8 Best Shoes for Retail Workers 2022

One of the most important things that retail workers need in relation to their job is a very good and comfortable pair of shoes. Retail workers spend a lot of time on their feet at work and wearing a pair of unsuitable shoes could result in a lot of pain especially if you would be standing in those shoes for hours.

Since these shoes would be undergoing quite a bit of stress, it is also essential that they are of the best quality and durability while still possessing a very high measure of comfort for the feet. Therefore, stilettos are not an option neither are flats because they could lead to the rawness of the soles.

This implies that retail workers could have a difficult time selecting the types of shoes that are best for them. That is why this article is concerned with helping you identify factors to look out for when purchasing a pair of shoes for work. With knowledge of these factors, you have a sure guarantee of making the best choice.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Choosing the best shoes for retail workers could be pretty stressful mainly due to a large number of different shoes on the market. Various brand names claim to have the best product and for someone who is buying for the first time, it could be quite overwhelming.

This is why we have put together this guide to help you identify the best shoes that there are very easily. They are also very important in ensuring that you get a pair of shoes that you would enjoy maximally irrespective of the type of retail store that you work at. Some of the factors that would assist you in choosing the east shoes for retail workers include:

1. Fit

When you are purchasing shoes, you have to aim for the one that for just right else this might result in a lot of pain and injury in some cases. This means that you need to know the length and width of your feet in order to buy a pair of shoes that are a great fit. Wearing shoes that are exactly your size effectively guarantees you a lot of comforts.

If you do not find a pair of shoes that are your exact size, it is better to go a size up than to go a size down. Undersized shoes could result in a lot of agonies especially if you do not have very regular feet. When you go a size higher, you could easily stuff the shoes until they are very comfortable and they fit just right. However, looking for the perfect fit should be topmost on your agenda.

2. Comfort

In order to get the best out of your pair of shoes, you need to be completely comfortable in them. An uncomfortable pair doesn’t just affect the feet, it also affects performance. They restrict you from moving as well as you normally would due to the number of pains that you would be experiencing and this could affect your efficiency. This is why you need to go for shoes that are very comfortable although they might not look so great or stylish.

If your shoes are hurting or annoying you, you could get easily irritable and this could affect your relationship with fellow workers as well as your boss. Similarly, since you would be standing on your feet for the better part of the workday, it is highly advisable that you get shoes that would e suitable for such conditions.

3. Materials

Depending on where you work, the materials that your shoes are made with could go a very long way in determining whether or not your feet suffer. For instance, if you have very sensitive skin that is easily chafed, wearing leather shoes or shoes with rough inner surfaces would be a very bad idea. This is because it would leave your feet raw and hurting at the end of the day.

Similarly, if you work in a section where there is a lot of heat, you would need to get breathable shoes that would let air sip in regularly. Otherwise, your feet would burn up and you could get end up with infections and very bad odor. If you work in a regular section, then you could get yourself a pair of leather shoes since they are firm and they would give your feet the support that they need.

4. Slip-resistant

Since you would most likely be moved around a lot while at work. It is essential that you get a pair of shoes that would provide a good measure of friction. You would need a pair of shoes that would help you remain on your feet and ensure that you do not slip while moving around. Retail jobs are carried out in places that have various walking surfaces which usually range from carpet to tile or even hardwood floors. This is why you need to get a pair of shoes that are suited to every type of floor and provide enough grip even for the occasional slippery floor.

Therefore, a pair of work shoes with very good traction should be one of the major factors to consider when shopping. Not all shoes are slip-resistant, but taking a look at the outsoles of any shoes would let you know whether or not they are. You should also try to avoid slick or plastic outsoles.

5. Price

Although this factor didn’t come first, this could be said to be the most important one of all. This is namely because no matter how great a pair of shoes might seem, if you cannot afford them, then you would have to settle for something else. If you have a budget in mind and you are looking to stay within the limits of your budget, you would definitely still want value for your money.

In order to select the best shoes for retail workers, we paid close attention to the price relative to the features that the shoes had to offer. If the features didn’t correspond to the price, then they were dropped off the list. This way, we were able to compile only products that would get you great value for your money. Similarly, since prove does not always correspond to quality, it is important to ensure that the boots you are purchasing are worth the price tag.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Top 8 Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Skechers Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-on Sneaker4.9
New Balance 990V44.9
Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoe4.7
Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Shoes4.5
Timberland Pro Titan 6" Safety-Toe Boot4.6
Ecco Track 2 High Gore-Tex4.7
Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip-On4.8
Asics Gel-Kayano 25 SP Men's4.7

Here, we have compiled the 8 best shoes for retail workers in terms of price, quality, and durability. To get these, we made use of a number of criteria in order to filter out substandard or lower quality products. The top 8 best shoes for retail workers comprise:

1. Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-on Sneaker

Skechers remains one of the most worn shoes in the footwear industry thanks to the wide range of shoes that they make for both genders and even children. The Skechers men equalizer persistent sneakers remains one of the highest quality shoes on the market for retail workers.

