10 Best Ankle Compression Sleeves 2022 Reviews

The ankles are the most important parts of our feet that support us in walking, running, jogging, and performing daily activities. The excess of exercise or walking briskly may lead to ankle issues including ankle fractures, ankle pain, and ankle stress. These issues may also lead to major health problems like broken feet, joint inflammation, and sprained ankles, etc. As the beauty of life lies in a healthy body, no one can afford to have problems related to walking and running. But does it mean to limit your movements when you are having issues with your ankles? Does the pain in your ankles call for a stop to your running, jogging, and walking? Or it means to start consuming heavy medications along with paying regular visits to your doctor? Not necessarily!

Fortunately, the innovative ways have been introduced that take care of your ankles and feet to support them in getting recovered if they are damaged due to any reason. One of the smartest ways to keep your ankle protected is by using the ankle compression sleeves. It is not necessary to go for the ankle compression sleeves only when you face ankle or feet pain. Rather, it is advised to take proactive measures to take care of your feet and legs in general and your ankles in particular. This article attempts to present the guidelines on buying the best ankle compression sleeves to protect your ankles and feet along with the reviews of the top 10 best ankle compression sleeves available in the market. Try to read closely before deciding which ankle compression sleeves suit you best while having your own particular problems, routines, and preferences in mind.

Best Ankle Compression Sleeves

What are the Ankle Compression Sleeves?

You must have seen some sportsmen wearing shorter and comparatively thicker and stronger socks that especially cover their ankles with different holes in them. Those are the ankle compression sleeves that they wear on their feet. There is a fine line between socks and ankle compression sleeves. Socks are used for general purposes while ankle compression sleeves are meant for achieving specialized objectives.

Who should wear ankle compression sleeves?

People who suffer feet injuries or have got their ankles hurt, twisted, fractured, or broken are often advised to wear ankle compression sleeves to provide support to their feet and ankles along with keeping them warm and energized. Although ankle compression sleeves are meant for specific purposes, people often use these as precautionary measures for their ankle protection and for the objectives related to style, comfort, and support while they walk, jog, run, and play games.

How do the ankle compression sleeves work?

You must be thinking about how different these compression ankle socks work in comparison to normal socks can. As stated earlier, there is a fine difference. Ankle compression sleeves work in a specialized way to keep your ankles compressed by applying a required amount of pressure on your feet and ankles. Have you ever seen a patient with arthritis issues wearing a thicker bandage? This bandage keeps the affected area warm and activated by applying pressure and heat. Compression ankle sleeves work in a similar way. These sleeves generally put pressure on the ankles to attract the blood circulation to your ankles. The fresh blood that contains oxygen starts pumping towards your ankles to provide them with fresh strength. This working principle of a good ankle compression sleeve prioritizes the affected area of your body for blood circulation.

Top 10 Best Ankle Compression Sleeves

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve4.7
Copper Compression Recovery Foot Sleeves4.6
Zensah Ankle Support - Compression Ankle Brace4.7
ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer Brace4.8
Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic - Ankle Compression Sleeve4.5
Bracoo Ankle Support, Compression Brace for Arthritis4.5
Mcdavid Ankle Brace, Ankle Support4.8
Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support4.6
POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Pair)4.9
Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (1 Pair)4.8

The following are the Top 10 Best Ankle Compression Sleeves reviewed carefully. Please go through each product and do read the pros and cons to decide which one would best suit your needs.

1. TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Apart from being stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting, these compression sleeves have tremendous health benefits too. TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeves are an ideal choice if you are suffering from one of the most common feet issues known as Achilles Tendonitis.

They are manufactured with the supreme quality material to provide your feet with the utmost support while you walk, run, and jog. Do you have a permanent or a seasonal joint pain? These compression sleeves are meant for you, they are also used widely to treat feet and ankle swelling. They hold your ankle in a way that absolutely takes away the feeling of pain and itching while you wear these ankle sleeves. They don’t only protect the ankles but are also efficient enough to get you a soothing relief from heel spur pain.

Based on so many benefits, positive feedbacks from the users, and huge appreciation for a variety of reasons, TechWare Pro Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve has rightly been awarded as the #1 Best Seller in Foot Supports on Amazon.


