How to choose the right sneakers for you

For a sports fan, sneakers are indispensable accessories. For those who are passionate about shoes, sports shoes are also considered as an object of separation. However, are you sure that you know how to choose for yourself a suitable pair of sports shoes? Or do you only follow your heart when buying shoes? Hopefully, the following tips by Shoesops can help you choose a pair of shoes that best suit you.

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Define your purpose when buying a new pair of shoes

Your purpose when you decide to buy a new pair of sports shoes is the first important thing that you need to identify. I believe many of you understand the reason for determining the purpose of buying shoes, but some probably find it a bit strange. The reality is that it is not strange at all, because each type of shoes is produced to meet a certain purpose. For example, running shoes are usually light and have low friction as well as have flexible cushioning on the heels; tennis shoes have good grip; modern-dance shoes emphasize high flexibility for easy footsteps. Sports shoes will only promote the use and show you all the great features when you use them for the right reason.

It is the best if you use the shoes in accordance with the original purpose that the manufacturer aims for the shoes. A pair of fashionable shoes will not give you a great experience on every run. A pair of professional training shoes will give different results from those of the shoes only for gentle training. By defining the purpose, you have already completed half the work.

Search for well-established or reputable brands

Search for the information and reviews about the shoes you want to buy as well as the prestigious addresses that provide the product. With just a phone to access the Internet, you can easily find what is needed. Not to mention whether the shoes fit or not, at least you will be able to find the shoes you like without having to take time to try out all the shops. The same goes for finding reputable sales addresses. Then, if possible, come to try and feel the true quality of your chosen sneakers. Trying them directly is always recommended when you buy shoes or any fashion accessories.

Consider the price

Price is often a major factor affecting your purchasing decision. Consider your wallet and make the decision that you think is the most reasonable, given the purpose and the necessity of the shoes. If your sneakers are a genuine one bought at a reputable address, the quality will always be worth your money, even though the price is a bit high.

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Choose the right size

Choose a pair of shoes that fit your feet. Too wide or too tight shoes will make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them. You may usually be advised to choose a slightly (0.2 inches) wider size of sneakers compared to that of regular shoes. The reason to buy sneakers with a larger size than normal is because when you play sports, you will have to move a lot; your feet tend to move inside the shoes. When you have been playing for a while, your feet will sweat, and the size of the feet will expand a little bit. However, that does not mean that you always have to choose that way. The right size of your shoes depends on your training habits, interests, and other factors that are subjective to your individuality. Choose the shoes you like and make you feel comfortable.

Consider the weight and the material

With the more advanced production technology, choosing a lightweight pair of sneakers is not too difficult for customers. However, why should we choose a pair of shoes based on the weight? Because with lightweight sport shoes, you can easily move, and your feet are more flexible. A pair of sports shoes can be durable and pretty, but if the weight is too heavy, such shoes will make your feet tired and difficult to move. With lightweight sneakers, you can run and jump for a long time without fear of tired feet. Light sneakers are often made from thin, airy mesh fabric.

However, do not assume that all lightweight sneakers are good. If you feel that the shoes are too cheap, they were probably made from materials which were recycled or had unknown origin. Using cheap sneakers for a long time can irritate your feet. Therefore, you have to be very careful about choosing reputable sports shoes brands to avoid buying fake goods.

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Some nice tips for trying on a new pair of shoes

  • Buy shoes in the afternoon or evening. Trying on sports shoes should be late in the day because in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, our bodies tend to shrink a bit. By the end of the day, when you’ve worked hard, your feet will get bigger. You do not want your sneakers to fit in the morning but become tight at the end of the day, right?
  • Try on shoes with your both feet. Socks should be worn when you are trying on shoes.
  • Choose the shoes that you can extend your toes when you put the shoes on.
  • When wearing shoes, make sure they fit. Then, try walking around or doing some light work to see if they are comfortable or not.
  • Look closely to to make sure the shoes are not torn, scratched, greasy. Gently squeeze the shoe body to feel the hardness. A good pair of shoes also has many visual standards.
  • Check the details on the shoes. Pay attention to the logo of the manufacturer. Try to distinguish fake and genuine goods.
  • Place the shoes on a flat surface to see if they are balanced or not. The shoes must not be tilted; the centers of the tip and the heel of the shoes must be straight. Before you try, make sure you check the heels of the shoes to see if there are any cracks due to small materials left over. Put your hands on the shoe soles to make sure the pads are not wrapped as well as to see whether the glue comes out of the shoe soles. This will help you avoid blistering or hardening your feet after prolonged use.
  • Ask the store about the benefits you may have such as soles sewing and warranties.

If you are still wondering, you can leave a message below for advice on choosing the best sports shoes.

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