10 Best Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2022

Runners with flatfoot have experiences many issues when they are looking for the right pairs. The local storeowners and Internet will tell you to purchase the one with extra arch support. Although, the experts or doctors mostly suggest to do the opposite. This makes anyone confused. Unfortunately, you never find a certain answer for this question. The best running shoes majorly  on your foot shape/size, motion range and gait cycle. Still a couple of factor can help you to feel more comfortable and supported if you have the low arches.

Nowadays, market has full of options, especially for the runners who are dealing with flatfoot problem. This user guide offers you the best buying advice with the list of running shoes belong from the most trustworthy brand existing in the market.

Nike Brand

“Nike” is one of the most reliable brand among the professional or even the soccer/Olympic runners. This brand never let you down as it consistently improves its design by addition the innovations according to the demand or issues faced by the runner. Nike has its own fans and followers who blindly trust on its product.

Nike is always successful in retaining its position in the market among the big names for last 30 years of history, Nike always launches the new in-build technologies with latest features, new products and classification. This buyer guide provides you the in depth understanding about Nike’s best running shoes for flat feet runners. It helps you to understand which running shoes is meant for you based on their model names and technical jargon. Nike launched several families of running shoes that are quite popular among the youngsters and professional runners as such design can be appropriate for all kind of training sessions such as race day, spadework training and even daily training.

Nike also offers some designs famous for their lowest profile air unit. Such innovation can deliver the responsive and speedy ride with extra cushioned. Nike running shoes make you believe that you can still be a successful runner even if you have the flat feet. If you pay the correct attention at your running training, then you can prevent the injury as well as pain for the long duration. The professional belong from all kind of foot shapes, running styles and backgrounds.

By using the research, reviewing comments, customer feedback and expert’s opinion, this buyer guide presents the best running shoes for flat feet. This buyer list follows the choice of experienced runners who are using these products for a long while and try out on several surfaces such as descents/ascents, in parks and roads. The selected products can offer the great support, comfort and stability to your feet and make your ride smoother as well as enjoyable.

Best Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet

How to Choose the Best Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Runners should know the technicalities while making a decision to buy the running shoes. The situation becomes more challenging, if they have the flatfeet as they have the higher chances to get injures. This section gives you the significant factors that you need to understand before buying the product.

  • Shoes Stability:  The main priority is to provide the additional support for the foot arch especially who have the mildly collapsed arches.
  • Motion control shoes:  Such feature restricts the improper running motion. Runners who have severely fallen arches can go for this aspect. Such designs provide an extremely stiff heel as well as strong arch support.
  • Cushioned shoes: If the runners carry the more weight on outside of each foot during running, then they require the additional cushions. Runners especially look for this feature who have rigid feet or high arch tend to supinate.
  • Support: During exercise, foot with lack of arch requires the extra firm with support in order to prevent the pain and injury. Although, few runners found such feature uncomfortable, as they are not used to the extra cushion or weight system.
  • Durability: The mold of the shoe itself shows the long lasting of the product. Less curve on the sole indicates a good life of the shoes. It also offers the extra space to the runner, so that they can move their flatfoot naturally and avoid the further injury and pain.

Top 10 Best Nike Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Nike Men's Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes4.6
Nike Air Zoom Structure4.9
Nike Mens Air Vapormax 3.0 Flyknit Running Shoes4.8
Nike Men's Air Zoom Winflo 6 Track & Field Shoes4.8
Nike Men's Fs Lite Run 2 Shoe4.7
Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 Men's Running Shoe Wide (D)4.6
Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit Mens Shoes4.9
Nike Men's Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe4.9
Nike Women's Odyssey React Shield Running Shoe4.8
Nike Women's Lunarglide 84.6

1. Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes

Nike is a big name in the world of running shoes. It makes your running longer and faster by integrating the partial inner sleeve with foam sole that covers the toe to mid foot. Runner can feel the greatest energy return due to ultra-light Nike ZoomX midsole. Experts design a model with heel collar tapers that fully covers your Achilles tendon and offers a great comfort. Pegasus Turbo 2 can deliver the smooth transition by optimizing your angled heel.

These running shoes have the agile properties with lightweight and TURBO features. It has the lightweight top with advance foam delivered the revolutionary responsiveness and especially designed for long distance running. Pegasus Turbo 2 running shoes have the semi-transparent coating for more breathability, composition of synthetic material and soft mesh top. It has the classy design from medial area to heel and partly inner lining from tip to medial zone. Runners can specially take this for speed training with greater distances.


  • Fit for speed sessions
  • Ready for long run
  • Light and springy ZoomX foam


  • Upper has slightly loose-fitting

2. Nike Air Zoom Structure

Zoom Structure 22 is the most trustworthy family among the professional runners, as people can feel safe and snappy by just looking into the pairs. This design has the medical features as the stable and soft gait, dynamic support, out layer on heel and engineered mesh. This design is Nike’s best-selling stability footwear. It particularly offers the support to flat and collapsible arches. You never feel the weight of extra support system despite of its stabilizing designs. It also prevents the problem of over-pronation and becomes the favorite of those who have plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Nike involves all the latest technologies in this model such as Deep Flex grooves, Flywire cables in the laces and Dynamic Fit technology to provide a solid balance of tractions and flexibility. Runners can wear this confidently. This product is an amazing example to provide extraordinary running performance to those who have plantar fasciitis or flat feet.


