How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking

When the creaking sound of your shoes is made, it will surely make you and your neighbors uncomfortable. Creaking is sometimes caused by the manufacturer’s fault or the shoes wearing over time or the moisture inside them. There are many ways to stop shoes from squeaking. Let’s find out now!

Using Super Glue

Attach glue to the heel of the shoe when it is shaken and makes a creaking sound. This is a simple solution for you to do. If you find that the heel is loose, you only need to apply a little Super Glue or Rubber Cement and then press the heel of the shoe for a few seconds until the heel is sticky.

Note: This will not work for shoes made of urethane. You should bring expensive shoes to the shoe repair shop to avoid the risk of damage.

Using Silicone Glue

Attaching silicone glue (silicone caulk) to the sole of the shoe to handle the situation when the shoe emits a noise is also very effective. You only need to buy a silicone glue tube with a squeegee or a special silicone product to repair the shoes. Place the tip of the tube into the gap between the shoe and the sole and slowly squeeze the glue until it fills the gap. Secure the shoe and the shoe sole with a rubber band or a heavy object or a special hardware clamp, and then let it dry overnight. In the next morning, experience the effectiveness of the silicone glue!

Using Powder/ Flour

Let the powder take care of the creaking sound of your shoes! Once you know which part of the shoe is causing the creaking noise, sprinkle it with powder/ flour or cornstarch. The powder will absorb moisture causing noise and reduce noise due to friction of two parts in the shoe. Here are some common areas that often have problems and how to fix them:

  • If the creaking sound comes from inside the shoe, you will pull up the shoe lining and sprinkle flour along the line of the shoe.
  • If your shoe insoles are not able to remove, you will apply the powder to the edge of the sole.
  • If the sole makes the noise, it could be due to air cushion. Apply the powder to the sole of the shoe at the air holes or the line of the shoe.

Using Saddle Soap

The use of saddle soap is a controversial issue for those who own genuine leather shoes. Some people say that this product dries out the leather shoes, while others believe that this product doesn’t cause any damage. If you don’t mind the risk, apply some saddle soap to the problematic area of the shoe and polish it with a dry towel.

Note: Do NOT use saddle soap on suede shoes!

Using Special Cream For Shoes

You can apply leather conditioner on the shoes to solve the problem. If you wear leather shoes, you will apply a leather care product to the shoes and then polish with a dry towel. Remember to buy suede care products for suede shoes instead of using conventional products.

Replacing Shoe Soles

Many people do not notice that under the shoe heel there is always a cushion to help reduce the sound significantly when the heel collides with the floor. After we have used the shoes for a while, the cushion will wear out and no longer work to reduce noise for the shoes.

The simplest thing to do is to immediately run to the nearest shoe shop or shoe repair shop to have the cushion replaced. The cost is quite low and the time is fast. For some shoes when purchased, the manufacturer provides a free pair of cushions. So, before buying a new pair of shoes, please check the box to see if there is a free pair of cushions or not to save the effort to buy new ones.

The Shoes Are In A Good Condition But Still Squeaks?

Not every creaking sound proves that your shoes are having a problem. It is still possibly because of the way we travel. How to wear shoes, especially high heels, needs a secret.

First, put your heels on the ground and then lean back and visualize yourself walking in a straight line. Walk carefully and gently. When walking, remember to gently bend your feet to avoid making noise.


Shoes with broken heels or having an amount of air stuck at the bottom can create awkward sounds. Try the ways we just showed above! Don’t squander your beloved shoes while still being able to take advantage of their potential to perfectly match them with different fashion styles! Hopefully, our sharing above can help you in caring for your dear shoes.