10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

New indoor football season is about to start, a fierce and fast game that demands your ability on the ball to get to the top. This means that the best indoor soccer shoes that you can lay your hand on are vital to your performance and success in this demanding sport.

That’s why we’ve selected and reviewed the best indoor soccer shoes to help achieve your goal of getting to the top in this exciting sport!

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

How to choose the best indoor soccer shoe

What are indoor soccer shoes?

Indoor football shoes are shoes designed to enable people to practice and play their favorite sport, soccer/football, during the cold and snowy winter months.

When choosing your indoor soccer shoes, it’s essential that you consider important key aspects to make a good choice, a decision that you’ll not have to regret later. Below are key aspects to consider when shopping for your indoor soccer shoe:


Feeling comfortable in a shoe is essential when practicing or playing football indoors. It’s preferable you choose shoes that bring comfort and adapt perfectly to your feet.

Although, the shoe design might not appeal to you, choosing the shoe that adapts to your style of play will provide you many benefits than you expected.


While practicing soccer indoors, there is a need for some flexibility in the lower area of ​​the sole for easy acceleration. And if your shoe isn’t flexible enough, your leg will be forced to make an extra effort, which can lead to a muscle injury in the calf and also cause damage to the Achilles tendon.

Therefore, it’s essential you choose a model that provides flexibility and also able to bend in the wider area of ​​the shoe. In addition, have it in mind that shoes that are excessively flexible will not provide you with the needed stability during play.


Owning a shoe that perfectly fit your leg without any pain or tightness is highly important when practicing or playing any sport.

The tip of the shoe that accommodates the toe should have enough space that allows free movement of your toes, adjusting comfortably without any compression and avoid putting pressure on your foot.  Also, it shouldn’t be too narrow to avoid cramps, neither too wide to prevent blisters and chafing.


Indoor football is usually practiced on hardwood and synthetic turf in a closed pavilion. Since there is always contact with the ground, the sole is one of the vital parts of the boot, giving us the needed flexibility.

Depending on the playing ground, a type of sole or other is recommended, because not all provides the same durability and grip. Below are tips to choose a sole for your indoor football boots:

  • Indoor football shoes with rubber soles are ideal for any kind of surface, due to their ability to hold firmly to the ground.
  • Indoor football shoes with fluted soles are also recommended as provides stability and great grip on the ground, which allows the player to play with greater safety.

Materials and Construction

Indoor soccer shoes are usually made of both synthetic and leather materials and both options can be combined. In football, there exist some great differences between shoes made of synthetic material and those made of leather, which is explained below.

  • Soccer shoes made of leather:The shoes made with leather materials provide greater comfort and adaptability, although they’re heavier, more expensive and call for maintenance to keep them intact.

This means that you must ensure the skin is well polished always to avoid losing its qualities. The best are those manufactured using kangaroo leather because apart from their easy adaptation to the foot, they are highly durable.

  • Soccer shoes made with synthetic materials:The synthetic material is often called polyurethane, this material is highly resistant to wear, and also lightweight compared to leather.

You should pay special attention to this aspect because some shoe materials appear to be of leather but the materials are synthetic.

  • Soccer shoes made with the combination of leather and synthetic materials: These are the best option because it combines both qualities of the materials. They are comfortable, wear resistant and improve shot accuracy ball.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Performance Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe – Best for Total Dominance4.7
Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe – Best for Wear Resistance5.0
Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat – Best for Comfort4.8
Men's Predator Tango 18.3 in Soccer Shoe – Best for Healthy and Fresh Leg4.6
Men's Copa Super Soccer Shoe - Most Clean and Classic4.7
Performance Men's Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe – Best for Deadly Touch4.8
Men's X Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe – Best for Stability4.6
Men's Nemeziz Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe – Best for Quick Movement4.6
Kids' Indoor Soccer Football Shoes - Patent Synthetic Leather – Best for Leg Security4.9
10. T&B Kids' Turf Soccer Cleat Shoes Football Causual Outdoor Sports – Best for Accurate Pass and Shot4.7

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe – Best for Total Dominance

The Samba Classic has been a go-to shoe for those looking to get active indoors and outdoors including mountain hiking, skateboarding, etc. thanks to its durability. The shoes moderate cushioning provides you comfort as it perfectly forms to your fit upon wearing it.

It gives you an aesthetic feeling by allowing you to consistently showcase your footballing ability and also allows you to easily maneuver your way on the field, while holding your feet firmly to the ground.

With its ability to withstand any imaginable daily punishment, these shoes feature an amazing arch support that allows you to work long distances without feeling it. These comfortable shoes features relatively flat soles without a tread, knobby which makes them great for cycling with straps and clips.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Great grip on the ground
  • Great for lifting and dancing
  • Manage back pain and fatigue
  • Keeps the feet clean and dry all day long, thanks to its super comfy ability


  • It feels tight to feet on first wear.
  • Not ideal for flat feet

2. Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe – Best for Wear Resistance

Designed with leather material, Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe is an indoor soccer shoe that’s highly constructed to get easy and stays firmly to the feet all day long.

