10 Best Shoes for Overpronation 2022 – Top Picks for Men and Women

Are you an overpronator? If you’re one, you already know what that means, but if you haven’t run into the word yet, here’s a rundown on finding the best shoes for overpronation.

Your feet are engineering miracles that comprise about fifty bones each – this means more than one-quarter of the total bones in your body are right there at your feet. And that’s not all – they also manage to squeeze in 260 joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons into that tiny space. The arch of the foot, or to be more precise the arches, since there are really three of them (inside, outside and across the bottom of the toes) form the supreme superstructure that facilitates weight-bearing, stability, and movement.

How you place your foot on the ground affects your body’s alignment, stability, speed, and comfort. When we walk or run, the sideways motion of the feet that helps us to move forward and also remain stable is known as pronation. This happens as the body’s mass is shifted back and forth, from the heel to the padded front portion of the foot under the toes. It is the first stage of the movement where the front portion of the foot lifts up in readiness to move.

If the foot rotates too much in an inward or downward direction, especially towards the arches, it’s known as overpronation, or more commonly, “flat-feet.” This causes various injuries while running and walking for overweight or pregnant people. Professional athletes are at higher injury risk.

Wearing the best shoes for overpronation helps to compensate for this anomaly. Put your foot down, choose the right ones to address overpronation.

Best Shoes for Overpronation

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Overpronation

In overpronation, the initial landing position of the feet is the outside part of the heel. The feet then rotate inwards disproportionately and this motion shifts the body weight to the inner part which is weaker, instead of on to the padded portion under the feet, as it is normally supposed to. So what happens here is that the big and second toes have to put in maximum effort at the starting point. This results in:

  • Shin-splint injury
  • Excessive stress on the ligaments and tendons
  • The fracturing of the lower portion of the legs and feet
  • Foot and back pain
  • Bunions and corns
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bone instability
  • Arthritis in the middle portion of feet
  • Ankle/knee weakness

The solution is to provide maximum support for the feet to compensate for the problem of overpronation. A podiatrist or orthopedic specialist can suggest the best shoes for overpronation, after conducting tests like gait analysis, foot-mapping with 3D, etc.

Overpronators need additional support at the inner portion of the heel and under the padded ball portion under the toes, focusing on the large toe.

Choose shoes that provide:

  • Highest level of support
  • Good cushioning
  • Stability
  • Maximum impact distribution while running
  • Arch and heel support
  • The wider front portion to accommodate spread for big and second toes

There are significant differences in men’s and women’s shoes, based on scientific studies. The shape of the feet and body, height and weight, etc can determine the shoe design. So it’s not just about making them smaller and prettier for women!

Top 10 Best Shoes For Overpronation

ASICS Men's GT-1000 6 Running ShoeMen4.7
Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking ShoesMen4.7
Orthopedic Diabetic Monterey Bay Men's SneakersMen5.0
Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On ShoeMen4.9
Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walker Walking ShoeMen4.6
Brooks Women’s Ariel '16 Overpronation StabilityWomen4.9
Saucony Women's Guide 9 Running ShoeWomen4.7
Adidas Women’s Solar Glide ST Running ShoeWomen4.6
Orthofeet Women's Diabetic Athletic ShoesWomen4.7
Skechers Work Women's Sure Track – TrickelWomen4.8

There’s a dazzling array of choices available to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Once you’ve figured out what exactly you need, take your time and do your research before you take a step forward.

And don’t feel that your choices range between clunky, boring and dull. Think smart, stylish and swish!

1. ASICS Men’s GT-1000 6 Running Shoe

For the man with an active lifestyle and mild overpronation, this shoe fits. The Japanese manufacturer ASICS (an acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body) produces a premium-quality range of sports-equipment and footwear.

The design is structured to support your foot’s natural movement from lift to motion. There is a removable inner-liner and rubber-sole for moisture prevention, hygiene, and breathability. Cushioning is excellent and extra targeted to specific areas like the heel that gives you great support, comfort, and shock-absorption. ASICS is one of the few manufacturers that offer better choices for people with wider feet. The ankle-padding offers a soft feel for daily use. The stability-insert at the heel section offers support for your pronation problem at the gym or on the road.

Some models have a narrow front-end design.

Put your best foot forward with an amazing range of 15 different color options to choose from!


