How to choose the best running shoes for you

Sometimes our decision to buy a pair of running shoes depends more on the color and style than on the terrain or how the shoes are directed. The ultimate goal of any running shoes is, of course, to support people’s running. However, there is a slight difference in the design of each type of running shoes depending on the type of terrain, the shape and mode of movement. If you are serious about running, this is what you should be aware of when choosing your running shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Type of roads

The first thing a proper pair of running shoes needs to meet is the compatibility with the terrain you want to run on. Smooth roads are the choice of many people when they jog while many other people choose rugged gravel areas. Each preference needs a different type of suitable running shoes:

Road-running: The shoes are designed for running on paved roads, sidewalks or less rugged, flat pavements. These shoes are usually quite light, flexible, and have high grips to help the feet move easily and comfortably. Using road-running shoes for daily walks or light walks is also suitable. With this type of shoe, Nike Free, Nike Zoom Pegasus and Adidas Boost are quite popular because of their lightness, durability and excellent performance.

Trail-running: The shoes are for those who love the rough road with many obstacles. Running on these roads is more prone to injury, so trail-running shoes are often designed to have better grip and better traction to avoid slippery, and the shoe neck is designed to protect the foot neck. Some pairs of shoes also feature a spiked sole design for increased stability. Referring to these shoes, Asics Gel Venture is a name not to be missed.

Distance of your running

This seemingly unrelated factor is a thing you should consider when buying a pair of running shoes. If you only run as the daily routine for fitness or run on flat roads with short distances, a pair of lightweight running shoes that support balance in the steps will be a good choice. If you often run long distances, you should choose running shoes with soles that gradually lift towards the heel because that will create a good cushion to support you more effectively in each step of movement. Nike Free Rn 2017 shoes are being evaluated as one of the ideal shoes for short running.

Understand your feet

It is not enough to care about the terrain and the distance of running. You need to understand your feet to know what they need and how the shoes are suitable. Consider the movement of your ankles and soles.

Pasterns: The movement of the ankle affects the horizontal movement of the foot; the way your foot lands will tell us how you should choose a pair of shoes. Have a look at your old running shoes. The shoe sole and toe sole are worn evenly, meaning that your ankles are not inclined to both sides when your feet touch the ground, so a pair of shoes with balanced ankle support is what you need. If the sole of your shoe tends to be worn more to the side, your ankle is more inclined in or out. For many deviations, you should choose stable-structure shoes which support movement control. The shoes with thick cushioning soft feet will be a proper choice.

If this observation is not easy for you, you can also observe the soles of your feet. Watch your footprint when wet:

  • Soles of the feet are concave: the feet are narrow and arched, not even connected between the heel and the breast. Concave feet are easily misaligned.
  • The sole is flat: the feet are wide and can be seen on the sole. Flat feet are easily misaligned.
  • The sole is normal: the middle level of the feet is concave, and the feet are flat.

A good pair of shoes should fit yourself properly, and each fit has its unique requirements. With the share from Shoesops, choosing a suitable pair of running shoes is in your hands already.

Great benefits of jogging

Nowadays, jogging is regarded as a great way of exercising by being suitable for everyone at all ages as well as easy to perform. Running is a great way to improve your health, but do you know that it gives us more benefits than just improving health as we often think? Have you ever thought that running helps you feel more confident?

benefits of jogging

Create a healthy lifestyle

Laziness makes it easier for the body to become tired. Regular running helps keep your body physically active. Regular jogging, especially jogging in the morning, will gradually give us the habit of getting up early in the morning, sleeping earlier in the evening and continuing to wake up early in the morning. This helps us get rid of the habit of staying up late and waking up late, which is not good at all for health.

Start your day full of energy

A large amount of endorphin and some other energy-boosting hormones will be released during your running, so you will have more energy and excitement at the start of the new day. That is also why jogging exercises are often recommended in the morning.

Improve your health

One of the benefits of jogging which cannot be ignored is improving health. Through just a few regular jogs, you will feel it. Research shows that running can increase good cholesterol levels thereby reducing excess cholesterol while also helping the lung function better. In addition, jogging can also boost your immune system and reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

Jogging also works extremely well in improving women’s health by increasing estrogen production in the body.

Prevent disease

Not all of us know that running is effective in reducing the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer. A study of over 74,000 women during perimenopause has shown a positive result of breast cancer risk in people with normal health conditions reduced to 30% and 10% – 20% for overweight people. The results are similar for younger women. Therefore, running is a training method that experts recommend especially for women who have a high risk of breast cancer.

Moreover, jogging helps you have fewer heart problems by up to 45% (according to research data of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology), thereby reducing the risk of stroke. People who are in the early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis are also recommended by doctors to run regularly to improve their health.

If you are a person having problems with weather conditions such as the flu, jogging will help you minimize the risk of having these diseases.

Weight loss 

Jogging is still one of the top weight loss methods for safety and efficiency. It is the second most effective exercise in terms of calories burned per minute, just after skiing. You will eliminate 11 kg of extra weight each year with just one hour of running every day.

Release stress and enhance memory of the brain

A study of the University of Georgia shows that an hour of exercise relieves stress three times as effectively as using that time to rest.

Endorphin – a substance that helps improve mood is produced more while you are jogging. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing depression.

Moreover, researchers believe that running helps to increase the brain’s ability to remember when it makes the brain activate new nerve cells as well as increase the level of neurotransmission. It will be easier for you to focus on challenging tasks and feel more comfortable participating in and managing projects that require careful attention to detail.

Older people are also encouraged to do light jogs or to take more walks in the mornings to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleep better

People who have a habit of jogging tend to adapt to sleeping at a fixed time better than usual, so the quality of sleep is higher. The biological clock will also work more effectively.

More confident

Not all benefits of running are physical. By setting and implementing your running goals, you can make yourself feel more successful and happier than usual, and your confidence will increase accordingly. Also, when jogging becomes effective, you will notice an improvement not only in your health but also in your physique, which partly makes you more confident.

Improve endurance

Whether the distance is short or long, conquering the roads by running still requires perseverance and endurance. When you can make running regular and endure to your running goals, you can maintain such endurance with any other job.


Jogging, as well as other forms of exercise, helps to prolong life by improving health and creating healthier habits. In one of their studies, researchers found that those who did regular exercise had an average increase of 3.5 to 4.5 years in their lifespan than those who did not do any exercise. In another study, 1,000 adults who were over 50 years old were observed in 21 years. After 21 years, 85% of runners are still alive while only 66% of non-runners are alive.

The benefits of running are always enormous. There is no need for you to be too professional on long distances like athletes. Just spend 30 minutes a day running around your neighborhood; you will be surprised at what running brings.

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