Its features a great sole that makes it practically impossible for you to slip. In addition to that, its colored soles come in handy when your driveway isn’t made with concrete or asphalt.

This shoe is built to last as its leather conforms to the foot and the front is strongly reinforced. The sole remained firmly strapped to the shoe plus it has an extra layer at the top of the toe, which keeps it durable for a long period.

It also allows you to hit the soccer ball with no problems and even learn to control the ball on a hard surface. Also, the shoes provide to you the support needed to improve your technical ability, thanks to its rugged soles that holds firmly to the ground.


  • It toughness allows you to play hard and also wear them casually.
  • Great for active kids
  • Durable and super fast
  • Looks nice and fits nicely to feet comfortably
  • Holds firmly to the ground


  • A bit narrow for wider feet
  • Less inner sole support
  • Lack of women size

3. Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat – Best for Comfort

Sure to be the indoor soccer shoe you’ve been craving for; Mundial Team Turf is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities offering quality, comfort, and long-lasting performance. Though it’s a bit heavier, its versatility eliminates pain and discomfort, unlike most conventional soccer boots.

It’s made of kangaroo leather that’s soft and easily conforms to your feet by stretching to the right length in response to the stresses of your feet. The soft rubber sole allows you to keep it on after practice. With this, you don’t need to change shoes when leaving the training ground for your car.

These indoor soccer shoes have a pretty wide toe box, making it perfect for playing field hockey or soccer. Also, it offers comfort while running, and also holds firmly to the ground to prevent you from slipping during play.


  • Comfortable and high-quality
  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Prevent and eases off leg pain
  • The high-quality kangaroo leather easily accommodate the feet
  • Highly versatile and can be used in any weather condition.
  • Durable and looks nice


  • Have a heavyweight
  • A bit narrow for wide feet

4. Men’s Predator Tango 18.3 in Soccer Shoe – Best for Healthy and Fresh Leg

The Men’s Predator Tango 18.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe has been a go-to choice for professional and amateur soccer players, who crave perfect control and comfort during play. The manufacturer, Adidas has tapped into their years of experience by using high-quality materials to design this indoor soccer shoe.

This shoe was designed to be highly resistant on the indoor carpet with comfort and also keeps your legs fresh and healthy. It’s lightweight with a great grip on the ground and allows you to move at a fast pace, which makes you a constant danger to your opponents during play.

Its coated mesh upper and lightweight provides to you the ability to expertly control a soccer ball in tight or small spaces and also quickly escape from your opponents.


  • Well made and Light in weight
  • Fast with good control
  • Highly resistant on indoor carpet
  • Provides you comfort and keeps your feet healthy all day long


  • Fairly narrow

5. Men’s Copa Super Soccer Shoe – Most Clean and Classic

A stylish, lightweight and comfortable shoe you can walk in all day, Copa Super is designed with high-quality leather and synthetic material to give you the needed comfort throughout the day.

Even, you might be tempted to wear them to work or use them for post-match celebration thanks to its stylishness. This classic indoor shoe is durable and has a rubber shoe that provides a great grip on the ground during play.


  • High-quality and nice material
  • Well made stitching
  • Classic and super comfortable


  • Incredibly narrow, this makes it not ideal for those with wide feet

6. Performance Men’s Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe – Best for Deadly Touch

The Samba Millennium is an extremely comfortable shoe. It’s made of supportive and comfy leather, a thick sole that prevents leg pain and a sturdy toe box.

Most importantly, it has a tongue that’s made of leather, which prevents it from shifting or squeaking to one side during play or when walking. The shoe fits perfectly and remains firm to the feet and wouldn’t slip off when laced up, but slides right off upon loosening the laces.

This shoe will perfectly complement your wardrobe on any occasion. Its strong construction and arch support will make walking and running around the neighborhood easy all day. Also, it comes with a shorter tongue that you’ll very much appreciate.

It comes with enough cushions and support needed to take a short jog around the neighborhood.


  • Adorable and comfortable
  • Shorter tongue and incredible arch support
  • Extremely reliable and doesn’t get dirty easily
  • Highly durable


  • Narrow size
  • Long lace that’s problematic

7. Men’s X Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe – Best for Stability

For those craving for shoes that’ll keep them confidently on their feet and prevent them from slipping off during play or when walking, X Tango Turf is the ideal soccer shoe for that. The Men’s X Tango 18.3 Turf is known for its ultimate combination of good cushioning, lightweight, grip and stable fit.

Most importantly, it features perforated and sturdy rubber outsoles that keep the shoe airy while exercising plus it provides comfort and ease acceleration. This shoe is equipped with a clawcollar shape that’ll keep your foot firm into the shoe for stability and support.