  • Covers full feet
  • Thin and slim design
  • Ideal for sports activities
  • Ergonomically made to provide ease of wearing
  • 4-way stretch to fit your feet
  • Full mobility support in any direction
  • Ideal for daily personal and professional life
  • Active pain relief from feet issues like arthritis, fractures, and feet fatigue, etc
  • Reduces heel inflammation by providing constant compression
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Washable and reusable
  • Long-term usage
  • Water-resistant fabric for moving in wet areas and rainy seasons
  • Ultra Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Support your feet from slipping, twisting, and falling
  • Breathable fabric for oxygen intake to keep your feet and ankles fresh
  • Meant for all genders
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors to suit your choice


  • Not suggested being machine washed
  • Heel is not padded
  • May not be ideal for everyone’s personal tendonitis issues

2. Copper Compression Recovery Foot Sleeves

Keep your feet happy and relaxed with these Copper Compression Recovery Foot Sleeves that have a lot to offer to their wearers. These super flexible and brilliantly made compression sleeves are ideal to be worn on a daily basis and in certain specific conditions as well. The specialty of these compression sleeves is that they provide ultimate support to injured and overloaded feet. If you go out to your work and get yourself involved in heavy walking that results in a lot of pressure on your feet and ankles, Copper Compression Sleeves are the best choice for you to consider. The benefits do not just end here.

In addition to providing a speedy recovery from heel, ankle and feet injuries, these special sleeves put gentle and mild pressure on the affected areas of your feet to prevent them from getting damaged further. This means that you can also use these ankle compression sleeves as a precautionary measure to avoid any unwanted circumstances on your precious feet. These compression sleeves are also considered an ideal choice if you are having a swollen foot or you feel that your feet or ankles are not getting enough oxygen.

The complete list of benefits offered by these amazing compression sleeves may take a lot of space. Therefore, we have listed down the major pros and cons associated with these compression ankle sleeves below:


  • These are one of the few compressions that are manufactured with the highest copper content to provide fast and better results
  • The ideal chemical composition of the copper and fabric has been ensured to provide premium quality to the users
  • Washable and reusable
  • Long-lasting
  • Fully elastic to fit your size
  • Full feet protection except for the fingers
  • Treat joint pain in males and females of any age
  • Support feet stiffness after a hectic routine
  • Gives a kind of massage to your sore feet while you walk, run, or play games
  • Excellent choice to treat feet problems like arthritis, inflammation, and injuries
  • No Question100% Refund Policy


  • Tumble dry low. May lose elasticity when dried with more heat
  • Sizing issues
  • May not be ideal for toe protection

3. Zensah Ankle Support – Compression Ankle Brace

Don’t let the pain control your movements. The Zensah Ankle Support are the superior and high-quality ankle compression sleeves that are specially designed for heavy-duty performances like sports, running, and workouts. If you are a soccer player, you must be aware of the pressure that your feet bear in practicing or playing proper soccer games for two halves. The pain, the pressure, and the stiffness your feet and ankles get are difficult to handle for most of the players. That is why you must have noticed professional soccer players wearing compression ankle sleeves. This gives them a lot of support and energy. Zensah Ankle Support is one of the similar ankle compressions.

These are not limited to soccer games only but are equally beneficial to provide support in other games as well. These ankle support sleeves have also been warmly welcomed by the players of volleyball, tennis, cricket, and hockey, and squash. These sleeves are gradually becoming a part and parcel of every sports dress.

In addition to games, these compression sleeves are equally good for performing workouts and doing daily exercises like jogging and running. Obviously your feet would not mind if you wear them under your formal shoes when you go out to your work or to attend parties. These special compression sleeves have many more benefits to offer to their wearers. You can skim through the list of pros and cons before deciding to order one of them.


  • Made with premium-quality Nylon and Spandex
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Breathable to allow oxygen to pass through them
  • Water-resistant to be ideal for wearing in water conditions
  • Active relief for ankle and feet pain
  • Proactively avoid arch pain
  • Ideal for sports and athletic activities
  • Supports in exercising and cycling practices
  • Heal ankle sprains and ankle swelling
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, skateboarding, and skiing
  • Active injury prevention
  • Promote blood circulation in the affected areas
  • Allow a full range of movement directions at any tough terrain


  • Only one per package
  • Costly
  • Machine wash preferred

4. ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer Brace

Stop buying multiple ankle sleeves for different objectives and introduce yourself with the latest innovation. The ASO EVO Ankle Stabilizer Brace has been specially designed to meet different requirements with similar pairs of ankle sleeves. These ankle sleeves are known to protect your ankle in four different ways.

