7 Best Safety Shoes 2022 Reviews

In the 21st century, we are blessed with a variety of product ranges to choose from. Shoes are one such item in which we get a whole buffet to pick our favorites. Ranging from the most fashionable to highly durable shoes; we get to witness a diverse collection for both men and women. Every single person has a different taste and needs when it comes to picking the right shoe. For many, choosing the right design of the shoe to match their outfit is sufficient enough; while for some picking a comfortable and durable shoe for their next trek is their urgency.

Those inclined towards the fashion industry highly value the statement that a pair of shoes set. While for others, comfort tends to be the top priority. While consumers tend to demonstrate the exact image of the shoe which they desire, the market never fails to meet up their requirements. Day after day, multiple designs are launched for both men and women in the fashion and the sports industry. As much as this helps all the consumers pick according to their choice, more than often the variety of shoes available in the market confuses them too.

Choosing a pair of shoes according to the purpose of safety and durability can be quite tough. People only want the best as nobody is willing to risk a dime when it comes to safety. It is essential to choose a pair of shoes with the best quality only. Quality is determined by the raw materials used in the manufacturing of a pair. Good quality shoes can safeguard your feet well. Therefore, one should feel secure wearing a safety shoe to work. Safety shoes overall guard worker’s feet by proving a stable platform with strong insole and midsole.

With the availability of numerous brands that make shoes based on its safety and durability, buyers often get confused with a wide range and tend to drift away from the wave of advertisements and end up making the wrong choice. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind the type of shoes you are looking for. It is always a good idea to stick to our priority when choosing the right pair. The following section will help individuals with points to keep in mind before buying a pair that suits their preference.

Best Safety Shoes

How to Choose the Best Safety Shoes

With the abundance of available options for various kinds of safety shoes, sometimes it gets baffling for buyers to make the right choice. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before picking the best safety shoe.

Work Environment

It is important to consider your work environment before choosing the right pair of shoes. As the environment plays a vital role in deciding the risks that will be encountered by you. For example, if you work in a field where you are more likely to be exposed to the risk of electric shock or circuits; you should choose a pair of shoes that are shock absorbent. While you may think that the safety shoes come with self-liberated features, you can also find a pair with multiple features like waterproof materials, anti-penetration layer and protective toe cap all in one. Depending on the risks faced by you in your workplace, it is imperative to consider and choose the right shoe to avoid accidents.

Protection Level and Comfort

While choosing the best safety shoe based on your suitability it is crucial to choose a comfortable pair. Comfort plays an important role as one would not want a highly protective shoe which is uncomfortable. One can judge the comfort level of a shoe by wearing the right size and quality of the shoe sole. It is highly recommended to know the right size that fits your feet comfortably. After being sure of the shoe size, one must consider the protection level the shoe offers and make the right choice considering numerous factors.


The composition of a shoe consists of elements like outsole, midsole, shank, toe cap, etc. One must consider various components before buying the right pair. Different components play multiple and diverse roles when safety is taken into consideration. For example, it is suggested to wear anti-penetration layered shoes, while working on a construction site, as the labor is susceptible to the risk of being in contact with sharp tools. In a work environment like this, the shoe must have a strong outsole and midsole.

Deciding the Shoe type

It is critical to know and choose the right type of shoe when it comes to safety. Here are the types of Safety Shoe which can be considered while deciding to buy the right pair:

  • Toed Safety shoes

This type of safety shoe features a special covering around the toe area. It has an exceptional capping to keep the toes safe. This type of shoe is suitable for workers in factories, mills, and industries involving heavy metal goods.

  • Metal Instep Safety Shoes

This type of shoe protects from sharp objects such as glass, iron nails, etc. Injuries from glass and sharp metal objects can be prevented using this type of Safety shoe. It is best applicable in the workplace and industries dealing with glass and machinery.

  • Steel Insole Safety Shoes

This type of shoe consists of steel inserts that are provided inside shoe padding. This shoe provides stability in movements and high comfort, which prevents bone and joint problems.