  • Good support and cushioning
  • Soft feel, lightweight
  • Suitable for gym and running
  • Suitable for broader feet
  • Removable insole for hygiene


  • Not durable: inferior material
  • Too narrow in front
  • Sockliners uncomfortable and asymmetrical

2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Support, support, support! This range from Brooks gives you amazing buttressing for your low arches and reins in your overpronation. What’s also great about them is that you can wear them almost anywhere – outdoors and indoors, for casual occasions, walks, jogs. The luxe look and feel of the full-grain leather or nubuck uppers keep you comfortable, stylish and on the move.

Middle of the foot cushioning, smart placement of squishy hydraulics in the heel and front, supportive medial arch, balanced outsole, and midsole structure and all-natural in-liner and sockliner make this feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Great for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and overpronation problems, these shoes are also skid resistant. Slightly bulky and not very breathable. Addictive? That’s a risk you’ll be glad to take!

Get them in brown, black or white.


  • Superior support
  • Comfortable, stylish, versatile
  • Skid-resistant
  • Helps with multiple foot problems


  • Bulky
  • Not breathable
  • The Faux leather model feels “hot”

3. Orthopedic Diabetic Monterey Bay Men’s Sneakers

And there’s one for men too! These shoes combine comfort, stability, and ergonomic design along with rugged good looks. As in the women’s shoe design, the seamless interior offers a smooth finish, while extra foam-cushioning at the front and sole provide shock absorbency. The orthotic insole and gel-filled air pockets at the heel give you the impact-free effect that’s essential when you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, heel or foot pain, overpronation, flat feet, bunions or medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, metatarsalgia, etc.

The wide toe design is great for people who want the comfort of roominess inside their shoes, though they’re expensive. You may also find the three-layered insole configuration a tad confusing. The material of the uppers may wear out sooner than you expect.

Available in two colors: Black and White.


  • Wide toe design
  • Great for wide feet and a variety of foot/health problems
  • Comfort, stability, shock absorbency
  • Versatile


  • Expensive
  • Uppers not durable
  • The complicated lacing system and insole configuration

4. Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe

If you love the look and feel of this iconic brand, here’s one that’s great for everyday comfort. It’s a great choice for older people who need stability, good grip and something that’s versatile enough to be worn around the house and dressy enough to be seen outside.

The Velcro fastening makes it an easy slip-on with no loss of dignity and the side positioning ensures that they don’t catch in the hem of your trousers. The roominess of the toe box is something that people with flat or wider feet appreciate. They are a great choice if you need to be on your feet for long hours, but the arch support isn’t adequate.

Available in synthetic faux leather which makes it more affordable, but you’ll miss that distinctive HP smell when you open the box. Leather options are also available. Sizing could be a problem and most customers report that it’s advisable to try before you buy.

Available in black or tan (leather and non-leather options) and white sport leather.


  • Great for seniors
  • Convenient Velcro fastening
  • Roomy toe box
  • Good grip, stability, anti-skid


  • Faulty sizing
  • Inadequate arch support
  • Faux leather: Watch out for counterfeits

5. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe

Forget about overpronation when you slip a pair of these on. These comfy, stylish shoes make walking, running and standing for extended periods of time a breeze. Great for athletic and fitness-minded folk, these shoes combine casual good looks with stability and support. Design engineered with an asymmetrical sole, they offer great initial lift and smooth transition. What’s special about them is that they actually slow down the rate of pronation because of their EVA molded midsoles and low impact rubber soles. This helps maintain balance and grip.

Great features like the foot grid at the rear, middle of the foot support bridge make it the ideal choice for dedicated walkers and those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The smooth finish of the interiors ensures that there’s no rubbing or blistering.

The price band is on the high side and there are reports of the shoes becoming “squeaky” which can be quite annoying. The cushioning effect may not last as long as you’d like.

Available in Black, White/Silver.


  • Comfortable, stylish, stable, supportive
  • Versatile for the workplace and casual occasions
  • Slow down pronation rate
  • Good for walking, running, standing long hours


  • Expensive
  • Turns squeaky after some use
  • Upper fabric and grid cushioning system not durable

6. Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 Overpronation Stability

Designed specifically for severe overpronation issues while running, this running shoe is constructed for road-surface and multi-use, offers superb stability, extra cushioning and better motion control. There’s torsion rigidity in the middle that enables the front and heel portions to retain independent motion. Pronation control comes from the progressive diagonal rollbar feature and there’s a sectioned crash pad that runs the full length of the shoe, providing better synchronization between heel and toe.

