for pronation.

Design & Material

The midsole of the running shoe is designed with EVA foam strategically placed along the medial side and around the shoe heel to give the shoe maximum support. The outsole is made from Hi-abrasion light-weight material to increase durability and traction, even on rough planes. Arahi 3 is engineered with a breathable upper which allows for free inflow of air to keep your feet cool and dry at all times.


The manufacturer of Arahi 3 running shoes has ensured that the upper construction is perfectly joined with the shoe and engineered with a comfortable and hard sole. The sole grips the ground firmly when running.


  • It is lightweight.
  • The toe box is spacious.
  • It has perforations for air inflow.


  • Its cushioning effect is poorer than that of Arahi 2.
  • The upper is not sturdy enough.

8. Saucony Men’s Marauder 3

Saucony has consistently built their trademark for over 120 years and the manufacturing company has contributed immensely to the growth of athletics by producing standard running shoes that give maximum support for the feet and reduce the chance of sustaining injuries from running.

Design & Material

The outsole of Marauder 3 is made of sturdy X-600 carbon rubber. This model of Saucony product has light-weight mesh uppers that allow inflow of air into the shoe to keep the feet dry and cool. The midsoles are made from EVA foam which gives the shoes soft landing on hard and soft surfaces. Saucony Men’s Marauder 3 is one of the few running shoes engineered with a heel grid system. This grid system accounts for the unbeatable cushioning of the running shoe.


This running shoe is one of the durable options you can find on the market. It is engineered with a breathable mesh uppers and durable leather overlays to aid durability. The lace closure is very strong and the sole us very sturdy to withstand any pressure. The midsole has a good shock-absorbing property which makes the shoe a durable choice.


  • It has plush cushioning.
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh for keeping the feet warm and dry.
  • It is an ideal for people with pronation challenges.
  • It is durable and reliable.


  • It is smaller than the previous model.

Best Running Shoes for Pronation


1. Is it advisable to have more than one running shoe?

Yes, it is a good idea to have more than one.

2. Does the sole of a running shoe breakdown?

The answer is Yes. However, running on roads will quicken the breakdown process than using the shoe on trails.

3. When should I change my running shoes?

Preferably after 400-500 miles.

4. How do I know my foot type?

There are several tests that can help you determine your foot type. One of them is the wet test. You wet the shoe, wear and check the pattern left behind by your feet.

5. Are socks really helpful?

Yes, socks do matter, especially ones made of polyester blends. They absorb moisture and keep the feet dry.

6. What makes running shoes different from other shoes?

Running shoes provide support and cushion for the feet while running. Other shoes do not necessarily have these features except that they protect the feet from injuries.

7. Why are running shoes usually bigger than dress shoes?

The room between the toes and the front of the running shoe must be spaced well for the shoes to function properly.


This list of best running shoes for pronation above gives you an insight of what each manufacturer has to offer you. They are all ideal options in terms of maximum support and comfort. The list is comprehensive enough with details about the material and design of each shoe. They are durable and have long-lasting performances. However, some of the running shoes are costly but worth the prices.

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