What are Sneaker Shoes? And Things That You Should Not Ignore

The comfort, convenience and fashion of sneaker shoes are gradually making them a favorite and indispensable item in the wardrobe of any fashionista. Where did sneakers come from? Where did the name “sneaker” come from? Why are sneakers so popular? Do you have any questions? Find out with Shoesops!.

What are sneaker shoes?

Let’s start with the meaning of the word “Sneaker”. In English, “sneaker” is understood as sneaky or stealthy. Why does such a negative word make the generic name of the shoes that are loved all over the world? The secret lies in the sole of the shoe. The sneaker is made with a rubber sole, so when you move, you will hardly make any noise. Others will almost not detect your steps. This makes people think of “sneakers”. That is how the name of “sneaker” was born.

Perhaps you will be more familiar with the concept of sports shoes than sneaker shoes, but in fact, they are all one. Sneaker shoes are the common name for the types of shoes designed primarily for sports, but today sneaker shoes are also known as great fashion accessories because of their youthfulness and style. They are also extremely comfortable. The trend of sneaker shoes is becoming more popular among females because women make shoe manufacturers adjust their designs. The proof is that when a certain shoe model is launched, the shoe company will introduce both men and women’s sneaker versions of these shoes. Moreover, the reason why sneaker shoes are increasingly popular with women is probably in the flexibility of the shoes. There is no need to choose a pair of high-heeled shoes that are not comfortable when you have a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and fashionable.

When did the history of sneaker shoes start?

Does that ever make you wonder? Will the first sneaker look different from now? The first pages of sneaker history are written more than 200 years ago.

1800 – 1900

Real sneaker dates back to the 18th century when Plimsoll was first invented. This is the precursor to sneaker shoes. Plimsoll is the first rubber sole, specifically designed for beach use, so the sole of Plimsoll shoes usually has a horizontal line. This line is similar to the line we usually see on the hull of the ships indicating the maximum water level allowed. If you step on a water level above this line, your foot will definitely get wet. Some sneaker shoes still retain this line designed on to the shoe.

Plimsoll was not well known at the time because it specialized in seafaring and the shoes were quite primitive and left and right shoes were not clearly distinguished, meaning that the two shoes were completely the same. That’s why not many people used this type of shoes.

Although Plimsoll was the first type of shoes to use vulcanization, which was invented by Charles Goodyears in 1839, it was not until 1892 when the US rubber company once again used this invention in its shoes. Then, these rubber sole shoes or sneaker shoes really made a fever.

With the rubber sole combined with the fabric in the shoe body, the shoe provides comfort and ease of movement that is surprisingly different from the popular hard sole shoes at that time. This made the shoes of the US rubber company (later renamed Keds) quickly attract attention and popularity. How to order sneaker shoes also officially appeared and became popular from here.

1900 – 1940

This period is considered the turning point of the century in the history of sneaker shoes when it witnessed many big changes. A number of shoe manufacturing companies were born and later became cult shoe companies. In 1906, William J Riley founded New Balance in England. In 1908, in the United States, the Converse shoe company was founded by Marquis M. Converse. In 1917, Keds began mass production of its sneaker shoes and quickly became the name that captured the most market share in the sports shoe market.

Chuck Taylor All Star

Chuck Taylor All Star

That same year, Converse launched the first sneaker for basketball called the Converse All-Stars. In 1923, Converse increased its coverage when it shook hands with basketball star Chuck Taylor to produce Chuck Taylor All Star and these sneaker shoes became famous quickly. Along with Converse All-Stars, Chuck Taylor All Star has been the best-selling basketball shoes of all time.

From the U.K and the U.S, sneaker shoes gained popularity all over the world. In 1924, two German brothers, Adi and Rudolph Dassler created their sneaker brand called Adidas. Adidas quickly dominated the German market and became the manufacturer of the most famous sports shoes in the world. The name Adidas became more and more popular after athlete Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics, wore Adidas shoes during the Olympics.


Shortly after the founding of Adidas, in 1948, Rudolph Dassler split up to form another sneaker brand which was later rivaled by Puma. That brand adidas was then owned only by Adi Dassler. Diadora shoe company from Italy was also established in this year. The sneaker shoe market became rich and the shoe lovers had more choices.

