10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete 2022

When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, there is no room for compromise. A lot of studies have shown that wearing the wrong shoes affects your feet, bone structure, skin, body posture may suffer from a poor choice.

Walking on hard surfaces, like concrete, puts a lot of pressure on your feet, so you need to make sure that the next pair of shoes you buy can absorb that pressure. Men and women see things differently: women want fashionable shoes, while men want comfortable shoes. We recommend some products that are both comfortable and stylish: running shoes with great design, modern working shoes, chunky girls’ shoes, even orthotic shoes. For those who care about the price, we recommend a pair of budget sneakers. People who love extreme sports need non-slip hiking shoes. We have also thought about men who spend their day in worksites; they need some leather work boots. For the after-party, Oxford shoes are what men need.

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

If you are a person who is standing, walking, even running on concrete all day long or also a short period, you will find this guide very useful.

First of all, you need flexible sole shoes so you can adequately flex the leg, which distributes your bodyweight evenly. This feature also helps you not lose your balance during physical activities, especially while running.

Next, you need to find comfortable shoes. Choose breathable materials – this way, your feet won’t sweat, allowing airflow, and the temperature will be right, not too high in summer, not too low on colder days. Your feet will thank you.

Last but not least, choose the right size. Every online shoe store has its size guide. You have to measure your foot from toe to heel in cm and determine a correspondent: sizes in the UK start from 2.5 to 15, in Europe from 35 to 50, in the US from 3 to 16. You can also use another pair of shoes you already have to make the right choice.

Ultimately, make sure to choose the right type of shoe, not too narrow, not too wide. A narrow type will affect the blood flow, while a wide one won’t provide the support your feet needs. Many women sacrifice their feet’ health buying smaller shoes because they look better. Also, choose the right type for your activity. If you feel like running or walking, choose something flexible, breathable, light, soft. If you have to stand for an extended period, choose a pair with rubber, slip-resistant sole.

Top 10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Alibress Womens Walking ShoesWomen4.5
YHOON Women's Walking ShoesWomen4.6
AUPERF Lightweight Walking SneakersWomen4.7
Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty WalkWomen4.7
LANCROP Women's Walking ShoesWomen4.9
CAMEL CROWN Hiking Shoes Men Breathable Non-Slip SneakersMen4.7
Danner Men's Vicious 4.5 Inch NMT Work BootMen4.8
Rockport Men's Eureka Walking ShoeMen4.7
MAlITRIP Men's Ultra Lightweight Breathable Walking ShoesMen4.7
Clarks Men's Vanek Step LoaferMen4.9

1. Alibress Womens Walking Shoes

They are made for walking, playing sports or running. They are great because they have an ergonomic design, fitting your feet perfectly – summer shoes that are comfortable and super in-style.

These women’s shoes are perfect for the daytime, with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, because they are slip-on, breathable and comfortable all day long. They come in classic white, black, all black, or peach color so that you can include them in every outfit. If you have an active job, you don’t need extra weight, so these ultralight shoes are the best option. If you have a desk job, they will help you work your muscles with every step you take around the office.

Running in the park can be a pleasure – they are shockproof, lightweight, and very flexible; you’ll get a lovely feeling thanks to the soft, supportive insole, which will also relieve the fatigue. These running shoes have a slip-resistant EVA outsole made from flexible rubber, making them perfect for sunny, but also wet days. Take them to the gym – they are great inside. These workout shoes won’t slip on rubber, linoleum, hardwood, or any other type of flooring. Used right, they don’t allow your feet to smell bad, which is a cool thing inside small spaces.


  • lightweight
  • flexible outsole
  • perfect fit
  • comfortable to wear on any surface


  • summer shoes, not adequate for winter

2. YHOON Women’s Walking Shoes

With an air cushion sole, they are the perfect pair of nursing shoes; you can wear them on long shifts without feeling pain or fatigue — the sole acts as a buffer between the hard ground and your feet. As a nurse, you may need to wear a closed-toe pair of shoes that offer the right protection for your feet; this might be what you are looking for when buying shoes.

Designed as sock-shoes, they keep your feet warm during walks on cold rooms. Also, these women’s shoes are slip-on, easy to pull on and off, especially if you are in a hurry. The woven upper provides super breathability, keeping your feet dry.

They are flexible, comfortable, fashionable, so you can easily switch from work to fun. These shoes work with medical clothing, but also with jeans, sweatpants or leggings.  You can buy these cute and practical shoes in different colors and sizes.


  • sock-type shoes that keep feet warm
  • air-cushion sole that reduces pressure
  • comfortable shoes
  • easy to wear


  • not suitable for wet environments

3. AUPERF Lightweight Walking Sneakers

This is the type of shoes you would see influencers wearing in the airport, at coffee shops, on vacations, running errands, or other daily things. They are great because you can run from one place to another, feeling like walking on air thanks to the lightweight rubber sole. They have a breathable fabric upper part, with elastic laces, which allows you to stretch your leg as much as you need.

