10 Best Insole for Shoes that are too big 2020

Are you someone who loves to buy shoes? Does your love for shoes often land you up in situations where you buy shoes that are too big for your feet just because your size is not available in the market? Then you must be looking for the ways to fit into your shoes. You must have searched the whole internet and might have got plenty of ideas but you are still not satisfied. Then you are at the right place here we will not just talk about insoles for too big shoe but you will also end up knowing the best available insoles in the market. This article will you tell you about the best 10 insoles for shoes that are too big for your foot.

Every shoe lover knows what is the insole. Insoles are like sheets on your beds as they are also called footbeds. The thing that you see under surface the sole of your foot while wearing shoes is the insole. They are placed inside every shoe for a better fit, for keeping the shoe odour free, for providing warmth, for better grip of the foot during running.

An ideal insole fits full -length to your foot and support the natural arches of the foot. Insoles come in a variety of materials like gel insoles, air-cushioned insoles and foam insoles. Every type of insoles has a different purpose to the foot. Ideal insoles are also helpful in foot-related problems like plantar fasciitis, bunion, heel pain and many others. But in case you have any foot-related issue then seek medical advice first then go for insoles.

Best Insole for Shoes that are too big

How to Choose the Best Insole for Shoes that are too big?

For choosing the best insole for your shoes, walk a few steps to look for comfort and also look for the following things:

If there is too much room in your shoes even after putting insoles then these are not the correct ones for you. Choose insole that provides maximum support with full-length coverage to your foot. Choose insole according to your shoe size.

If you feel like slipping after wearing insole then these are not the right insoles for you. Best insoles should grip your feet, should also protect your arches and it should give you a comfortable fit without actually restricting your feet.

If your feet are burning after wearing insoles then you are wearing wrong shoe inserts. Choose an insole which fits perfectly according to your arch and foot type.

If you are choosing insoles for running or any physical activity look for leg fatigue after a small workout session. If you feel stress or aches in your leg muscles after physical activity then change to better insoles. Choose an insole that is of high-quality EVA, gel or other durable materials because it will provide maximum cushion and soft feel to the feet. Always look for well-padded and a foam base insole with neutral arches.

10 Best Insoles for Shoes that are too big

So why to find best insoles for your foot? Because the best insoles help in better shock absorption, long day comfort to your foot and keeping you away from foot-related issues in the future.

Nowadays even though you can find everything on the internet with just one click you might often end up getting confused because there are a lot of varieties that web search offers you. So, in this article we have brought you 10 highly rated insoles that are currently available in the marketing so that it saves your time and effort. So here we go.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx insoles4.8
Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support4.6
Sof Sole Insoles Men's ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert4.7
Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles4.7
WALK·HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics4.6
Dr Scholl's HEAVY-DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics4.7
Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support4.6
Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole4.6
Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles Shoe Inserts4.5
wernies Running Shoes Inserts, Athletic Arch Comfort Insole4.6

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx insoles

These are EVA foam base insoles which gives it a supportive and soft feel. As the name indicates these are full-length insoles for providing maximum support to the foot. To provide greater stability and better support to the foot, angled exterior heel platform feature is added in the insoles.

You can use it with any shoes be it casual or athletic shoes without actually trimming it as they fit perfectly in almost all shoes. The 100% antimicrobial property of this insole prevents shoes from bad odour.  Powerstep pinnacle is a double layer insole for providing maximum cushioning experience.

The top fabric of Powerstep pinnacle is made of polyester which helps in minimising the friction and keeping the foot dry and comfortable so that it can be used for long working hours.

Above all, if you have an over pronated foot which most people have then this is the best insole for you because of its semi-rigid structure. It has also found to be effective in alleviating heel pain, foot pain and also in plantar fasciitis.


  • Deep heel cup to provide greater stability and foot arch support
  • Antimicrobial fabric
  • No need to trim, it can be transferred to any shoes
  • Proven to be beneficial in reducing heel or foot pain


  • Not durable

2. Physix Gear Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

These insoles are made up of high-quality EVA foam and PU material to provide your feet with the best comfort. For additional stability, deep heel cradle is there in the insoles. The ultra-thin design ensures that your feet feel soft and comfortable every time.

These are lightweight insoles to provide long-lasting comfort at working hours. These orthotic insoles go easily with any shoes be it casual shoes, sneakers, work shoes or even with hiking shoes.

