How to Fix Torn Canvas Shoes

Shoes are an indispensable fashion accessory for young people today, especially the canvas shoes. However, because canvas shoes are made from fabric, scratches or tears are unavoidable. Today, will show you four simple ways to repair torn, scratched canvas shoes at home.

women canvas shoes

Causes of torn shoes

No matter how high quality the shoes are, after long use, they will suffer damage. They can be scratched, yellowed, waterlogged and even torn. That could be caused by sharp objects touching the shoes or the shoes colliding with other objects as you move. The shoes can also be too old, so the material is no longer good. If you still want to use the shoes, please refer to the following repair methods for torn canvas shoes.

How to repair torn canvas shoes

1. Use stickers to fix shoes

This is a simple and effective method of fixing canvas shoes. You only need to use the stickers you love to stick on the tears on the shoes. You can even use glue or sewing thread to fix the stickers more firmly.

Tip: You should take two identical pictures stuck on both shoes to create symmetry. After sticking the stickers on the shoes, you may use a little alcohol to wipe away the leftover glue.

2. Create more tears on shoes

This is considered an extremely creative way to repair scratched canvas shoes. You create a few more scratches or tears to make your shoes exclusive. However, if you are not careful, you will ruin your shoes.

3. Use paint color on the tears

If you have the ability to use color and paint well, you can paint the torn parts of the shoes. Adding color will make your shoes more stylish and fresher. Don’t worry that the shoes will be broken.

4. Patching the shoes

Use scissors to trim the threads that stick out.

Use a damp sponge to wipe the torn area clean.

When the torn area is clean, apply a sufficient amount of glue.

Spread the glue evenly on the torn area and let the glue be as smooth as possible.

Let the shoes be dry for at least 24 hours.