10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2022

Getting comfort and value in running shoes is the aim of any shopper, especially when you want one for special needs like a flat foot. When buying running shoes, you should take into consideration, your comfort. If you want best running shoes for flat feet, you need to check out some of the best makers in the market. Such makers though expensive, will give you a comfortable experience with class.

In the process of producing running shoes, professional shoe makers use the best methods to ensure they deliver a product that offers high-end experience to consumers. From raw materials to storage, a high level of expertise is needed to ensure quality and luxury.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet


Flat feet also known as fallen arches need treatment and the best running shoes if they cause pain especially after long walk or run. If they cause discomfort, it means or indicate an underlying disorder or causes pain within the human body.

Flat-footed runners tend to twist their ankles inward and sometimes overcompensate with their knees after each step. Selecting the best running shoes has been a challenge to individuals with flat feet due to their overpronating habit. There is a need to select proper shoes to counteract the effect of flat feet which will reduce the chances of injury and discomfort while running.  If you are planning to get a flat-footed runner, you should look at so key features to ensure you are getting value for your purchase.

People who have flat feet often suffer from a condition where the arches of their feet collapse and most or the entire sole of the feet come in contact with the ground. These people are faced with achy arches and heels, back or leg pain, their feet tire easily and they experience difficulty with certain foot movements.

Since the foot arches serves as the body’s natural shock absorber, there is need for flat feet runners to choose running shoes that are durable and offer rigid support especially in the arches. To prevent fallen arches, runner with flat feet requires optimized support system built into their footwear.

Runners may have flat feet which are anatomical or those caused by a condition known as collapsed arches which results from a muscle weakness. For an anatomical flat feet runner, arch support systems are not necessary while those with flat feet caused by muscle weakness needs an arch support system until the feet get stronger and can support its own arch.

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat-footed runners often find it difficult to obtain comfortable shoes with enough in-shoe volume to accommodate their foot shape. Flat feet put a strain on ligaments, joints and muscle due to an uneven distribution of bodyweight leading to foot pain after running or ankle pain.

Many runners can face serious difficulties due to improper footwear especially if they are flat-footed. Choosing running shoes specifically made for flat feet prevents aches and other problems.

If you have a decent budget, you can get a good running shoes that meet your needs. Running shoes for flat feet should be able to absorb the body’s natural shock and here are some of the things to consider when choosing running shoes for flat feet:

1. Stability of shoes

The stability of running shoes help limit or eliminate overpronation by reducing excess motion of the feet and improves their biochemical efficiency. This aids your comfort and keep your feet in place with ease.

Go for running shoes that are sleek, light, delivering cushioning, support, and durability while helping runners, pronate forward and not inward.

2. Motion control

For a comfortable feel, choose running shoes with advance foam technology or padding material found on the arch of the foot. These shoes keep the feet in place and prevents them from rolling inwards as the runner makes contact with the ground. Motion control helps a lot in maintaining good balance while going out with your leg wears.

3. Pricing

Both stability and motion shoes come at greater price than most standard running shoes due to the better padding, stronger frame and sophisticated sole design. Even though they can be pricey, you can check out differing stores to get best deals and lower prices. Though, the extra expense for buying the flat-fleet running shoes is usually worth it.

4. Styling

Running shoes which are designed for flat feet are usually bulkier due to the extra features crammed into the show. Light weight running shows may look great but they do not have the necessary support for flat footed runners to prevent injury and overpronation.

5. Structure

It is a smart idea to look for shoes with extra support around the heels and toes as a flat feet runner as this helps running shoes to last longer. When evaluating the structure of running shoes, insoles should be considered as they can be used to stabilize both the arch and the heel while running.

It is also important to select a high-quality product designed for high impact activities.

6. Proper fit

Without proper fitting, you can experience some discomfort with running shoes. Ensure the proper fit for your running shoes to prevent issues such as calluses or ingrown toe nails. Getting the right fit for running shoes is as important as the show itself and for a flat feet runner, it is also important to check and measure your feet regularly in order to determine if there is a change in your arch.