  1. To fit perfectly in the shoes of any size and type for regular working.
  2. The unique lacing technology allows you to make these ankle compressions lose or tight while performing tough exercises and playing games.
  3. An inner strap has been introduced to keep your feet and ankles protected against any kind of damage or strain.
  4. A special cuff has also been placed to provide extra support to your feet and provide ultimate comfort.

In addition to the special features of these ankle support sleeves, it also performs well in protecting your feet from the health issues including, arthritis, Achilles tendon, ankle stress, and sprain. You can safely put your feet worries upon these exceptional ankle support sleeves and enjoy a pain-free life with carefree walking, jogging, and exercising. The sparkling features and benefits in addition to the ones discussed above are mentioned below for your convenience.


  • Unique and innovative design
  • Multiple protection areas
  • Ease of losing and tightening up the sleeves
  • Proactive support to feet and ankles
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Extra support to heels in addition to ankles
  • Provide continuous support to prevent ankle and foot problems
  • The extra protection to support you while you are at your work
  • Premium Quality material for long-term usage
  • Washable to remain fresh and clean


  • Comparatively time taking to wear and remove
  • Maybe too rigid on some feet
  • Hand-wash only
  • Little costly
  • Washing is limited to once per month

5. Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic – Ankle Compression Sleeve

The Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support has a great reputation in providing support to the athletes and players of any sports. The Bauerfeind has been known to pay a special focus on the issues related to sports. For this particular reason, they have developed an institution full of specialized engineers to perform researches on how sportsmen can be eased out. Owing to their commitment to sports activities, these compression sleeves have been placed at the top when it comes to buying things related to sports. Ankle compression sleeves are one of their best products.

In addition to the sports activities, these ankle support sleeves have much more to offer. As joints are the key determinants of our health and strength for performing our daily activities, these sleeves pay special attention to protecting them in every respect. These are super breathable to ensure the fresh air and oxygen keep in contact with your ankles and feet. These ankle support sleeves improve circulation to keep your joints and ankles energized to perform at optimum levels. They also work in a special way to keep your muscles activated and stronger.

They are super comfortable and player-friendly. The improved comfort that doesn’t remain restricted to feet only but goes up to the whole body to impart an overall amazing experience in your body is their specialty. These are not the only reasons Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support is known for. The most important features and benefits offered by these very special compression sleeves have been listed below for your convenience.


  • Sleek design to give a unique look
  • Medical-grade technology
  • 3D Airknit technology to make them ultra-light, soft, and breathable
  • Supports in care-free walking
  • Protects against twisting of feet
  • Compatible with athletic and sports shoes
  • Stretchable with improved elasticity of the fabric
  • Easily removable and washable multiple times


  • Don’t come as a pair
  • Not universal. You have to specify for the left or right foot while ordering

6. Bracoo Ankle Support, Compression Brace for Arthritis

Allow yourself complete freedom of movements with these outstanding ankle support. These ankle compressions specialize in providing the best foot braces for injured feet. The problems related to arthritis, ankle sprains, ankle stress, and fatigue are specially treated by Bracoo Ankle Support Braces. These ankle compressions work in a specialized way to protect your ankle from worsening the problems it may already be going through.

These ankles are well-known for providing relief in ankle and feet pain. They support you while you perform hectic duties involving your feet. Made from the premium Neoprene material, these ankle compressions are long-lasting and provide a comfortable experience while you wear them throughout your day. The amazing and distinctive features offered by these ankle protection sleeves are listed below:


  • These sleeves come with an adjustable compression to suit your size
  • They are known for treating a variety of ankle complications
  • Versatile design to give your feet a unique look
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Ultra-comfortable to protect soft feet
  • They also come with an open-heel design that makes it an ideal choice to be worn on any of the feet
  • Multiple sizes are available
  • Velcro attachment makes it comfortable to adjust according to your needs
  • Anti-perspiration technology to keep your feet neat and clean
  • Support joints to promote the healthy use of your feet for running, walking, and performing daily tasks
  • They are helpful in treating a variety of feet issues including Achilles tendon joint pain etc
  • Helpful in providing the required heat to keep ankles warm
  • They boost your blood circulation by applying the required level of compression on the feet and ankles
  • One of the best choices to use with sports like football, volleyball, hockey, and cricket


  • May not work well for foot fractures
  • May get loose after extensive use

7. Mcdavid Ankle Brace, Ankle Support

Get up and start running by wearing these efficient McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace. These incredible ankle braces are specially designed to perform tougher tasks that involve your feet and ankles. The best quality single layer polyester provides comfort and soothing effects to your aching ankles.