The best part about this insole is that it is ergonomically designed to support proper foot posture and reduce discomfort and foot pain throughout any kind of activity. Additionally, it provides more space for toe box and it also has a non-slip heel to hold the insole throughout the day.

These are highly recommended for sports like running, rock climbing, hiking, camping and more. Physix gear orthotic inserts provide high arch support which makes them useful in case of a flat foot, patellofemoral syndrome, shin splints and metatarsalgia like conditions. Their shock absorption quality produces less fatigue to muscle at the end of the day which ensures no foot pain in the near future.


  • Lightweight for long-lasting comfort
  • Suitable for most sports
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Produces less fatigue to muscle
  • Deep heel cradle
  • Can also be used in a flat foot, shin splints like conditions
  • Anti-microbial


  • Might be too wide for women
  • Less flexible
  • Not good for plantar fasciitis

3. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

These are also foam-based insoles. The best part these insoles are that it can be fitted to almost every foot type as it has a contoured neutral arch design.

It also has cushioning and gel pads under the heel and forefoot to provide additional comfort. To control the odour and to keep the foot dry it has hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment which absorbs the excess moisture from the shoes.

These insoles are ideal for running, walking or casual use. They are almost true to the size otherwise you can also trim it to your size.


  • Gel pads for better comfort
  • Neutral arch design to suit every foot type
  • Suitable for an athlete
  • Moisture absorbing technology
  • Suitable for almost all surfaces


  • Slightly thick
  • Not suitable for long-running
  • Not useful in case of foot pain

4. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

This has a polyurethane foam layer under the heel area to provide support to the arch and the heel. For controlling odour, it has 4-way stretch silpure antimicrobial fabric that also prevents blisters formation.

This insole can be used in high impact sports because of EVA forefoot cushion which provides better shock absorption and energy return. It also has a spencore material layer for additional comfort.

Moreover, it has a heel pad to reduce the impact on heel strike during walking and forefoot crash pad to reduce pressure at the forefoot. It is available for both men and women.


  • Prevent blister formation
  • Anti-odour control
  • Lightweight
  • Can be trimmed


  • Not useful in case of pronated foot
  • Arch design might be uncomfortable
  • Not helpful in relieving any kind of foot pain

5. WALK·HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics

It is made up of high-quality EVA material which makes it excellent for shock absorption and pain relief. These insoles can be used with work shoes, walking shoes and casual hiking shoes.

These insoles are specifically designed for everyday activities. As the name indicates these are very helpful in case of plantar fasciitis. These insoles even reduce pain due to flat feet, diabetes or bunion.

It also has a deep heel cup to maintain the foot in correct alignment and also to reduce the impact on the heel during running and in better weight distribution during walking.  A foam layer is also added to its base to maximize cushioning. It is available for both men and women.


  • Useful in plantar fasciitis pain
  • Deep heel cup for better support
  • Designed for everyday use
  • High-density foam layer under the heel


  • Might not fit in every shoes
  • Less comfortable
  • Arch design not suitable for some people

6. Dr Scholl’s HEAVY-DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics

If you are finding an insole for a heavy man then these are perfect. These are specially designed for men weighing more than 200 pounds who suffer from foot fatigue and lower back pain.

These can be used with both casual and work shoes all you have to do is to trim it according to your shoe size. It has both arch guards to distribute weight along the foot and shock guard technology to absorb pain-inducing in the heel. It is highly recommended by podiatrists also.

And guess what it also gives you a money-back guarantee option. If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it.


  • Relieves back pain
  • Ideal for heavy men
  • Can be trimmed
  • Arch guard and shock guard technology


  • Need replacement frequently
  • A heel gel pad is not there
  • Might not help in case of flat feet
  • Squeaky

7. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support

These insoles are made of high-density Foam layer which cushions the foot. It has a stabilizer cup to support the rearfoot and also to provide stability to the foam base.

In addition to the stabilizer cup, it also has a deep heel cup for better comfort, to support the arches of the foot and provide better shock absorption quality. It has organic odour control to eliminate the bacteria.

It has to be trimmed in order to fit into shoes. Its high-profile arch shape stabilises the foot which helps in reducing stress on ankle and foot.


  • Organic odour control
  • Stabilizer cup
  • Heel cup


  • Not for foot pain
  • Squeaky
  • Not for every foot type

8. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

The best part of this product is antifatigue technology which features an inverted cone foam specially designed for comfort with shock absorption that returns energy to the foot with every step so at the foot does not get tired easily.