Weighing in at 11 oz, this shoe comes with a structured saddle, rubber sole, mesh upper for breathability, a combination of fabric and synthetic material, and a removable sockliner for hygiene. It’s designed for extra width and great for both the gym treadmill and for outdoor running.

A word about the company: Brooks Sports has been in business since 1914 and their shoes have been tagged by prestigious mags like Sports Illustrated in 2017 as the best running shoes. They retail in 60 countries across the world and have in-store facilities like 3D scanning to analyze gait and map the pressure points.

Pick your color preferences from combos like Indigo-Turquoise-Gray, Black-Purple-Gray or Blue-Coral-Gray.


  • Better synchronization between heel and toe
  • Great for both the gym treadmill and for outdoor running
  • Offers superb stability
  • Extra cushioning and better motion control
  • The external heel counter helps in foot stabilization


  • They are costly
  • They may not be suitable for extra wide feet
  • It is very small in the toe box
  • The shoes are uncomfortable

7. Saucony Women’s Guide 9 Running Shoe

From the running shoe specialists, this shoe gives you light stability for running and racing. Being a stability-category shoe, it’s great for overpronators who spend a lot of time on their feet. Softer cushioning and great arch support provide added comfort. Make sure you select one with the right toe room as the design tends towards a narrow front. There’s plenty of support for people suffering from plantar fasciitis at the right spots – on the heels and balls of the feet. The design ensures that your feet are properly aligned so if you have flat feet, bone spurs, hip and knee pains or overpronation, these are the babies for you.

Just remember that Saucony shoes are available a tad smaller than other brands, maybe a half-size less. So keep that in mind if you’re ordering online. In-store buyers can try before they buy.

With Saucony’s trademark EVERUN technology, providing layers of cushioning, these shoes are pocket-friendly, long-lasting and versatile. Breathable upper mesh, extra density middle, the extra support landing zone offer huge benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Pick your style palette from Gray-Blue-Citron, Blue-Purple-Pink, Pink or Coral-Blue.


  • Stable and supportive
  • Comfortable, soft cushioning
  • Good arch support – great if you spend a lot of time on your feet
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Great for athletes/non-athletes


  • Not enough toe room
  • Sized smaller than standard
  • May over-correct pronation
  • Not suitable for running

8. Adidas Women’s Solar Glide ST Running Shoe

Engineered for stability, comfort and adaptability, this shoe’s your running mate indeed. It’s designed for long distance runners, but you can wear them everywhere, even to Disneyland! Pocket-friendly, smart and comfortable, they’re also great if your work requires you to stand for long hours.

There’s a stabilizing mesh upper placed strategically over a nicely-padded midsole for that extra feel of control and comfort while moving. Heel counter helps to lock in the foot for better security and stability. The shoes are breathable and the design allows for max flexibility of the Achilles tendon. The outsole is made of stretchable fabric that gives you more suppleness and elasticity.

The inside of these shoes is ribbed for better grip during movement and flexion. The wraparound molded heel counter provides better fit and movement of important ligaments and tendons.

Check for comfort if you have broad feet and need extra flexibility.

Set your style quotient with Ink-Lilac, Magenta-Black-White or White-Gray-Aqua.


  • Stability, comfort, support, security
  • Suitable for work, outdoors
  • Better grip
  • Breathable and hygienic


  • Inner padding uncomfortable
  • May not suit broader feet
  • Faulty sizing

9. Orthofeet Women’s Diabetic Athletic Shoes

Just what the doctor ordered! If you need extra orthotic support along with stability, lightness, and comfort, this pair’s one of the best shoes for overpronation. The insole architecture is specially designed for superior orthotic support, with a contoured heel cushioned to protect the balls of the feet while moving.

These shoes have amazing pain-relieving qualities for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel/knee pains, overpronation, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, etc. If you have hammer toes, flat feet, bunions, corns, calluses or sensitive feet, these shoes are the answer. They reduce the impact/pressure while walking, while the extra-wide fit is great for broader shapes.

The seam-free, anti-microbial, anti-fungal fabric insides feel smooth, while the foam padding at the front and cushioning at the ergonomic soles provide a comfortable walk or run. Expensive, but the smart air-pockets and gel-padding at the heel make sure that you’re truly walkin’ on air.

Choose Gray, Turquoise or Black to match the spring in your step.


