10 Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis 2022

A stab of pain as your feet touches the ground in the morning, as you move around, after standing in a queue or when you stand isn’t the way to live. But if you’ve got plantar fasciitis that’s just about how your feet feel all day long. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain, and here are the top ten (10) best flip flops for plantar fasciitis.

It occurs when there are excess tension and stress on the muscle called the plantar fascia. Your plantar fascia supports the arch of your feet and absorbs shock as you walk. Your plantar fascia tears and stretched when the tension and stress on it become excessive, repeated tearing can inflame the plantar fascia and cause pain.

Although certain individuals are at more risk of developing heel pain (plantar fasciitis), in most cases the root cause of plantar fasciitis is unknown.

You are at risk of developing plantar fasciitis if you are

  • elderly
  • an athlete
  • factory worker or restaurant server
  • or if you stand long hours on your feet

If you’ve got heel pain, it’s time to invest in the best footwear to alleviate foot pain. while shopping for the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis there are some smart features to look out for like great arch support, very cooperative cushioning, shock-absorbing insoles, and a deep heel cup to keep the pain away. While you make use of orthotic shoes during the day, flip-flops are a great addition to your wardrobe. They are great for going to the beach, taking a walk and save your everyday shoes from wear and tear due to constant use.

Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

How to Choose the Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis?

Choosing the best flip-flops for plantar fasciitis can be quite challenging but here are tips and tricks to choosing the best flip flops for our aching feet.


Believe it or not, fit is a big part of choosing flip-flops. Flip-flops don’t have to look lousy and ugly on your feet. When we talk about fit were referring to three things. The length, the width, and the arch height. When these three are carefully looked at when choosing flip-flops then be rest assured you’re going to have comfortable and stylish flip-flops without pain.


You would want to choose flip-flops that are just perfect for your feet. Flips flops that are longer than your feet have and excess where the back of your feet (heels) should be and that’s a no-no. a flip flop that is too short for your feet doesn’t allow much room for your toes to nestle. The trick is to buy flip-flops that allow room for your toes and allow your heels to rest comfortably without spilling out.


If you’ve got narrow fit it’s going to be quite a challenge to find flip-flops with the perfect width. It takes some trials but the joy of wearing perfectly fitting flip-flops trumps in the end. Her you would want to choose flip-flops that aren’t too wide but fit the contour of your feet perfectly.

Arch support

The arch of your feet is the part between your toes and your heel that tingles when you touch it. When you’re choosing a flip-flop, make sure you get one with a sole that is shaped like your arch so the sole sits snugly between your toes and heels and you’ll feel better immediately.


Alleviating the symptoms of plantar fasciitis is really about limiting the shock/impact to your feet while standing or moving. Make sure to look out for flip-flops with higher tendencies to absorb impact from the ground. As a general rule of thumb, avoid soles that are rock hard.

Top 10 Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic Women's Tide II Toe Post Sandal4.7
OOFOS - Women's OOlala4.8
Teva Womens W Voya Flip Flop4.8
Spenco Women's Fusion 2 Sandal4.8
Sollbeam Orthotic Heel Cup Slippers4.7
Walk Hero Comfort and Support Flip Flops4.7
Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather4.8
Reef Mens Phantom Sandals4.6
GUBARUN Mens Sport Flip Flops4.7
Vionic Men's, Tide Sandal4.6

1. Vionic Women’s Tide II Toe Post Sandal

The Omens vionic is Podiatrist-designed and has a biomechanical orthotic footbed with deep heel cup for support. Flexible EVA midsole helps absorb shock and reduce pressure on the feet, knees, and ankles the outsole is made of Lightweight rubber and indicates that it is light and comfy and perfect for you.


  • it sis extra comfortable, it hugs your feet and makes you feel like this flip flop really cares about your pain.
  • the deep heel cup coupled with the EVA midsole makes it a perfect absorber of pressure.
  • The Vionic is podiatrist designed. Be rest assured that they know hats best for your feet.
  • The sole grip is strong and so it a perfect wear to the pool to avoid slipping.


  • The Vionic certainly comes in a range of colours that aren’t wide enough. Anyone who loves these flip flops should be prepared to stick to dark, brown, white and red hues.
  • It is definitely pricey.
  • Although it does ship to a wide range of countries, the shipping time may take a while longer if you’re not on the north American continent.
  • This is perfect for ladies with wide feet, the thong-styled flip-flops would definitely look a little awkward on narrow feet.
  • The thongs aren’t made of rubber and would not do well in the water over time.

2. OOFOS – Women’s OOlala

It is said that OOfoam ‘s Revolutionary technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on the feet and joints. This flip flop is incredibly comfortable with great arch support. Its design is striking and stylish. It is a must-have.


  • The high soles provide protection from splashes.
  • Floats on water to avoid getting entirely lost at the pool.
  • It is machine washable.
  • These flip flops have the most positive reviews on amazon.
  • Perfect fit for narrow feet.
  • They are affordable and ship to a lot of countries.


  • They don’t come in a lot of exciting colours.

3. Teva Womens W Voya Flip Flop

The Teva women’s flip flop is just as stylish as flip-flops can be. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, is a flip flop with much more purpose. The Mush top sole cushions forms to your foot for amazing comfort. the raised arch support suggests its uniqueness for people without flat feet and this flip flop provides the comfort is famed for. It’s a perfect fit to relieve heel pain.


  • The Teva womens flip is extra soft and comfortable.
  • Comes in a variety of colour’s and designs.
  • Teva has high ratings and reviews on amazon.
  • The flip flops are long lasting.