It is very stylish with memory foam and lightweight slip-on. The shoe’s light weight makes you walk very comfortable and smart. The cushy and thick insole provides a platform for your feet to rest snugly.

Asides from being very suitable for working in retail stores, it is also very comfortable for walking on various surfaces including pavements and it possesses great traction in case of wet weather. The lightly patterned mesh in front of the shoe alongside the one at the side panel allows for air to get into your feet. The sole is designed in such a way that it absorbs shock and the foamed full length of the insole guarantees comfort.


  • Very flexible traction outsole
  • Insole is cushioned with full length memory foam
  • Added shock absorbing feature


  • Poor arch support

2. New Balance 990V4

These shoes are especially perfect for retail workers who need to move around a lot; they are made specifically for comfort. The added feature of midfoot stability makes it very attractive to retail workers. Basically, it is a lace-up running shoe with high-quality pigskin and a breathable mesh upper which can be found in the top part of the shoe. A blown rubber outsole and dual density collar foam provide additional strength and resistance to wear.

It also comes with an ENCAP® midsole that lends increased durability and provides support to the feet. The dual density collar foam guarantees that your feet remain very comfortable and snug within these shoes all day irrespective of the amount of movement. Its moderately heavyweight feature helps you get good traction with the ground and provides a very solid grip. It is also suitable for workers with both wide feet and narrow feet.


  • Presence of ENCAP® midsole technology
  • Suitable for both wide and narrow feet
  • Made from very high quality materials


  • They are not very lightweighted
  • Not very flexible

3. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoe

For most people who stay out all day, these shoes are a household name amongst them. It usually tops the list of the kind of shoes that they love. This is because it is the perfect blend of casual and style making it indeed perfect for retail workers. It provides the functionality that they need while at the same time beautifying their feet. It is mainly designed with the aim of providing comfort for wearers with a variety of colors for you to pick from.

With a leather upper consisting of dual instep goring water and pig suede that is completely water resistant, this shoe provides a fit that is flexible, yet secure. Also included is a technology that is meant for removing footbed using organic odor control. Thanks to the highly durable rubber outsole with the apparent lug pattern, this shoe provides enough traction to guarantee great stability and grip. An EVA foot frame that is compression molded provides adequate cushion and a comfortable for is guaranteed thanks to the soft pig lining.



  • Waterproof feature
  • Leather upper with water resistance feature
  • Presence of breathable mesh lining


  • Very limited variety available
  • Some users have complained regarding certain sizes

4. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On Shoes

Since the addition of slip-on’s to the Vans collection, they have fast become a favorite among most of Vans wearers. They have also rapidly become very popular internationally and are commonly used as very fashionable street wear. If you would be working long periods of time, this shoe is completely appropriate for your feet. Thanks to the various sizes that can be found on the market, you can be sure that you would find your exact size. Similarly, it provides a lot of comfort and ease for retail workers.

One of the reasons that these shoes are popular is because they are very cheap and there is a very wide range of varieties to select from. Thanks to its lightweight, retail workers can wear this all day without feeling any pain in their legs. Similarly, these shoes are very durable and are sure to last very long while still retaining their original shape. They are also great for wearing with different dress types which makes it all the more suitable for retail workers.


  • Very stylish and durable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Different design variants present


  • Relatively poor traction
  • Does not last very long

5. Timberland Pro Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot

This shoe is especially suited to retail workers who work in heavy machinery sections in various retail stores. Thanks to the high durability and quality materials, it is especially great for use by retail workers. Despite the rugged exterior, the shoes are very comfortable and that can be safely used to transport various items.

The added waterproof feature keeps your feet dry at all times and they are lightweight and very dependable. This shoe is one of a kind because it possesses electric hazard protection which implies that it meets up with ANSI Z41 PT99 required to open protected circuits.

Therefore, anybody wearing these shoes cannot be affected by electricity. Similarly, the surface remains dry and prolonged usage is ensured thanks to the waterproof leather. To keep the feet continuously dry, there is an air trap comfort lining system and a moisture cleaning system to keep the feet dry.


  • Electric hazard protection feature
  • Presence of waterproof leather
  • Waterproof membrane


  • Some users have complained of the soles splitting open

6. Ecco Track 2 High Gore-Tex

With only the highest quality material used in making this shoe, they effectively provide great ankle support and maximum comfort. Basically, they are a lot more durable than a lot of other shoes and provide the required strength that ensures that they can undergo stress without losing shape in the long-term.