7. Needs

It is important to get running shoes that match your needs considering weather and running surfaces in your area as a flat feet runner. A runner who runs mainly on asphalt or concrete should buy shoes with more cushioning than one who runs in treadmills or in a field. It is advisable for flat feet runners who constantly runs in wet conditions to get running shoes which are water proof or water resistant.

Consider personal features like feet size, length and luxury to ensure you are buying a shoe with comfort. Though special needs can translate to shoes with some high amounts, you will still get better comfort.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Adidas Cloudfoam Running ShoesMen4.8
Saucony Triumph ISO 5Men4.8
WHITIN Unisex Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot ShoesMen4.9
Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Running ShoeMen4.7
Sketchers GOrun ShoesMen4.5
Feetmat lightweight running shoesWomen4.8
Ahico lightweight Tennis Running shoesWomen4.5
JOOMRA Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot ShoesWomen4.9
Brooks Glycerine 16Women4.7
ASICS Womens Gel-Kayano 24 Running ShoeWomen4.6

The optimal shoe for flat foot individual depends largely on their gait cycle, range of motion, individual foot amongst others. A quality shoes comes with stability, luxury without sacrificing other needed features. Flat footed individuals need running shoes that may help their low arches feel more supported and comfortable and after so much research and reviews, this article lists a number of shoes which have been determined to be best options for flat feet.

1. Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoes

Known for top quality sports wears across the world, Adidas comes out with a stylish running shoes that offers luxury in comfort. Adidas men and women cloudfoam running shoe is an 100% textile, rubber sole with synthetic soles and a stretchable mesh upper for breathability.

It cradles your feet in comfort with a stretchy upper mesh, a memory foam socker liner and cloud foam cushioning team up which gives an amazing step in feel. The cloud foam socker liner mould to the feet to give a step-in comfort and the sock line construction hugs the foot.

The shoe is made with shaft which measures approximately low-top from arch and the more energy used the more effect gotten. It has molded heel patch for an incredibly comfortable feel with flexible socker-like upper. This is definitely one of the reasons why Adidas is a leading maker of footwears in the world.


  • It is light weight has a breathable mesh with a cloud foam socker liner which increases cushioning.
  • These running shoes also has  rubber soles which allow for good traction.


  • They run a little large and may make size determination tricky

2. Saucony Triumph ISO 5

Saucony Triumph has an arch support which improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort and ease the stress and pain caused by flat feet. It has a dee heel cup which maintain correct foot positioning, protects the heel during heavy impact of landing during running and stabilizes the foot. The fabric used is a premium eva material known for its’ shock absorption and pain relief and making you feel cool. This product definitely offers more value than its price.


  • Built for a comfortable run with highly breathable upper and can serve as an everyday shoe.
  • Highlt durable and have various designs and colours.


  • Some runners find it a bit constrictive
  • It is not very flexible and a bit expensive too.

3. WHITIN Unisex Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoes

Whitin are barefoot inspired running shoes with a thin sole, wide toe box, minimal/zero heel-to-toe drop with great flexibility. The barefoot phenomenon is the healthiest and most natural form of forward movement with positive effects such as increased sensory experience of the ground beneath us allowing the brain to develop new neural collections. The soles are also designed to place our bodies into a more natural alignment which increases good posture and reduces strains affecting the joints.

The thin soles of the shoes are firm and allows for better proprioception and feedback from the ground. The barefoot running shoes allow the feet to move freely and engage in ground naturally, thus, preventing muscle immobility and atrophy. Firmness, comfort and style; this shoe is made from quality and long-lasting materials and packed with sought-after features.


  • They help to trigger quadriceps muscle and reduces the risk of overpronation
  • They allow the foot to move and flex approximately by getting a lowe heel to forre foot.


  • The large midsole and added heel lift makes them unstable

4. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Running Shoe

One other leading manufacturer of shoes for athletes and home use, NIKE is offering a specially designed legwear at pocket friendly price. These running shoes are designed for short runs, easy to pack in a tote or back pack and have various styles that fits in with an everyday outfit. The Nike Airzoom structure 22’s free soles allow the foot to flex and expand naturally through expansion and contraction as the foot moves.