  • The Teva women’s flip flops do not have a high arch support and so its perfect for ladies with a low arch.

4. Spenco Women’s Fusion 2 Sandal

The signature Spenco total support footbed helps to prevent and reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis. these flipflops have a very soft toe post and so do not chafe or irritate. the famed forefoot crash pad cushions strike impact and reduce pressure at the forefoot. it sports a metatarsal dome that relieves pressure from the tips f the toes to increase foot function and provide increased comfort beneath the ball of the foot.  finally, its deep heel cup offers stability while helping prevent stress on the plantar fascia.


  • These flips flops are machine washable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is light weight and easy to walk around with.
  • These flip flops are perfect for a day at the pool.
  • Markings in the sole of these flip flops provide a non-slip effect.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Feet may sweat due to plastic material used in making the flip flops.
  • Makes squeaky noise while moving.

5. Sollbeam Orthotic Heel Cup Slippers

Sollbeam women’s slippers have arch support that improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and helps you if your feet feel uncomfortable after a long day. The soft and warm fur feels you with a fuzzy and happy feeling…, the sole material is not too hard and uncomfortable or too soft and irritating but will keep the impact on your feet even. The sollbeam women’s slippers feature a deep, narrow heel cup that helps support the foot during high-impact activities and long-distance walking.


  • These flip flops are extremely affordable
  • The soft fur hugs your feet.
  • Sollbeam’s flip flops are very comfortable.
  • It has very strong arch support.
  • It has a deep heel cup, to reduce pressure on strained muscles.
  • Sollbeam comes in a variety of colours.
  • They’re unisex.
  • Sollbeam is a light weight flip flop and so it’s easy to carry around.
  • It has an adjustable width strap.


  • Cant be worn on rainy days.
  • Sollbeams flip flops are not ideal for the pool or the beach.

6. Walk Hero Comfort and Support Flip Flops

With Enhanced arch support and optimized heel cupping, the Walkhero delivers anatomical contouring for all-day comfort. It also has inbuilt arch support to keep you comfortable through every adventure. Its water-friendly features mean that you can be ready for any water adventure.  If you are one for taking dips, this flip flop is perfect for any terrain from the beach to the lake or just hanging out by the pool.


  • Suitable for walking on beaches, and hiking trails.
  • It has a suitable non-slip sole.
  • Soft leather strap for comfort all day long.
  • They are perfectly light weight.


  • They are not machine washable.
  • The size chart tends to be a little smaller than expected.

7. Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather

Not only is the rainbow men’s sandals a great relief for heel pain, but it is also stylish and comfortable. The slightly padded footbed provides hours of comfort, arch support, while the rounded toe fit any foot shape.


  • They come in a variety of colours to choose from.
  • They are stylish.


  • They are quite pricey.
  • Straps rub against the toes.

8. Reef Mens Phantom Sandals

The REEF men’s Phantom sandals were made for long unwinding weekends. If you want comfort, style, and love to pile on the weekend fun, you need the best flip flops for men that can keep up. With the Reef Phantom men’s sandals, you get a soft, comfortable, water-friendly synthetic nubuck upper with air mesh lining and a contoured injection molded EVA footbed.

The outsole has arch support that is suited to a man’s feet.  on any terrain, these sandals hold up their part of the bargain.


  • They are beach appropriate.
  • It has strong non slip sole.
  • Perfect for long walks and hikes.
  • They are affordable.


  • Straps hold water for long and need some time to dry.

9. GUBARUN Mens Sport Flip Flops

These flip flops are definitely for sports lovers especially hikers. GUBARUN Men’s Sport Flip Flops have a thick cushioned sole and a rugged footbed that supplies great traction for handling long walks. The Synthetic rubber outsole provides good skid and wears resistance.


  • Strong non slip sole.
  • Can be machine washed.


  • Not quite suitable for wide feet.

10. Vionic Men’s, Tide Sandal

Tide toe posts foam-lined strap ensure a comfortable fit. These flip flops are Podiatrist-designed, and has a biomechanical orthotic footbed with deep heel cup for support and reduction of pain.

It is lightweight, flexible, and consists of medium-density EVA midsole which absorbs shock and reduces stress on feet, ankles and knees.


  • They are podiatrist designed and so they are very comfortable.
  • It is extremely light weight.
  • Perfect for people with high arches.


  • This flip flops just like all Vionic products are quite pricey.
  • Rubber soles make squeaky noises when moving.

Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis


Does flip flops help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis?

The flip flop industry is catching on to the trend of providing support for people with plantar fasciitis. flip flops that help reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis are specially built to provide arch support. Flips flops can alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis when you get the right pair.

What are the best flip flops for my feet?

The best flip flops for your feet depending on the arch support, length, width and overall fit of the flip flops. It is important to note these when buying flip-flops for plantar fasciitis.

Can I get other shoes with features to alleviate plantar fasciitis?

Because this condition affects athletes, you will most certainly find that there are there shoe types that offer comfort and relief from plantar fasciitis.

I see orthotic on most of the flip-flops, what does this mean?

Orthotic simply means any item that provides support to any movable part of the body.

Can I wear flip flops all day long?

Yes you absolutely can. If it is at your discretion. However, other shoes provide comfort and style.

Can I measure arch support for flip-flops?

As a rule of thumb, it is important to note the height or depth of your heel. This will help in purchasing the right flip flops for your heel.


Plantar fasciitis can be a literal pain in the, well…feet. if you have noticed any signs of plantar fasciitis, you should visit the podiatrist or chiropractor while investing in buying footwear that will alleviate the pain.