How to make baby shoes

With felt cloth, you will easily sew for your babies super cute sneakers!

You need to prepare the following materials:

– Two-color contrast fabric such as white and red; a little black fabric as the sole of the shoe

– Needles, colored copper threads

– Scissors

– A paper pattern: print the pics above and zoom into the size of your baby’s feet. Cut the print as a paper pattern. You can use the shoe soles that are fit for your baby’s feet to apply on the shoe sole pattern on the paper.

Step 1:

To make a pair of shoes, you first need to cut the following pieces:

-6 pieces of shoe sole (4 pieces of white and 2 pieces of black)

-2 pieces of white shoe forefoot (uppers)

-2 pieces of red shoe body, 2 pieces of red shoe lining, 2 pieces of red shoe loop.

Step 2:

Stitch the shoe lining (red) into the shoe forefoot (white) on both equal sides. The remaining edges of the fabric should be also be stitched round.

Step 3:

The sole of the shoe is stacked tightly with 3 layers of fabric: white, black and then white. Line up the shoe forefoot with the sole and line the two pieces of the shoe forefoot into the shoe sole. Then, use a safety pin to mark.

Place the shoe forefoot (uppers) on the sole of the shoe so that the white part is positioned right at the mark. Sew the uppers with the sole with regular stitches.

Step 4:

Pin the body of the shoe to the rest of the sole and stitch them together. The two ends of the shoe body will be sewn a little bit over the shoe forefoot.

Step 5 (the last step of making baby shoes):

Follow the similar steps for the other shoe. Finally, make holes on the shoes to tie your baby’s shoelaces.

With felt fabric, you will find it quite easy to make lovely sports shoes for your baby. Your baby will be extremely proud every time he or she has the opportunity to show off the shoes that his or her mother made for him/ her!

We wish you success!