Due to their bulkiness, they provide support for the feet to make sure that they remain in great form all through the day’s run around.

Ecco comes with a special technology that serves to keep the feet in shape. It also protects the feet and ensures that every step is easy and healthy especially when you are passing through a rocky or hilly area.

The BIOM natural motion technology serves to keep your feet healthy working with the original shape and the manner in which you move. Its receptor directs your feet to the ground to make contact at the right angle. It is great for retail workers.



  • Gore-Tex lining is waterproof
  • Fibre system insole can be removed
  • Synthetic sole to last longer


  • Color may fade after a while

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip-On

This shoe is designed in a way to enable retail workers to just slip it on at any time. The synthetic soles contain grooves that reduce friction and prevent the pooling of water under the feet.

With mesh fabric upper part specially included to keep the feet continuously cool. You can rest assured that your legs remain odor-free all day. Furthermore, a combination of this upper mesh with side gores work remarkably well. This way, they effectively reduce odors and guarantees comfort while keeping the feet dry.

It also contains a memory foam bottom with very soft material serving as the lining. This aids to keep your feet comfortable all day especially if you spend most of your time on your feet. A padded collar is included to ensure that your feet do not become raw or sore.

Reinforced seams guarantee that the shoes would not split its seams early on. This shoe is designed with functionality in mind while not leaving out the part of comfort as well.



  • It is slip-resistant
  • Easy to slip on
  • Synthetic soles designed to last long


  • Some users have also complained about the shoe smelling

8. Asics Gel-Kayano 25 SP Men’s

This shoe guarantees stable and cushioned support all through the day and it is specially designed to absorb shock thereby protecting the ankles and the feet generally. Due to its stylishness, it can be worn with different outfits and it also provides various color options.

The upper part of this shoe is made from Jacquard mesh knit which is combined with stretch fibers to provide a very great fit. The outsole is made from a high abrasion rubber that reduces the rate of wear.

Basically, the insole and midsole are designed in such a manner as to provide adequate support and also serve as shock absorbers to guarantee an amazing wearing experience. The midsole consists of flat foam which is very responsive and lightweight while the forefoot and rearfoot sections contain GEL cushions.

All these features serve to provide the shoe with an incredible amount of support for the feet and it is also very affordable.


  • Comes with shock absorption feature
  • Inner parts are seamless
  • Jacquard mesh upper


  • The shoe is slightly narrow

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Shoes for Retail Workers

What should I look out for when purchasing the best shoes for retail workers?

When buying a shoe, one essential factor that you must consider is how well it fits. Getting smaller sized shoes could cause a lot of pains and could even result in injury. Similarly, you should ensure that the shoes are very comfortable. It is more advisable to go for shoes that are well padded because they would cushion your feet well.

Similarly, you should ensure that the shoes you re getting are the same width and lengths your feet. Also, it should have great flexibility, traction and be breathable so that your feet remain cool all the time.

Why do I need very comfortable shoes as a retail worker?

It has been shown that retail workers spend most of their time on their feet or moving around. This implies that they are constantly in motion and therefore making use of their feet.

Since you would be moving around a lot, it is important that you get a pair of shoes that you can wear for extended periods of time without experiencing pain. Furthermore, you would most likely be walking on a different surface. Therefore, you would need a pair of shoes that are suited to walking on all these surfaces.

What floor types do retail workers stand on?

The floor type found in most retail stores is usually concrete; that is for most parts of the store. Some stores usually have rugs and carpets too but underneath there is still a very hard floor. For some other stores, they could have hardwood floors in certain locations while some places may be tiled.

You are a retail worker who moves around a lot and on different floor types. You would be needing a boot that would the required stability and support that you need while walking these floors. Basically, floor types vary depending on the type of retail store and the products being sold.

Slip-resistant or non-slip resistant?

Most retail stores have pretty slippery floors such as tiled floors and hardwood. This is why it is important for retail workers to wear shoes that have very good traction. This ensures that they are stable and have a very good grip with the floor. Furthermore, in cases of wet floors or leaks whereby some fluid substances end up on the floor. This could make floors very slippery which is why you need slip-resistant shoes for situations such as that.

Similarly, slip-resistant shoes give you the confidence that you need to execute your duties and they also make you extra efficient. This is why slip-resistant shoes are the best for retail workers.


As a retail worker, your shoes go a long way in determining how well your day goes because something as minute a Ms feet pain could effectively ruin your day and set you in a bad mood. This is why you need to be extra careful when purchasing work shoes.

In order to help you make better purchase decisions and equip you with the knowledge that you need to make the best choice when selecting work shoes, that is why we have put this guide together.

Also, the top 8 best shoes for retail workers that we compiled would help you narrow your choices down and reduce the stress you would have to go through. Recall, selecting a great shoe is equivalent to having a great day.