  • Tight but cushioned fit
  • Breathability
  • Color options
  • Support


  • No reflectivity
  • No wide options

3. Nike Mens Air Vapormax 3.0 Flyknit Running Shoes

Nike launched Air VaporMax Flyknit 3 in mid-2018.  It is the newest running shoes with latest innovative look as it pushes the boundaries by extending the durability and comfort from the previous versions.  This design consists the volume of air within the sole instead of sock liner or insole. Nike delivers the “bouncy” feel as developing the perfect pressure by concentrating on the effective pushing air.

VaporMax Flyknit 2 provides you variety of options as it comes in several trendy and sleek forms such as vibrant Red and Teal to authentic White and Grey. Market has this as one of the most aesthetic appealing shoes. It makes you feel like a track shoe due to lightweight feature. Furthermore, it is durable due to the fabric composition of Flyknit material as it is flexible and thin in spite of one layer thin (offers more breathability). Such permits the optimum air flow throughout the length of the shoe including the entire upper portion.


  • Support
  • Breathability
  • Color options
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Narrow
  • Expensive

4. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 6 Track & Field Shoes

Nike is the top brand and most favorite one among the runners. It has the gum rubber sole that offers a high grip on treadmill running. Runners can feel the look by getting the sculpted and sleek profile. The snug and secure fit due to the partial bootie wrap design. It offers the toe-spreading feature due to ample space feature. It has the sleek stability with lightweight and plenty of cushioning to make it ideal for treadmill running.

Winflo 6 running shoes provide the high comfort, great breathability and reactivity to the runners. It delivers the ideal multi-surface traction, maximum strength and responsive gait. Nike is a big name that never compromise with quality. The design involves the engineered upper with mesh features that focuses on strategic area by giving them breathability and support. It has a perfect fit like a glove with the soft inner lining for comfort. The other features include the design of fly mesh material and flywire cables to provide dynamic fit system with flywire cables for high grip/support. The sturdy rubber tread provides the best traction especially on multiple surfaces.


  • Affodable
  • Wide toe-box
  • Responsive
  • Streamlined
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Well cushioned.


  • Narrow fit.

5. Nike Men’s Fs Lite Run 2 Shoe

FS lite run 2 offers you several color options and may be you get surprised by that. This product is available in at least 20 color options including almost all type of major color choices. The shoe design consists the mesh on the top with the synthetic material composition in the body. The main composition of soles is rubber outer that features the toe, lateral foot and rubber heel.

The special features include the supportive fit, lightweight and full-length breathe tech upper. It offers the responsive bounce-back feature and soft cushioning underfoot by co-molded midsole for a natural running stride. It provides you the offset of 3 mm. This product has the long lasting durability due to the outsole with anatomically located rubber pods in high-wear regions. The more explosive takeoffs tolerated by the pattern grips of hexagonal Waffle traction exerted on multiple surfaces. Nike FS Lite Run 4 Men’s Running Shoe especially designed for speedy workout sessions that make your performance to the next level.


  • Affordable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Excellent design


  • Low durability
  • Narrow
  • Easily tear

6. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 Men’s Running Shoe Wide (D)

Air Zoom Vomero 14 makes you feel secure due to the collar hug by foam pods at the back of your foot. This design features the latest Nike React technology and Flyknit upper with precision tuned to offer you a responsive as well as a smoother ride. It has the higher cushioning system especially for neutral trainer as the max-cushioned level. This model has the direct competition with the existing popular brands such as New Balance 1080, Asics Gel Nimbus, Saucony Triumph ISO and Brooks Glycerin.

Air Zoom Vomero 14 is an amazingly looking shoes with the multiple color options. It offers plenty of cushion with redesign upper and seamless unit construction. It has the Flywire technology that provides more cohesion in a streamlined manner, it offers the adaptive  technology with excellent locking foot system. You observe the blade like look at the upper of sole unit. Nike uses the top-notch material as the engineered mesh. The fabric offers the great support and breathable features.


  • High grip traction
  • Wider design
  • Comfortable


  • High heel counter

7. Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit Mens Shoes

Epic Phantom React offers you a smoother ride with stabilized TPU heelpiece. It delivers the easier transition of heel-to toe in a natural manner. The outsole gets extended due to the runner-specific geometric pattern.

This design has the Epic react foam with the unique integration of responsive propulsion mixed. Epic react consists a relatively high stack height. The key feature of Epic React foam include the squishy, cushy, soft and firmness. Specific foot-strike needs a neutral shoe. It has good cushioning system at the forefoot region. You can also experience the 45 degree of turn at the road running. It has the more versatility and functionality as the presence of react midsole. Furthermore, it offers you a perfect cushioning to weight ratio. The clear rubber outsole provides more durability with more traction behind the heel.


