How to walk in heels for beginners

A symbol of the maturity and elegance of women, high heels are the “must-have” item of any girl in the world. High heels are not easy to wear like other types of shoes. To be able to confidently walk on high heels like real supermodels, Shoesops’ s girls should follow the tips below.

High heels are considered the key to enter the world of colorful fashion and motifs of women. Any girl feels like she has grown up when she is “making her first step” on her own high heels. However, if not worn properly, high heels easily become “enemies” of women due to the pain, cramps, blisters that they caused. Let Shoesops share six tips for wearing high heels properly.

Put The Heel On The Ground Before Landing On The Toes

This is considered an “unwritten rule” that anyone who loves high heels knows by heart, but most girls often put their toes to the ground first due to the habit of using barefoot and flat shoes. This will put a lot of weight on your toes, which can cause pain and blisters. Put your heels on the ground first, then land on the toes. If so, then your legs can withstand the weight of the upper body. Then, lift the heel before pushing the toes forward for the next steps.

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Warm Up Your Feet Before Wearing On High Heels

Few people know that wearing high heels is like taking daily exercise. Before exercise, we need to warm up to ensure the balance of the functional state of the motor and help muscles slowly heat up. That is also the reason girls should “warm up” when preparing to leave the house with high heels in a long day. Walking or running too much on high heels will cause pain and cramping because the calf muscles are “fully utilized” to balance. Remember to take a minute to stretch your legs. You will silently thank yourself for this habit.

Adjust Your Positions

Standing up straight is the secret for girls. Keep your head and spine vertical and your chin parallel to the ground. This position will reduce the risk of back pain when wearing high heels. In order to avoid a curved spinal column, health experts advise women to keep their shoulders and back relaxed. In addition, how to stand is also important. To stand on your heels properly, remember to stand on the heel of one leg, rest your foot in a resting position, and switch if you’re tired.

Coordinate Smoothly With The Center Of The Body

Keep your abs toward the spine. This not only helps you keep your body balanced and your posture more upright, but also helps your breasts look better. When wearing high shoes, women should not only use the force of the leg and thigh muscles but also combine with the central areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, and lower back. Thus, the force of muscles throughout the body will be divided equally to bear the weight of each part.

Choose Your High Heels Like Chooseing A Companion

Choose Your High Heels

Women should choose high heels with thick soles, especially made of leather or rubber. Choose a pair of shoes as if you choose for yourself a companion throughout the day of activities and work. Therefore, the kind of thick heels will help cherish the “Achilles heel” of the girls, creating a sense of comfort and smoothness. Do not wear shoes that are too wide because you will have to brace your feet to keep the shoes from dropping. You can also wear thick socks and use a hair dryer to loosen your shoes if you feel too tight, ​​especially when wearing high heels made of leather.

Take Small Steps

When walking on high heels, take small and slow steps. Practicing on high heels is similar to a toddler starting to walk, so it will be a bit awkward for novice girls. Going too fast can make you lose your balance and not able to control your muscles. Stretching your footsteps too much will make your gait unnatural and somewhat rough. Shorten your stride; take small and gentle steps. Remember that high heels are a symbol of elegance and nobility.

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