How to Stretch Shoes Wider – Here are Our Favorite Tips

Are you venturing your feet into cramped shoes which are slightly smaller than the usual size you wear? Maybe it’s because you bought the wrong size of shoes, or maybe because you believe that with a design that is a little bigger, the shoes will not be beautiful, especially with high heels.

According to a survey of women’s shoes by the Foot and Ankle Specialist Group in the U.S, about 88% of women wear shoes smaller than their feet, and as a result, half of them are currently suffering from inflammatory nodules and other foot pain.

Wearing the wrong shoes for a long time will lead to tightening the toes into an unnatural position. However, if you are wearing a small pair of shoes, there are still ways to wear them more comfortable and avoid the risk of creating foot problems.

1. Using a dryer

The most useful way to turn your little shoes into wider ones is to use a hair dryer at the highest temperature to heat them. The glue, leather and plastic-based materials inside the shoes will expand a little. To make sure, wear the shoes with socks and start drying the shoes until you feel the shoes really fit your feet.

Also, since many shoes have heat-sensitive glue, you should be careful. This method will not work for shoes made entirely of PVC, and it can damage vintage shoes. Other types of shoes can be slightly heated on the outside without any problems.

2. Using an ice pack

You will be completely surprised with the change of the shape of your shoes when applying this way. That is, put a pack of water inside the shoes. Make sure the water won’t leak out and then put them in the freezer for 8 hours. If you’re concerned about unhygienic shoes in the fridge, clean them up, wrap them in a glass container and rest assured that the next morning, you’ll be comfortable with your shoes. You can skip this way if the shoes are too expensive, especially vintage shoes.

3. Putting cloth or rolled socks inside the shoes

For this way, you should do it as often as possible. When you are not wearing the shoes, put cloth or old fashion socks that are rolled inside the shoes to keep the shape of the shoes not crushed. This way will take longer, and sometimes the results are not as satisfactory as using heat and ice.

4. Wearing the shoes to walk around the house

This method is usually applied for newly purchased shoes that your feet are still not used to. New shoes need time to accommodate your feet. Walk around indoors so that your shoes can stretch out before you know for sure they won’t cause redness on your feet when you wear them outside.

5. Keeping the shoes dry

When you expose your shoes to moisture, they can shrink. That is why it is important to keep the silica gel packs that come with your shoes. They absorb moisture and keep your shoes dry. Instead of wondering how to wear shoes that are too small, you should stretch once only, and then take care of them properly.

6. Using shoe stretchers

There are special tools designed to stretch the shoes a little, as well as fix the shape of the shoes. This is also the recommended way to store expensive shoes that you rarely have the opportunity to wear. Storing your shoes properly is one important step after figuring out the suitable ways to stretch your shoes.

7. Buying shoes at the right time

Instead of having to fix the shoes that you bought with the wrong size, always consider when to buy shoes. Do not buy shoes in the morning, but preferably in the evening. That’s when your feet are most enlarged, maybe 8% difference from the morning.

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