This women’s fashion running shoes have a chunky design, the new trend that has taken over the world during the last years. They are great for any sport you practice, from slowly walking to running or playing tennis with your friends. They have a unique air circulation system that keeps your feet dry and clean all day long. Plus, they fit ‘like a glove.’ Easy to put on, made with advanced technology and high-quality materials, this pair of sneakers is perfect for a long day.


  • very stylish and fashionable
  • very comfortable
  • breathable
  • unique air circulation system


  • some people find their design a little odd

4. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

They stand out because of the patented spring system that absorbs shocks, giving you the energy to run that extra mile. With a seamless interior, they prevent irritations; anyone who suffers from diabetic neuropathy can use them.

They offer a secure fit while having an extra roomy toe box and removable insoles to accommodate any custom orthotic support.  Relieving foot pain, heel pain, or plantar fasciitis is one of the significant advantages of buying these front-rocker sole shoes.

These pain relief shoes are more than comfortable; they are the solution when you feel pain when your feet are tired or when you have a job that requires you to stand all day or if you are an active person. The curved outsole relieves pain and pressure from your heel.


  • orthotic shoes
  • they relieve pain and prevent plantar fasciitis
  • curved outsole to ease the pressure
  • suitable for every active job


  • they look thick

5. LANCROP Women’s Walking Shoes

They are the perfect choice when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on walking shoes. They have a simple design and are easy to carry around, which makes them perfect for traveling. With memory foam sole, walking in them is a real pleasure. Durable and light at the same time is not a utopia anymore. They are made of fabric and memory foam and are perfect for going to the gym, shopping, exercise, or desk jobs. They are perfect for Instagram photos too because they make your feet smaller and your legs slimmer.


  • excellent price
  • lightweight
  • simple design
  • easy to pack and store


  • they have a typical design

6. CAMEL CROWN Hiking Shoes Men Breathable Non-Slip Sneakers

They offer excellent ankle support, non-slip shockproof shoes, great for hiking, walking, running, and every other outdoor activity. They are a must-have for trips to mountains with family, but also for wearing at work in cold days. With a stretchy, comfortable, leather insole, a rear upper and arch support, these hiking shoes are best for your ankles, one of the most affected parts of your feet.

They have an innovative airflow system that allows indoor and outdoor air to circulate to keep your feet dry and warm even in wet environments. Summer shoes, spring shoes, winter shoes, or autumn shoes? No need to choose anymore, these 4-in-1 shoes are perfect for every season.

They are cost-effective, reliable, durable, the ideal solution if you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes, even in hard conditions. But feel free to try them on your own, nothing compares to having a great pair of shoes.


  • perfect for every season
  • durable
  • reasonable price
  • stretchy and comfortable
  • innovative airflow system


  • hard to style with anything than sports clothes

7. Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5 Inch NMT Work Boot

Made of 100% leather, they are the definition of quality boots at a reasonable price. Waterproof and breathable, these men’s boots keep your feet comfortable in extreme conditions. They protect your feet, and the outer sole absorbs the shock so that you don’t feel any pain at the end of the day. The spaced laces system provides a tight fit, protecting you from cold and preventing them from slipping out of your feet.

These nubuck leather shoes are comfortable to wear, providing endurance in working in dense environments like worksites. They have an ergonomic fit, made for everybody, and a unique trail guard platform that provides torsional strength. While being durable, supportive, and massive, they are soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

Real men love these waterproof work boots.


  • 100% leather shoes
  • soft and comfortable
  • lightweight
  • provide excellent protection to your feet
  • shock absorption


  • they feel a bit unusual if you are not used to wearing boots.

8. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Because men want to be in style too. These leather shoes are the best option for someone who wants to take care of his feet without sacrificing style. The latex foam footbed provides excellent support and relieves pressure. You can wear these Oxford shoes with suits, with jeans and shirts, perfect for meetings or business dinners. But don’t put limits on your imagination, wear them with everything you want.

Breathability and shock absorption are just two reasons why you should buy them. If you were looking for casual shoes, this is what you should keep in mind: they are comfortable and flexible, made of genuine leather. The outsole is durable, slip-resistant on many surfaces that will provide secure movements and will give you confidence.


  • Oxford design
  • very stylish
  • casual shoes
  • made of leather
  • slip-resistant


  • not waterproof

9. MAlITRIP Men’s Ultra Lightweight Breathable Walking Shoes

For walking, you need lightweight, breathable shoes. You can use them for many purposes: gym shoes, casual shoes, traveling shoes, outdoor shoes.

They keep your feet dry and cool while exercising thanks to the breathable upper mesh. The sole is flexible, reducing the load on your feet. You will feel no weight or pressure wearing them.  They are so easy to wear but also to clean because they dry in no time. These men’s shoes are very comfortable while having enough room.