  • Well cushioned and comfortable
  • Firm grip on the ground
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • It features a clawcollar that gives stability and support


  • A little narrow

8. Men’s Nemeziz Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe – Best for Quick Movement

Built to provide you with the maximum comfort and stability when running or walking, Nemeziz tango features a durable rubber outsole that’s designed for indoor surfaces. This will provide you with the needed support, stability and comfortable experience during all your games.

Also, you can use it to play soccer on the streets as its light in weight and remain fit to your feet with a good grip on the ground throughout your games.


  • Highly versatile as it can be used for both indoors and outdoors games
  • Lightweight and fit perfectly to the feet
  • It’s of high-quality


  • A little narrow for wide feet
  • It easily gets dirty and can be noticed from a distance

9. Kids’ Indoor Soccer Football Shoes – Patent Synthetic Leather – Best for Leg Security

Designed for use in both indoor and hard ground turf, this soccer shoe is made of durable and high-quality synthetic leather that’ll accurately imitate the shape of your feet. It features a studded sole that holds firmly to the ground and prevents slipping in the grass.

Most importantly, the shoe features a professional tongue that hides the laces, and keeps you secure during play. Also, it makes you comfortable, which allow you to easily keep both the ball and the game under control. With this, you’ll consistently show the deadly skills you’ve learned on the street.


  • Wear resistant
  • Enhanced your touch on the ball
  • Well designed and comfortable on the feet
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Feature a flat surface that provides stability by holding firmly to the ground
  • Its professional tongue hides the laces and improves security


  • A bit on the small side

10. T&B Kids’ Turf Soccer Cleat Shoes Football Causual Outdoor Sports – Best for Accurate Pass and Shot

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor (artificial turf not grass field) activities. This shoe is designed with high-quality materials, which makes it compete with the biggest brands in the market, thanks to the unpredictability it adds to your game.

Its well-designed shape will perfectly fit your feet, improve the accuracy of your pass and shot, and also make you comfortable on the ball.


  • Resistant and comfortable on your feet
  • Designed with high-quality material
  • Add unpredictability to your game
  • Improve the pass and shot accuracy


  • Its size is a little narrow

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of indoor soccer shoes featuring ankle brace?

The indoor soccer shoes with ankle brace make the player comfortable, and also prevent you from getting injuries. The level of your performance in this sport strongly depends on the type of shoes you wear, since some brands design their footwear with ankles by the changes of lateral direction of the player.

This can cause the ankles to be extremely inclined. Indoor soccer shoes with ankle brace are also highly recommend by professional players because the elastic ankle provides greater lateral stability.

Can I use soccer shoes for running?

Yes, soccer shoes are known to be versatile, which makes them run on wood or cement since they have a flat and smooth rubber sole. Ensure you chose running shoe type based on their functionality, to prevent injuries and also to reduce the stress on tendons and muscles.

Also, it’s advisable to wear shoes that provide comfort such as those that free the part of the ankle. This is because the boots with a high design will hinder your movement. Most importantly, a light soccer shoe is highly recommended to reduce the load on your legs.

Do the soccer shoes for goalkeepers have any difference?

There’s no difference in the indoor soccer shoes for goalkeepers. The reason why most archers and middlemen wear leather soccer shoes is to withstand the blows of the ball and also to choose the lightweight model for easy acceleration. In summary, the goalkeeper shoe must possess these two attributes: Rugged and lightweight.

How to wash some indoor soccer shoes?

Cleaning indoor soccer shoes can be a bit difficult without any negative effect. To remove the dirt and eliminate the bad smell, you only need a cloth, mild cleaning solution, and brush with soft bristles.

After you’ve got all these tools ready, the first step is to clean the excess soil from the surface using the toothbrush or just by shaking both shoes, which causes both of them to bump on their soles.

The next step is to insert a cloth into a solution of water mixed with several drops of laundry detergent and rub it in the dirtiest areas. Then, using the toothbrush, gently scrub the braids.

Finally, apply a clean and moisten cloth on the slippers to remove the soap and leave them to dry in a ventilated place. Please avoid using the dryer, because the artificial heat will crack them.


When playing soccer indoors, you’ve to be fit, agile, and fast. This makes it a must on you to have the shoe that’ll allow you to make fast and accurate or pinpoint passes.

Also, make sure that the football soccer shoes offer the needed support, enough stability and comfort coupled with the best traction that’ll ensure you deliver better performance on the field.

Have it in mind when selecting the indoor soccer shoe that you’ll use it on hard, and slippery surfaces. Therefore, having a shoe that provides enough comfort and flexibility to deal with those playing conditions is highly important.

So, buying the right shoe, without putting the brand into consideration, is vital for you and your kid, since your leg safety is crucial in this fast-paced and challenging action-packed game.


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