  • Electric Hazard Safety Shoes

The sole in this type of shoe is designed to resist electric shocks and high voltages. It is highly recommended for workers who frequently come in contact with electric circuits, high voltages, and wiring.

Best Safety Shoes

Price Range

It may not be mandatory that the most expensive shoes provide the best quality product, just as how buyers think affordable shoes might not be of good quality. This is a very popular myth amongst a lot of individuals. While on the other hand, prices vary depending upon the size and the quality feature that the shoe offers. On average, Safety shoes or Athletic style shoes cost about $100-$150. Safety boots cost about $100-$180 and waterproof safety shoes cost around $190-$300. There are also multiple brands available that provide good quality safety shoes at affordable prices.

Features you are looking for

Before buying the best safety shoe, you should be clear about the features that you are looking for. This makes choosing the right pair of shoes a lot easier and quicker. Keeping in mind the various factors such as the working environment, risks encountered, etc. should help to decide to look for the necessary features. Features such as the Anti-penetration layer, protective toe cap, waterproof materials, ESD sole (electrostatic dissipating), Heat resistant sole (to a certain temperature), Oil and acid resistance sole, slip-resistant sole and non-marking sole, can be kept in mind before buying the best safety shoe that fits your requirements.

Here are a few safety shoes which can be considered. The list below only features items which are highly rated and popular amongst buyers.

Top 7 Best Safety Shoes

Timberland PRO Men's 6" Pit Boss Steel-Toe4.7
Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6" Steel Safety Toe Boot4.7
Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot4.8
Reebok Work Men's Athletic Oxford Industrial & Construction Shoe4.7
Skechers for Work Women's Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe4.7
TIOSEBON Women's Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work4.8
Dreamcity Women's Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes4.7

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel-Toe

This shoe has set high bars for manufacturers dealing in the same product range. It is highly known for its durability and protection. Best known for its waterproof feature, this pair of shoe stands distinct from a variety of safety shoes. It is available in various colors like tan, wheat, black, etc.


  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Supports the foot arch
  • Cushioned sole
  • Delivers protection and durability
  • Provides protection from electric hazards


  • Can be uncomfortable for people with wide toes

2. Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6″ Steel Safety Toe Boot

With guaranteed performance in the risk-prone work field, this shoe is known for its waterproof material, insulation for comfort in cold conditions and electric hazard protection. This shoe also features the anti-penetration layer which resists the piercing of sharp objects such as the iron nail or glass. The anti-penetration layer is made up of a steel plate. This pair of safety shoes are also available in various colors.


  • Durable waterproof boots
  • Features insulation for warmth
  • Features Steel toes
  • Oil-resistance rubber lug outsole for traction
  • Puncher resistance


  • Squeak while walking
  • Problem with fitting (sometimes)

3. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

This shoe’s Nubuck leather uppers provide long term durability and protection from electrical hazards. The outsole of this shoe also delivers slip resistance, therefore, reducing the risk of falling. This shoe comes with an authentic style with the best quality leather, making the majority of the workers’ best pick. This shoe is also available in various colors.


  • 100% Leather
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Ankle-cut work boot
  • Steel toe with padded ankle
  • Oil resistant outsole
  • Protection from electrical hazards
  • This shoe has warranty


  • Arch support is moderate

4. Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial & Construction Shoe

Reebok’s one of the best-manufactured product so far has been winning hearts since this style was introduced. The Athletic Oxford comes with a mesh-webbing outer appearance along with an effective rubber outsole. This shoe features with moisture-wicking lining, Memory Tech Cushion footbed, and alloy toe. This shoe is known for its lightweight and comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Memory Tech Cushion Footbed
  • Alloy Toe
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Mesh with webbing


  • They are not waterproof

5. Skechers for Work Women’s Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe

This shoe is popular for its alloy toe and rubber sole. With the maximum reviews published online, this style has been women’s favorite pick for years. Its upper is made up of smooth Nubuck leather and provides resistance slip sole. It comes with comfortable memory foam and arch support. It is available in dual colors such as black/pink, black/charcoal, black/blue, and black/grey.