  • perfect for long walks
  • indoor and outdoor shoes
  • suitable for hot days
  • comfortable to wear and clean
  • you receive a free pair of socks


  • not suitable for rainy days

10. Clarks Men’s Vanek Step Loafer

They are perfect for walking on standing. These sneakers with casual loafer silhouette are classic for summer. They are high-quality shoes, made of 100% leather. The flexible rubber sole is a life-saver because it allows you to be active the entire day without heel, ankle, or back pains. Inside, they have a cushion air footbed to keep you comfortable all day long. Choose these slip-on sneakers if you have an active job; they can be slip on and off in a few seconds.

If you work in extreme environments that require you to walk on hard surfaces most of the time, these casual loafers are what you should have in mind. Don’t compromise your style in search of comfort.

Style them with a white shirt and a pair of black jeans – classy, but not too elegant – and you’ll be ready for a meeting with your employees, a coffee with your boss, or any other challenge.


  • high-quality shoes
  • easy to slip on and off
  • very comfortable thanks to the cushion air footbed
  • flexible
  • outstanding support provided


  • might slip in wet conditions

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete


How do I find my size?

Every online shoe store has a size chart that will help you find your size. Just follow the instructions: measure your feet from heel to toe and check the chart size. Use a piece of paper to put it under your foot, cross a line at the back of your heel, one at the front of your toe, then measure the distance between them using a ruler. Or you can use a tailoring meter if you have one. Afterward, go to the size chart and find your size.

What size do I choose if I am between sizes?

No need for you to choose a smaller or bigger size, you can find your size in many stores. Online sellers are usually aware of this aspect and give their best to satisfy every customer they have.

I want a product, but it went out of stock. What can I do?

If you want a product, but it went out of stock, you can set to receive a stock alert on e-mail. This way, when it becomes available again, you will be the first to know. Another tip when buying online is to set a price alarm. Getting the best price for something you want is a great deal.

Can shoes be damaged by cleaning them wrong?

Absolutely. Make sure to read the label before cleaning your shoes. Every type of shoe needs special care, which you can usually find on the label. Also, make sure you wear shoes right and store them properly. An example can be suede shoes that must be worn in dry environments and cleaned with a dry cloth. Take care of your shoes just like you take care of your clothes and you will enjoy them longer.

Can I put my shoes into the washing machine?

You can clean shoes this way, but some type can be damaged if you put them in the washing machine. Again, read the label to see how you should clean them.

How do I know a product is of high quality?

When buying a pair of shoes, pay attention to materials. Usually, you find them in the product information. On, you can count on others’ reviews. Check this section, see photos of products in real life, seek people with the same feature as you (same size, same foot type). Also, you can ask people what they think, or you can ask for more details from the seller. When it comes to reviews, Amazon has plenty of them.

How do I know I will get the product?

Shoe stores do care about their customers. They have an excellent policy that, if you don’t receive your product after a specific period, you can ask the seller to resend it or to give your money back. Remember to ask.

Do high-quality shoes cost more?

That depends. Some natural materials do cost more than synthetic ones, but some synthetic materials do a lot of work for a lower price. Make sure to know which material suits you better and where to get the best deals. Sometimes, high rates don’t mean high quality. You can find budget shoes that you can wear for years, and you can find expensive shoes that break after the first use. Amazon sells quality shoes for all kinds of budgets. Find yours, see other buyers’ reviews, and choose wisely.

How long does it take for the product to arrive if I order it on Amazon?

This question has many answers: that depends on the destination country, the local post offices, or even the shipping method. You can receive it in one week or one month. The good news is that you get a tracking number for every order you make so you can see where it is at a given time. If it doesn’t arrive, you may ask your seller to resend it to you, to check its status for you or to refund your money.

Is Amazon trustworthy for credit card payments?

Absolutely. You make every payment on a secure platform, which protects your data. Also, Amazon offers customer support – these specialists will answer every question you have regarding buying, paying, or any other issue you encounter.


There are some secrets you should know to make the right choice: find your size using size charts, choose the type that fits you, and the right materials. Seek for breathable shoes that can keep your feet dry, with flexible and comfortable outsoles that relieve pressure. For wet environments, go for slip-resistant shoes that provide stable movements. For everyday use, choose comfort before everything else, but do not sacrifice style in the process. Buy products with high-ratings and ask other customers for opinions. Some products have real-life pictures that will be very helpful for you. Read information about materials, shoe type, shipping, or payment. If you still have questions, ask the seller for answers.

More important, once you have them in your hand, read the information label. Make sure to clean your shoes as you should and store them in proper conditions. Wear them adequately. You can wear a pair of shoes for long if you take care of it. Just pay attention to these small details to make the right choice. Finding the best shoes for walking on concrete may seem like a challenge, but it is not.

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