Unlike most of the ankle compression sleeves, McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace comes with straps for the ease of adjustment. They are specially meant for men to support them in performing rough and tough tasks. Though originally meant for men, these ankle support braces are equally beneficial for women too. These sleeves are lightweight and ultra-soft. The exclusive features and benefits of these ankle compression sleeves are mentioned below:


  • Unique strap design
  • Special strapping stimulation to cater to athlete requirements
  • Equally good for the healthy feet to avoid any injuries
  • They support an extra load to your feet and ankles
  • Super comfortable with the padded design for daily use
  • Support the joints and keep them regulated for performing optimum tasks
  • They help protect feet from ankle issues like Achilles tendon, ankle sprains, and ankle stress and fatigue
  • They are properly breathable to allow oxygen and fresh air to keep passing through your feet and ankles
  • Universal design grabs the feet perfectly


  • May not be desired by the persons who do not want seams
  • Not a pair. Single sleeve only
  • May not be ideal for supporting inflamed tendons
  • May not be good to wear under shoes for preventing blisters

8. Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support

Did you think that these are similar ankle compression braces as mentioned above? While some of the characteristics and the features may overlap with a few of the ankle sleeves reviewed above, these ankle compression sleeves have exclusive features too. As the name suggests, Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support is purely adjustable to meet your needs. They provide ultimate support to your feet and ankles in many ways. They reduce the risk of getting injuries when you walk throughout a day to perform your daily tasks. The extraordinary feature of these ankle support brace is that they treat the post-surgical pains in your feet that keep your movements restricted.

With these outstanding ankle support compressions, you can forget about the pain related to arthritis issues, ankle sprains, injuries, and stiffness. The soreness of the body after a busy routine is treated and healed by these ankle compression to give you a fresher experience. In addition to these benefits, they are widely used as a healing agent to augment the process of treating feet issues like Achilles’ tendons. The severe injuries caused by extreme sports and exercising activities are also treated by these ankle compressions. Apart from the tremendous features and benefits offered by these ankle compression sleeves, they are also widely known for the following reasons.


  • Super Soft and Easy to wear
  • Universal size. One size fits all
  • Provide heat to the affected area to keep it warm
  • Made with premium quality Neoprene to take care of your feet and ankles
  • They come with seamless edges to give you supreme comfort
  • In addition to the ankles, they also make sure to keep your skin protected in every situation
  • Fully adjustable and elastic to fit your size
  • Prohibit the growth of bacteria and germs inside the feet
  • Reduce the risk of slipping, twisting, and falling while you walk wearing them
  • Maintain a firm grip on your ankles
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Ideal to use for your aerobic sessions
  • Especially known for controlling the bad smell from your feet


  • Not a pair
  • They don’t keep your feet flexed
  • They do not offer side pieces for increased protection
  • No arch support

9. POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Pair)

This brand has a belief that pain is an essential part of our life. That is why we don’t have to worry much about it. But that does not mean that we should start bearing pain. For the support of their slogan, they have introduced the brilliant ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeves that have multiple features to take care of your pain and provide you with the soothing effects to let go of your pain gradually.

The joint issues with aging problems, ankle and feet injuries with the sports activities, and the workload in our daily life put a substantial amount of pressure on our feet that cause different issues in our ankles and feet. These are the circumstances where Powerlix jumps in to provide support. Their genius compression sleeves help in treating the long-standing issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Feet and Ankle Swelling, and Heel Spurs to name a few. In addition to health issues, these sleeves naturally play a part to provide extraordinary support to your feet and ankles in many ways. The additional features and benefits are listed below:


  • 4-way stretchability to fit your needs
  • Premium-quality fabric to keep your feet and skin protected
  • Breathable material to pass oxygen and fresh air
  • Protection to your joints by ensuring proper circulation
  • Prevents bad smell from developing into your shoes or feet after long intervals
  • Ultra-soft and sleek design
  • Ultimate protection against painful elements
  • Excellent for outdoor activities
  • Perfect for a variety of sports like football, volleyball, tennis, and cricket
  • Ideal fitting on your feet
  • Provide arch support
  • Come in a pair
  • Huge range of sizes available


