How much does Nike cost?

Genuine Nike shoes have prices from $50- $250/pair depending on the models or sales-off programs, but if you buy those shoes for only a few dollars, it is unlikely that you buy a genuine pair of shoes. Today, shoesops will introduce to you prices of authentic Nike shoes and give you advice on distinguishing between genuine and fake Nike shoes for first-time buyers.

How much is a genuine pair of Nike shoes?

Owning a pair of Nike shoes has always been the desire of many young people. Therefore, how much a genuine pair of Nike shoes costs is something many people are wondering. Depending on different models, prices will be different. The average price ranges from $50 to $250. The limited-edition shoes can have higher prices, and of course the quality is also superior. Depending on the needs and financial conditions, customers can consider choosing the shoes that best suit them.

Currently, the market of Nike shoes is quite active with many different points of shoe sales. However, there are countless items that are fake and counterfeit. These products have the appearance of genuine goods, but the quality is far behind. They are also often sold at lower prices so many people are more likely to be tricked. After only a short time of use, those shoes will be damaged.

3 effective ways to distinguish genuine Nike shoes:

Based on product stamps

Genuine stamps

– Genuine stamps have a smooth glossy surface and slight elasticity.

– For heat press stamps, the stamps will have a certain degree of swelling due to the air inside. At the same time, the stamp border is heated and adheres to the surface of the shoe material. Fake stamps are usually affixed to the shoe so it cannot be embedded in detail. Note that there are some patterns that are not attached under the shoe, such as the current Nike Flyknit or some new Nike Free RN lines, or sewn by thread (Nike Air Huarache line).

– Fonts on genuine and fake stamps have some differences:

+For authentic goods, the digits are always printed in sharp, uniform font. Fonts of fake stamps are often sloppy and uneven.

+The tail of all the letters “e” in the “” line is always sharpened. For fake stamps, the letter “e” will be squarer.

+The word “EUR” will be placed higher than “US” and “UK”, close to the black strip of the words “nikebetterworld” above.

+The ratio of the position between the logo and other content on the stamp: Suppose a line is drawn from the upper dot of the logo. If it is a genuine Nike shoe, that line will pass between the letters “t” and “e” of the “” line or between the letters “U” and ” K “of” UK “… as illustrated.

– Check the code on the stamp. The Nike shoe code has the format xxxxxx-xxx in the center of the shoe stamp, in which the first 6 digits are the shoe code and the last 3 are the color code. Look up on this Google code to see if the shoes and color are correct. (Currently, the fake team can also copy this code). In case you can’t find the code on the internet, don’t worry. That could be because those shoes are just samples and have not been officially released yet, so there is no information available.

Based on product details

– Fake shoes are usually made of inferior material than that of genuine goods, so when you touch the surface of a genuine pair of Nike shoes, you can feel it tough and very solid, especially when you touch the sole of the shoe. The sole of Nike shoes is softer but still very solid and does not lose form when you wear for a long time.

– The upper body of genuine shoes is very delicate and meticulous (especially Nike Flyknit). All the details are rounded with no excess bavia.

– The quality of genuine Nike shoe processing is very sharp. The seam is straight, even and tidy with no excess thread. The glue is definitely clean without any smudges on the leather or fabric surface.

Based on acquired information about the product

If you know the correct information about the product, you can rest assured with the shoes you choose to buy. You can pick genuine Nike shoes on Amazon.

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