You can wear them on work as well as at home for whole day long as they are so comfortable to the foot. These are exclusive in their anti-fatigue technology. These are ideal insoles in rainy season as they are waterproof and also mon slippery.

You can easily trim down to your size for a better fit. They are even good for flat feet the only thing is that they provide less arch support.


  • Anti-fatigue insole
  • Anti-microbial
  • Can be used in all weather conditions as they are waterproof
  • Anti-bacterial


  • Thick insoles
  • Might not last long
  • Less arch support

9. Happystep Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Memory Foam Insoles Shoe Inserts

These are made of high high-density memory foam base to provide better cushioning. These insoles are best suited to both neutral or medium arch foot type.

These are super comfortable insoles due to foam base material but it might not be good for the whole day.

These are available for both men and women and has to be trim in order to use them. These insoles help in alleviating pain due to plantar fasciitis while taking care of your foot comfortably.


  • Foam base
  • Suits both neutral and medium foot
  • Comfortable
  • Relieve foot pain due to plantar fasciitis


  • No heel cup
  • Not good for whole day

10. wernies Running Shoes Inserts, Athletic Arch Comfort Insole

Wernies running shoes inserts are made of high-quality EVA foam base and gel pads to provide better-cushioning effect and better comfort for a long day at work. Its neutral arch support helps it to go with any foot type.

These insoles go well with casual shoes, work shoes or even sneakers too. It has proper arch support, deep heel cup and anti-slip top layer for added comfort and minimizing stress to your foot.

These shoe inserts are ideal for sports like walking, cross-training, hiking and running. These also help in alleviating foot pain and also prevent injuries during physical activity. These insoles are specially designed for running. These are quite versatile insoles.

There is something more if you are not satisfied with the product, they even give you a money-back guarantee option too.


  • Ideal for running
  • Flexible
  • Neutral arch support
  • Deep heel cup
  • Anti-slip top layer


  • Not helpful in relieving foot pain
  • Running long-distance may cause pain
  • No gel padded heel

Best Insole for Shoes that are too big


How to clean insoles?

Hand wash the insoles with mild soap. Air dry. Do not iron. You should also go through the instructions given with particular insole.

Can insoles be used directly if someone is having any medical condition?

If someone is suffering from foot pain, diabetes, or any kind of medical issue then you must first seek the guidance of a doctor before buying any insoles.

How frequent should insoles need to be changed?

You should change it when they start getting torn or else you should change it at every six months but this may vary according to the use of the insoles, use foot type, your comfort.

Does every insole needs to be trimmed?

Not really, if it fits you properly then you don’t need to be trim insole at all.

What if I have a problem in one foot then it is necessary to wear both insoles?

Yes, even you have a problem in your one foot only it is advised to wear insoles in both feet otherwise, it will create an imbalance which would further lead to problems.

Will my flat feet will be cured?

No, it won’t cure your flat feet. It will just provide support to your arches which will help in evenly distributing weight through your foot and alleviating foot pain.

How do I know that the size is perfect for me?

Insoles should fit in the shoe leaving some space for your toes to move, and it should give you better comfort during walking.

Are orthotics and insoles are the same things?

No, orthotics insoles are specially designed to correct the biomechanical abnormality of your foot which normal insoles won’t. Orthotic insoles can be customised according to your specific need. Even non-orthotic insoles are made in such a way that they reduce stress on the foot but you should consult your doctor before buying them.

Can I buy insoles at a lower price? Does it make any difference?

Well, price does make a difference. It is not that only high price products are of good quality but these products use high-quality material to give you better comfort and support and they can work for long terms too. Plus, you should buy the best shoes or insoles for your feet as all the biomechanical problem starts from the feet.

Are insoles necessary?

Well, insoles are already inside your shoes so it is not necessary to buy a new one but in case you have big shoes, pronated foot, the flat foot you need insoles for a better fit in your shoes while doing any physical activity.


So, till now you must have got answers to all your questions about insoles and you also have made up your mind about which insoles will suit your routine best. In this article, we have tried our best to give you information about the top 10 insoles available in the market. The only thing I conclude at the end that chose insole according to your foot as every foot is different, everyone has their own need for which they are looking for insoles and most importantly everyone is facing various issues with their foot. So, don’t just choose the product blindly because someone felt comfortable in that. Go according to your need and comfort and in case of any doubt consult a podiatrist.