How to Wear High-Tops

Not just guys who love basketball, skateboarding or hip hop can wear this type of shoes. Anyone can become more stylish with a pair of high-top sneakers.


In 1917, the Converse brand gave birth to the first All-Star trainer. These boots were designed to help protect the basketball players’ ankles, making them more comfortable on the field. Basketball player Chuck Taylor allowed Converse to use his name for the product, from which the shoe became a symbol with the short name “Chucks”. Other players also allow brands to name their products, such as Michael Jordan with Nike’s famous Jordan line of shoes.

If this shoe can last well from match to match, it is definitely worth the use in daily life. The brand quickly launched a version of high-neck sports shoes for using outside the football field. By the 1950s, this item was all around Hollywood. For example, James Dean wore a pair of high heels throughout the movie Rebel Without A Cause. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, high-top sneakers continued to dominate the music scene, from pop, hip hop to rock. They became an indispensable choice for famous bands like N.W.A and Nirvana.

Classic style

The golden rule when choosing clothes with high-top sneakers is to keep things simple. If you need a set that is both fashionable and convenient for daily activities, nothing is more perfect than the trio: high top, jeans and t-shirt. Basically, this style is geared towards the comfort of the wearer. Wide jeans will help you move more easily. Ripped jeans are also a good choice, they make the overall outfit become more liberal, contemporary. You can also replace t-shirts with sweat shirts or jumpers. Choose rubber sole shoes, use stickers instead of straps. This is how you make the most of this item’s popularity.

Street style

What is street style? It is freedom and irregularity. This is an opportunity for you to combine high-top sneakers with shorts, oversize t-shirts, sunglasses and fedora hats. You can also tie a checkered shirt around your waist to be stylish, or wear striking shoes – red for example – along with skinny jeans, Oxford shirts and varsity jackets. Seeing dressing as a way of expressing yourself or simply liking is both okay. However, remember to mix the shoe color matching harmoniously with your costumes/ accessories to show your sophisticated fashion sense.

Smart-casual style

Smart-casual can be considered as a “hybrid” of casual and formal styles. You can ensure the standard and polite element while still comfortably choosing your favorite items. With this style, dark brown sports shoes easily match the outfit without attracting too much attention. In terms of material, plain leather is a delicate choice, while suede is more liberal. Combine your high-top sneakers with skinny jeans or chinos, then choose a favorite shirt and blazer to create an elegant look. If you’re feeling excited, you can wear a tie. Remember to roll up the chinos to look younger.

How to preserve high-top shoes

1. Canvas material

  • Put the shoes in a bucket of warm water with about 30ml of liquid detergent, preferably for sensitive fabrics.
  • Keep your shoes submerged in water. Scrubbing them with a brush to remove dust and stains.
  • Rinse the shoes with warm water several times.
  • Put paper inside the shoes and expose them under normal light. This will help keep the shoes in shape after they have dried.

2. Suede material

  • Use a suede brush to gently remove stains. Note, just brush in one direction which is the direction of the skin. Scrub thoroughly to avoid spreading the stains.
  • Use a piece of rubber to rub nasty stains.
  • If your shoes are wet, gently drain the water from the shoes by using a sponge. Put paper inside the shoes to help them retain their shape when dried.
  • Preservatives can be sprayed to avoid other damage.

3. Leather material

  • Use a towel to clean dust.
  • Wet the outside of the shoes with a cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the skin surface, especially on the stains.
  • Rub with fingers until the surface becomes frothy. You can also use a toothbrush for difficult-to-remove stains.
  • Wipe the toothpaste clean with a warm, damp cloth. Then, wipe off the shoes with a dry cloth.