  • Perfect cushioning to weight ratio
  • Responsive
  • Perfect fit
  • Never sloppy


  • Bit heavier
  • Rigid heel counter

8. Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe

Epic React Flyknit 2 Running shoes consists the special design that links the plastic stabilizer over the midsole. It offers the marginal improvement in the stability of ride. This design also has the small tweaks with elastic knit. The latest version has the redesigning of inward looping strap with softer heel and easier fit. It also features a minor change in the lacing eyestay design to offer the runner extra hold at their feet. Runner can enjoy their ride under the cold weather conditions where temperature is 0° C/32° F. It offers the react midsole with even distribution of cushioning system at your feet. Toe and heel spring consists the contact geometry at the outsole. Epic react also popular for its stability feature because of the flared heel and midsole.


  • Supportive and wide forefoot
  • Responsive cushiing system excluding mushiness
  • Conforming upper fit
  • Non-flywire smooth upper
  • Lightweight


  • Outsole is form over function
  • Foam hardens
  • Lacks extra sizing width

9. Nike Women’s Odyssey React Shield Running Shoe

Odyssey react shield has the water-repellent upper. You can easily adjust the feet by toggle lacing system under wet and cold conditions. It also includes the Nike React technology to provide the responsive, smooth, soft, lightweight and durable ride. This design offers you the optimal traction on wet surface due to the presence of special rubber on heel as well as forefoot. It has the supportive cushioning system with water-repellent upper. On the other hand, outsole gives the maximum grip on watery/wet surfaces. This model becomes quite famous in between the runners who are looking for the great support and stability.


  • Supportive and wide heel base/forefoot
  • Responsive cushioning system excluding mushiness
  • Very smooth interior
  • Lightweight


  • React hardens under cold weather
  • Full inner sleeve makes it warm
  • Insufficient extra sizing width

10. Nike Women’s Lunarglide 8


LunarGlide 8s makes your ride enjoyable as it offers the extra layers with Flywire technology to hold your feet without putting the additional pressure on it. If you are looking for the perfect fit, then this pair is the best option for you. It has less toe box, so that you cannot move your toe much. However, it offers the good external heel counter. This product is famous for its outsole a foam. The design ha the minimalist pattern involving the sliced contours by using a siping technique into the featureless foam outsole. LunarGlide 8 has the concentric contours for the traction that helps you in holding the grip on the rough environments such as wet gravel or trails.


  • Smooth fitting inner sleeve
  • Flywire adaptive upper
  • Full Lunarlon sole provides comfortable fit


  • Low durability
  • Bit of a rock magnet


How I get the best running shoes for flat feet?

Ans. Several runners who have the flat feet are looking for some certain features such as plenty of cushioning, good arch support and great stability in their running shoes.

Is there any problem with flat feet during running?

Ans. Definitely, Yes! Flat feet develops the pain and even tends to injury as it develops the misalignment between hips and knees.

Do I need the arch support as I have the flat feet?

Ans. Yes, in general, without an arch support you will feel too protrude as causes highly uncomfortable due to the lacking of arch support and stability to the flat-footed runners.

Which Nike product shows excellence in flat feet running shoes?

Ans. The current editor choice is the Nike Zoom Structure 22 as the best running shoes for the flat feet.

What technical specifications should I look for while making the purchasing decision on flat feet running shoes?

Ans. The professional runners are looking for some certain feature that can avoid the issues related with flat feet resulting overpronate It has the significant stability features to provide the gravitational grip to the feet. The main categories are based on:

  • Motion
  • Neutral
  • Stability

How can I opt for the best running shoes for flat feet?

Ans. The decision always depends on the personal preferences of the runner as many of them stick on the motion control focused construction with stability and cushioning system.

Is there any wrong with the flat feet? 

Ans. If you are not wearing the right gear, then it will be painful for your flat feet. Running shoes especially targets on the Achilles aches, knee pain and Shin splints.

What kind of running shoes preferred by the experts for flat feet?

Ans. According to the several established academies, the flat feet running shoes based on the personal preference of unique gait. Although, shoes features include the medial post, stability and cushioning that can work for several people who are suffering from flat feet.


The runners with flat feet or low arches, offers you the optimize amount of stability with excellent motion control leads to minimize the inward ankle rolling and arch flex. This buyer guide offers the detailing of Nike shoe list designed especially for flat feet. Your opinion cannot depend on the other’s opinion or choice. This decision is only of yours that completely depends on the individual foot specifications. The key aspects of such kind of running shoes designed for flat feet is to make sure about the superior contact and full foot grip distribution at all points of the surface. The second main factor is arch support as runners can experience the issues related with anatomically flat feet or collapsed arches.

Nike always value the choice of their customers. It consistently improves and retains the brand name among the other big brands. It never let you down, as it never compromises with the quality of product. Nike always spend a high sum on its R&D team to explore and develop the latest technologies that can boost the performance of the runners.

Keep Running!