  • Extra orthotic support
  • Pain-relieving
  • Suitable for a variety of foot problems and health conditions
  • Smooth, hygienic inners
  • Ergonomic soles


  • Expensive
  • Soles not durable
  • Not curved to the shape of the feet
  • Too short in the toe

10. Skechers Work Women’s Sure Track – Trickel

The working woman’s bestie, these shoes can partner you through long hours of standing, walking and/or moving about the workplace. They’re well-cushioned, roomy and comfortable and help to relieve foot and ankle pain, knee and hip strain and they’re a boon for your back too.

Though they look bulky and a little clunky, they’re lightweight and don’t put pressure on the delicate bones of the feet. If you work in areas where there are slip-and-fall-accident risks, these are a great option. The thick soles provide superior grip, arch support, and skid protection. The leather uppers give them a classy look that’s suitable with work wear.

You might find them a bit “hot” after a few hours and they don’t seem to be breathable enough. There have been reports of the side seams coming apart after a few months and you may have to size up if you want extra room for broader feet.

Available in Black and Black-Charcoal


  • Great cushioning, stability, comfort
  • Lightweight, anti-skid
  • Great for workplace
  • Classy, with good arch support


  • Side seams not durable
  • Shoes don’t breathe, they’re bulky-looking
  • Broad feet need sizing up

Best Shoes for Overpronation


Is Overpronation a disease or illness?

Pronation refers to the amount of impact felt by the arches of the feet during movement. It could be too little as in the case of supination or underpronation, neutral pronation which is the optimum and overpronation where the arches collapse too much on impact. Overpronation causes the foot and ankle to rotate excessively in an inward direction, leading to problems like pain in the feet, damage to tendons and ligaments, knee, hip and back problems, etc.

A podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, a physical therapist can give you an accurate diagnosis. However, your regular family doctor, trained health care professional or an experienced footwear specialist can also give reliable opinions.

What happens if I don’t address the problem?

Overpronation and flat feet can result in inadequate shock absorbing ability by the feet. In the long run, this can impact other parts of the body like the ankles, Achilles tendons, legs, knees, hips, and back. It also increases the chances of getting foot and shin injuries.

How do I know what pronation level I have?

The “wear test” is the simplest way to determine this. Take a pair of shoes that you’ve used for a relatively long time and look at the soles. Overpronation causes wear along the inner side of the foot, under the balls of the feet and around the big toe. Neutral pronators’ shoes are worn clear down the center, while supinators’ shoes wear along the outer edge and the little toe. Other simple tests include the wet footprint test and gait analysis. Flat-footedness is common in overpronation.

What kind of shoes should I wear for overpronation?

To find the best shoes for overpronation, select running, walking, workplace or everyday shoes that emphasize stability, comfort, arch support and are designed to compensate for excessive inward rolling of the feet. If you have broad, flat feet, size up to give you more toe room and flexibility. You need firm cushioning under the balls of the feet, especially under the big toe and comfort in high impact situations like running. Look for support in the medial post region and good, firm arch support if you have flat feet.

Are shoes for overpronation expensive?

They’re available online and in-store in a range of price bands and from most of the leading manufacturers. The best shoes for overpronation are produced by national and international companies that specialize in products designed with cutting-edge technology. These combine the use of modern materials, engineering, design, and aesthetics. You don’t need to settle for drab, dull colors or clunky silhouettes. Pick a stylish pair to match your fashion preferences.

They may be priced higher than normal sneakers or trainers. You can pick the one that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Read the reviews carefully too.


Overpronation is a condition that can cause huge discomfort, pain, and restricted mobility. There are several simple, non-medical tests to determine the level and type of pronation. Overpronation is a natural condition that can be corrected by wearing the best shoes for overpronation. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, have flat feet or lead an active lifestyle, overpronation issues can put a damper on your day.

Take the time and do your own research, visit specialty stores that stock products that are designed to meet your requirements. Look for stability, flexibility, cushioning, top-grade materials, superior technology, and a reliable brand.

Most shoe stores have experienced, qualified staff to advise you. Make sure you buy shoes in the evenings when your feet have expanded slightly. This ensures the right fit and comfort. Don’t pinch pennies here. Cheap isn’t always the best. You could end up with bigger problems and more visits to the doctor with the wrong footwear.

Investing in a pair of the right shoes can make life a walk in the park!

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