It is a 100% synthetic- and-mesh product, light weight with an open knit stitch on top of the foot for more breathability helping the feet stay cooler. Its rounded heel is made to roll with the ground as you stride and the foam outsole with rubber the toe and heel for durability.

These running shoes have very soft soles core situated inside a firmer midsole, durable and they provide extreme support for runners with low arches. They have no sew overlay along the midfoot with eye stays that provide durability while keeping the weight of the shoes light. The style looks innovative and fits around the leg with ease. Another high-end product from the stables of NIKE.


  • Specifically designed for people who run a lot and there are various designs which serves various purposes.


  • The front of the shoe tends to have a rounded toe shape that can be fairly unwinded and this poses slight difficulties to the runner.

5. Sketchers GOrun Shoes

Sketchers is an award-winning global leader in footwear industry known for its breathable mesh and colorful rubber soles. It has a non-marking outsole, a memory foam insole with over lace featuring lace-up front. These footwears appear trendy for men, women and children and markets all kinds of lifestyle.

Sketcher GOrun shoes are made with a supportive sole unit, padded tongue and collar and has an athletic sole with lace-up vamp. Its uniqueness lies in its memory foam insole and a flex groove outsole.


  • It is built to handle long walking sessions.
  • It is very affordable and has comfortable cushioning.


  • It runs a half size smaller than an individual’s true size
  • It is not designed for long runs.

6. Feetmat lightweight running shoes

Feetmat lightweight running shoes are with strong wear resistance and also protects the feet from sharp, and reducing the risk of ankle sprains. These shoes are light weight and provides the feeling of running barefooted for a more comfortable and natural walk. It also has a multidirectional flexible outsole which provide excellent traction and stability for various surfaces of any terrains. It has a memory foam insole with good elasticity and moisture-wicking insoles which help keep your feet cool and comfortable when moving.

The rubber sole not only has strong wear but are ultra-light and wear resistant combined with button grain which are designed to enhance the skid resistance of these running shoes. Comfort and ease of use; you are surely getting the best value for this item.


  • Suitable for daily walking, running, vacation, sports etc
  • Comes with   a comfortable insole that protects the ankle.


  • The elastic at the top may sometimes be stretched out and may become loose.

7. Ahico lightweight Tennis Running shoes

The Ahico tennis running shoes are made from a thick but breathable fabric with a unique mesh knit technology that keeps long moving feet dry, breathable and does not squeeze toes. The sole can be a high synthetic quality rubber sole or an air cushion but both disperse pressure from the soles of the feet to the ground, easily support anti-slip and shock absorption. It has a specially textures sole that increases friction with the ground and has a non-slip effect.

The shoes are ultra-light with good ventilation and heat dissipation which keeps the feet dry while running. It has a special wave pattern and decoration and it is designed for energetic people. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities especially running and also perfect for a holiday gift. The stability of the shoe is top-notch.


  • It provides maximum protection and performance whether for indoor or outdoor running


  • It has a different sizing scheme from other running shoes

8. JOOMRA Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

Joomra barefoot are good for training and fitness both inside and outside the gym with soles designed to give natural grip during lateral movement and climbing. It is light weight, has a rubber sole which offers optimal balance and retraction with durability, has removable insoles which supports the feet’s arches and do not cause too much pressure on the feet and the feet transfers weight over the ball of the feet.

It has a thicker topline which wraps perfectly around the feet and prevents shoes from falling while running or during exercises. Its overall style compliments the anatomy of the foot and allows the foot to self-strengthen and its perfectly fit into the shape of individual’s feet.

The newly developed 3D women upper features and grid pattern is designed to move with the feet and the shoes tongue with collar which offers exceptional fit and all-day comfort in a sleek.

9. Brooks Glycerine 16

Brooks running shoes gives the feet the boost they need during runs due to its cushioned footbed and steady ride which can go from mile marker. Its removable cushioned insole is excellent for underfoot comfort against the foot. It has a supreme softness which provides a cushioned feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability. These shoes designed with a flexible 3D fit mesh upper and an inner which stretches to adapt to individual’s stride surrounding the flat feet in softness. It comes in various designs recommended for runners looking for a softer run with or without cushion.

