Design and Sell Your Own Shoes: Why not?

Yeezy shoes combined with Adidas of famous rap artist Kanye West, Jordan shoes combined with Nike brand of professional basketball player Michael Jordan or “bow tie” shoes of PUMA imprinting uniqueness of singer Rihanna are all the designs of the “amateurs” who invaded the fashion field.

Have you ever dreamed of being like them: having your own shoe company or line of shoes? Never think that everything is impossible until you actually start!

Today, let Shoesops discover your passion for fashion with shoes!

Come up with your own line of shoes

In fashion design in general, getting an idea is extremely important. Through the talented hands of the designer, the idea will come true. And the same for footwear design! You will not get a good product without the “cool” design ideas.

Sneakers design

Create original ideas with a small book

You feel you’re not good enough to design your own line of shoes?

Do not worry! If you haven’t tried it, you will never know where your ability is.

First of all, let the passion for your shoes become more “specific” by exploring ideas from what is around you. You can choose to find photos online, take a picture from your friends’ shoes or draw your own attractive textures and shapes that you can put on your own shoes.

You may think these first steps are time-consuming or useless, but these are the building blocks for your creativity and design skills!

Take a shoe design course

The second step is more difficult and needs a lot more effort. Try to find a shoe design course at fashion or fine arts schools or online courses of other countries to be able to learn more about expertise and the shoe industry. You will not only learn about the art and fashion of the footwear industry, but also combine the business elements.

If you don’t have much money to take a shoe design course, why don’t self-study? Although there will be a lot of difficulties in understanding and making plans, it is not impossible. There are many young people who are a fan of sneakers, also known as “sneaker head”, having embarked on “custom” shoes. White shoes painted with patterns similar to those of many famous brands or even unique creative motifs are popular with many young people and become a fairly hot business.

Create ideas with friends

“Two heads are always better than one” – That’s right! Try asking your friends, relatives or colleagues to comment on the design and ideas you have. The people around you are like your customers later. If you have the opportunity to interact with many people who have the same passion and knowledge in shoe design, do not hesitate to learn from them!

Make specific business strategies

How can self-designed shoes make a profit for you?

Please continue to learn the following start-up knowledge!

Prepare investment capital

After accumulating enough knowledge and experience to start a self-designed shoe shop, you can start preparing the investment capital to make your dream come true. You need to calculate so that the amount of money you have on hand can offset the costs of materials and equipment for making the shoes. You can choose to open a shop in the form of online to save the cost of space and staff or other arising costs.

Narrow the target market

One of the extremely important steps in creating your own shoe line is to narrow the target market. This task is crucial to future business performance. You will have to decide what your customers are like and how much they will pay for your design shoes.

Make specific shoe business strategies

If you leave your target market too wide, you will face great competition from existing famous shoe brands. Controlling your business will be much harder.

What you need to do next is to set up a business plan for your shoe store. There are risks that you cannot fully anticipate. Make a plan that includes goals, orientations, visions as well as how to implement the plan in the short and long term to actively follow and be able to deal with unexpected situations.

Learn from successful entrepreneurs

Nothing is more valuable than the experience that the previous people left to you. It also means that you should learn the business and design practices of people who have succeeded in the shoe industry.

Those may be the skills, the necessary shoe design knowledge or the experience and the way to organize and operate a small store. There are things you will never learn from books but can only learn from those around you in life.

Choose for yourself a team

There is a saying like this:

“If you want to go fast, go alone …”

… If you want to go far, go together. ”

Indeed! Although we can do A-Z by ourselves, we should try to find partners – like-minded people, to cooperate with.

Find someone in charge of shoe design

If you’re not good at design or don’t have the time to do all the work, try finding a shoe designer.

People with professional experience in art and fashion will help you “realize” your ideas on shoes. As a result, you can save time to organize your business effectively and much easier!

Find graphic designers

graphic designer

Besides the main designer of the shoe product, you should find people with expertise in graphic design. They can assist in designing the motifs and shaping shoes on the computer, while also undertaking the work of designing logos and specific packaging for your products.

Find a Marketing Manager

Self-designing and producing shoes are very important, but it is not helpful if you do not know how to bring your products to the market. And this is when you need a Marketing Manager.

If you can, find people with experience in the fashion industry or people with many contacts who can help you advertise your products easily and at a reasonable cost.

Find a trustworthy manufacturer

In America, there are many factories producing and processing shoes for you to choose. These units often take orders at wholesale prices and produce large quantities. Some factories can also produce custom designed shoes.

If you have enough enthusiasm and want your product to be of good quality to create a competitive advantage, you may consider selecting mid-range manufacturing units which specialize in processing shoes for good brands. In these companies, there will be two great advantages for you to rely on: the quality of the output and the perfection compared to the design. Not only does this come from the company’s facilities and machines, but it is also because such company has a standardized, professional quality management process at every stage from product completion to customer care.

In short, you have two options depending on your budget and product strategy. If you want the low-end, large-scale products, choose small outsourcing units with reasonable costs, but bear in mind that the quality of products is not superior. In contrast, if you have a clear product strategy, prioritize quality and put a lot of design effort into it, choose outsourcing companies with experience in middle and high-end products.

Note that before making a deal with a production partner, you should consider the capacity of that unit through understanding its facilities, production capacity, previous orders and the certificates showing that the company gives priority to optimizing productivity and protecting the environment.

Use your network

people network

Your business will be a lot easier if you can find supportive contacts. These could be friends, acquaintances or experienced professionals in your field. Do not hesitate to find and expand your relationships! You will not know the great benefits that it can bring!

Create a brand for yourself

Give your own design shoes a meaningful name and then develop it into a valuable brand.

Name your own brand

Start by naming your own brand of shoes. You can choose the names you like but it is better if your brand name reflects the goals and the orientations of your shoe company as well as aims at your target audience. Do not name it too complicated or difficult to remember because it will not help you when this brand is completely new on the market.

Create a brand for yourself

Create your own website

To reach customers easily and effectively in today’s digital age, you should set up a Facebook page or a separate website for your shoe line. Whether your product is appealing to customers and accessible to them also depends on this step. You can learn the ways many fashion stores apply on their Facebook page and website to gain some experience.

Create brand identities

When you have almost completed the preparation for your business, it is time for you to have a graphic designer design your logo, packaging and images specific to your shoe line. This is not only a way to help buyers easily recognize your brand, but also makes the product more professional in their eyes.

Develop communication tools

You should not just focus on developing a website for your shoe company. You should also reach customers through different media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. By this way, customers can easily access your products and contact you directly more.


With the steps Shoesops gave you above, do you think you can succeed with your own shoe company?

Take action right away to challenge yourself with your passion!

Good luck!


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