  • Toes are not protected
  • A little costly

10. Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (1 Pair)

Enjoy the comfort of life by forgetting the pain that keeps pinching you after your hectic workouts with these Ankle Brace Compression Sleeves. These are one of the finest ankle compressions that help and support your feet and ankles in a variety of ways. Just like the other ankle compressions, these are committed to providing the optimum support and relief to your paining feet. These help in recovering the problems related to an ankle injury, ankle inflammation, swelling, and ankle sprain, etc. These are ideally designed to be universal and are equally compatible for male and female feet. You can feel the difference as soon as you wear these ankle compression sleeves. Your long-standing pain will start to fade away and you will eventually start enjoying life once again. The features and benefits offered by these ankle compressions are none less than the following.


  • Extra comfortable support to your feet and ankles
  • Heavy-duty protection of your feet and ankles
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • Super lightweight. You may not even feel them on your feet
  • They help with sports activities and exercises
  • Great for orthopod sprained ankles
  • Work in water conditions as well


  • No extra padding at ankles
  • No special arch support
  • Sizes availability issues
  • Not meant for shin splints

Best Ankle Compression Sleeves

How to Select the Best Ankle Compression Sleeves for Yourself?

Each and every person in the world is purely different in making a choice to buy anything. The same principle applies to the ankle compressions as well. We have interviewed a variety of people and have listed down their answers and choices in response to our question about what would they look for in an ankle compression sleeve when they would decide to buy one of them. Their responses have been listed below. Please read them carefully to get an idea of your own choices regarding the ankle compressions. This would certainly help you prepare your mind to go for your own selection in this regard. The most common answers of the people are listed below:

The ankle compression sleeves should:

  • Protect my ankles.
  • Protect my feet.
  • Warm and cozy.
  • Be tight enough to keep my feet balanced.
  • Be stylish.
  • Keep my ankles intact.
  • Support me while I walk.
  • Fit in my shoes perfectly.
  • Be invisible while I go out wearing them.
  • Support my joints.
  • Not be too tight to handle.
  • Keep me healthy.
  • Washable.
  • Breathable.
  • Be wearable with my socks
  • Be easily removable.
  • Help me in running.
  • Help me in my sports i.e. Soccer, volleyball, hockey, etc.
  • Support my knee movements.
  • Keep me energetic all day.
  • Optimize my blood circulation.
  • Be compatible with my heels.
  • Support my toe.
  • Be compatible with swimming and water applications.
  • Treat my feet problems
  • Not be stinky.

Best Ankle Compression Sleeves


Which one out of these is truly the best ankle compression sleeve?

This majorly depends upon the condition of your feet and ankles. If you read carefully in the description of each of the ankle compression sleeves reviewed above, you will have a fair idea of which one is the best ankle compression for you according to your preferences and choices.

Is it always necessary to buy ankle compression sleeves?

No. But most of the good ankle compressions are not merely meant for treating the problems. They are also developed for general purposes like style and extra comfort.

I have no problem with my feet or ankle. Should I still have an ankle compression sleeve?

It is highly advised that you go for a good ankle compression sleeves. If you read the top 10 in this article above, you will find that there are ankle compression sleeves that prevent the issues related to your feet in response to your daily activities like walking and running. So as a precautionary measure, you may consider buying one of them for your own safety.

Can I wear the ankle compressions with my high heels?

Yes. There are a variety of ankle compression sleeves that are compatible with high heels also. You must be cautious about choosing the right color that matches your high heels so that it does not look awkward.

Should I wear ankle compression sleeves in summers?

As a few of the ankle compression sleeves are warm and provide heat to your feet, you may consider wearing them on and off in summers. But as mentioned in the reviews above, most of the ankle compression sleeves are breathable. That is why there may be no harm in wearing them in summers too.


In today’s world of restlessness and busy routines, people seldom find time to take care of their health. In spite of the fact that our feet are the most engaged parts of our body but still they are the most ignored parts too. The ankle compression sleeve is the need of the hour in the current world. That is why we have brought this important list of top 10 to guide our readers about the pros and cons of some of the best ankle compression sleeves available on market.

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