Brooks glycerine sometimes come with a centralized lace body and its transition zone boasts smooth heel-to-toe movements. If you are interested in best running shoes for flat feet, you can try out this high-end product. Brook Glycerine is available in men and women versions.


  • It has a dense cushioning with smooth transition, reflectivity.
  • It also has an outsole grip, neutral and supportive.


  • It is slightly heavy, sometimes not as super soft as expected and the upper part becomes warmer .

10. ASICS Womens Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

The ASICS Womens Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe is designed to take on rugged terrain and the model comes complete with a trails specific outsole and high abrasion rubber. It has a rear foot gel cushioning which absorbs shock to keep your feet comfortable and a removable sock liner which allow an individual to insert custom orthotics for an even more personalized fit.

It is super comfortable with its cushioning allowing for a smooth transition midstance and the ability to replace its socker liner with a medical orthotic with high abrasion rubbers placed in critical areas of the outsole for exceptional durability are the uniqueness of this product. These shoes are very comfortable and is an option for those who have been running with stability shoes but have issues with the bulkiness of the shoe.

A leading brand in the market, this shoe possesses many features that matches it price; which is even pocket friendly.


  • It has reflective element, spacious toe-box and a secure heel grip.


  • It is heavy, quite expensive with guidance line that causes accelerated outsole wear. Some of these running shoes have toe-box which squashes the foot with an uncomfortable down-force.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does having flat feet affect running?

Not all flat footers experience problem while running. Runners who over pronate are prone to back problems and tendonitis. With a good and fitting shoe, back problems can be eliminated or reduced in affected people.

Do flat feet runners need arch support?

There is an arch support insole that can help to both relieve and prevent many foot pain. Depending on the kind of feet you have, you may or may not need an arch support system. An anatomical flat foot does not require an arch support but individuals with flat feet caused by muscle weakness needs to support their feet with arch systems until the feet is strong enough to support its own arch.

How do you run if you are flat feeted?

As a flat-footed individual support your ankles and feet when running by choosing orthotic arch supports inserted into tour running shoes. It is also advised to run on level ground to avoid over pronating while running. When buying shoes, it is important you test or check out the key features.

Do flat feet make you run slower?

It is not true that flat feet make you run slower although runners with this kind of feet do have problem with overpronation due to their fallen or weak arches. It doesn’t slow down running but do lead to a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

How do you strengthen flat feet?

This can be done by involving in arch strengthening muscle exercises. This may include toe curls, calf stretch, plantar fascia stretch, plantar fascia muscle release e.t.c.

Can flat feet be cured?

Pain caused by flat feet may be relieved by over-the-counter arch supports or use of custom-designed arch support which are modeled to fit your feet. These arch support systems do not cure flat feet but they often reduce their symptoms.

Can flat feet cause problem?

Feet with flat appearances that causes no pain is not a problem but an aching foot after long distance of walking, running or standing is an indication of flat feet disorder. Pain may also be felt at areas around the legs or ankles

Can flat feet affect your running?

Flat feet can affect runners who over-pronate and this make them more susceptible to shin splints, tendonitis in the knee and sometime back problems. Other flat-footed individuals may not experience any of these individuals even though they have flat feet and this is due to the fact that they do not overpronate.


People with fallen arches have either no arches or their arches is very low which only needs treatment when they cause discomfort either in the leg or other part of the body.

Specific exercises are recommended by physical therapists are recommended to manage the symptoms of flat feet.

In choosing the best running shoes, it is important to know your type of flat foot taking into account your whole-body alignment. To enhance flat feet, try running with barefoot running shoes as this help runners land with mid-foot or fore foot thereby engaging muscles in your feet. Everything mentioned is important to consider when you need the best running shoes for flat feet. Select shoes that are durable, lasts longer and has good arch support system to give you comfort and ease your running exercises.

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