  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Upper: Smooth Nubuck Leather
  • Waterproof
  • They are Slip-resistant
  • Features in many colors


  • Arch support is moderate

6. TIOSEBON Women’s Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work

Rated as Amazon’s Choice, this shoe comes with high elastic MD outsole and slip-resistant, which is easy to manage on a slippery surface. It lets your feet breathe with its latest iteration present on the upper fabric of the shoe. It is available in many colors and is economical.


  • Affordable
  • Features many colors
  • Iteration of fabric upper
  • High elastic MD outsole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight


  • Don’t have a wide toebox
  • Arch support is moderate

7. Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

This shoe can be used to perform activities such as rock climbing, camping, running, etc. It is a multi-purpose water shoe with unique shoelace design, engineered breathable mesh upper, unique drainage holes, quick-dry, Anti-slip, stretchy and wear resistance. Its Solyte midsole provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability. It is available for both Men and Women in various colors.


  • 90% Fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable and Durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe
  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Features ComforDry sock liner
  • Provides effective cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Wear-resistant


  • No arch support


Buyers often have questions that need to be answered before making their final purchase. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that will help buyers in deciding the best safety shoe for them.

How do I determine the proper shoe for my needs?

For determining the proper shoe for your needs, you should consider multiple factors, such as the work environment, risks involved or more likely to be encountered, features you are looking for in a shoe, price, safety, and comfort, etc. Once you have decided and answered the questions that you had before choosing to buy the right pair of safety shoes, it will be much easier later on. You will no longer be confused while shoe-shopping. Few features you can look for are water-resistance, slip-resistance, shock-absorbent, etc. It is crucial to keep in mind the things mentioned above while choosing the shoe for your needs.

How is the Safety shoe different from a regular shoe?

Safety Shoes are quite different from regular shoes as they have contrasting, unique features, unlike regular shoes, safety shoes are more work-oriented and are mainly used in hazardous work environments, such as construction sites, industrial areas, mining sites, etc. Safety shoes have special features such as waterproof material, slip-resistance, shock-absorbent, anti-penetration layer, etc. This type of shoe delivers safety along with comfort. With the use of the latest technology, manufacturing companies thoroughly research on the possible materials and fabrics that can be extremely effective while providing safety.

Is there any warranty on Safety shoes?

Mostly, safety shoes have a warranty, however, it depends on the brand that sells the safety shoes. Sometimes, these safety shoes can be quite expensive, therefore it gets crucial to consider the situation when your shoes get worn out or torn. In certain cases, few brands replace the old shoe with a new pair. While others, compensate for the loss, by mending or repairing the old pair.

What features should I consider before buying Safety shoes?

Before buying the best safety shoe, you should be clear about the features that you are looking for. This makes choosing the right pair of shoes a lot easier and quicker. Keeping in mind the various factors such as the working environment, risks encountered, etc. should help to decide to look for the necessary features. Features such as the Anti-penetration layer, protective toe cap, waterproof materials, ESD sole (electrostatic dissipating), Heat resistant sole (to a certain temperature), Oil and acid resistance sole, slip-resistant sole and non-marking sole, can be kept in mind before buying the best safety shoe that fits your requirements.

Best Safety Shoes


For most people, wearing a safety shoe is not an option but a mandatory decision, as they are constantly exposed to hazardous environments and the risks that come along with it are critical. Working in a dangerous environment welcomes the risk of heavy objects falling or sharp metal objects penetrating the feet, there are also chances of electrical shocks and high-temperature exposure.

Working in these types of extreme conditions can be alarming for an individual’s health. And wearing the wrong footwear might just aggravate the problem at hand. That is why you need safety shoes.

They do an excellent job of protecting your feet from such injuries and avoiding the formation of foot ailments. Safety shoes make it possible to work with comfort for hours without the risk of being injured, after walking on unsteady or rough surfaces.

Once you have gone through the article, you will be clear with the decisions that need to be made before choosing the best safety shoes.

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