From the 1940s to the 1960s, people began to pay attention to the style of shoes, especially young people who tended to look for fashionable sneaker shoes rather than sports. They claimed that they chose those shoes simply because their idols wore them. Many teenagers even pursued a white pair of sneakers after seeing James Dean wearing it in the popular movie called “Rebel Without a Cause”.



In the 1950s, Tiger Onitsuka was founded. Puma made a big splash when it released the first soccer shoes in the history of world sports shoes. Sales of soccer shoes quickly increased to 6 million. JW Foster and Sons rebranded for Reebok.


New Balance Trackster

New Balance Trackster

This period saw the birth of two of the most iconic brands in the world: Nike and Vans. Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and Vans was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren.

This was also the time when the Trackster shoes – the first running shoe in the world with a wavy sole, was invented by New Balance and mass production of that shoe began.


In the 1970s, running and jogging became extremely popular, so sneaker shoes became more and more popular. Shoe companies were very active in producing sneaker shoes that were best suited to the needs of users.

Most notably, in the 1970s, women’s first sneaker shoes appeared.


Reebok Pumps

The ’80s saw the birth of several iconic sneaker shoes including the Saucony 80, Saucony Jazz; New Balance 996, Nike Air Jordans, Nike Air 1 and Reebok Pumps. It was a bright decade of cooperation among shoe brands. This period also saw the sneaker shoes’ prices rising up to $ 100 for the first time.


People were familiar with laced sneaker shoes until the 90s of the 20th century. Puma released the unique wireless shoe model called Puma Disc. Next came the birth of Reebok Shaqnosis and Puma Mostros, two impressive couples chosen by fashion icons at the time such as Madonna.

The 2000s

Sneaker brands shifted to using artists and musicians to promote products instead of athletes.

Converse shoe company at this time was acquired by Nike for $ 309 million.

The Nike-Apple partnership that launched Nike + in 2006 gave shoe lovers a different view of sneaker shoes. They not only reused a pair of shoes that supported running, but also integrated other smart features such as connecting to the iPod and displaying user health information.

Also, as you may know of the Vibram five-finger sneakers, they were available to the public at the end of the decade.

The decade of 2010

Tennis Shoes

From 2010 onwards, we have seen extremely expensive sneaker shoes from luxurious collections. The prices of these sneaker shoes started from a few thousand to even a few million dollars. The shoes of this decade were almost perfect in terms of technology and fashion. The rigorous demands from consumers forced shoe companies to constantly innovate and catch up with the trend so that they were not left behind.

However, it must be acknowledged that with the development of sneaker shoes, the shoe technology is also improved to give users the best experience. Adidas’ Boost technology or Nike’s Air Max are excellent insole technologies that are hard to replace.

Legend of sneakers

Legend is not at the starting time but measured by the time it exists and is remembered. What do you know about legendary sneaker shoes? Can you name some brannds?

Adidas shoes

  1. Adidas Stan Smith

This sneaker legend has officially turned 54 years old, but its appeal has shown no sign of diminishing. The appeal of the shoes probably comes from the simple but sophisticated design that is unmistakable. A little something classic mixed with elegant modernity is what you can feel from the legendary sneaker shoes of adidas. Don’t think this sneaker is just an iconic legend. It still earns a fair amount of revenue every year.

  1. Adidas SuperStar

Adidas Super Star

Launched as basketball shoes, the Super Star Adidas shoes are even more for fashion than sports, because of their modern design. The signature clamshell design in the first version released in 1969 remains the same in all later versions of the Adidas Super Star and becomes a reminder of this sneaker. It is still the multi-talented Adidas designers when it comes to Adidas Super Star shoes. Adidas SuperStar has a timeless design even though its design is almost completely original.

  1. Adidas Gazelle


The next name in the top of the best-selling shoes of all time of Adidas is Adidas Gazelle. The elegant, classic but never-worn design of these legendary sneaker shoes makes many people mistakenly think that the Adidas Gazelle has only recently been launched but it has appeared on the streets since. 1968. The original idea of ​​the Gazelle sneaker was for sports, but Adidas decided to turn its child into a fashion line in 1970 and of course, he was well-received.


  1. Adidas Samba
Adidas Samba

Adidas Samba 1950

Simplicity is probably what makes Adidas the legendary sneaker. The design of Adidas Samba is not too prominent, but that makes these sneakers almost perfect on any occasion. You can bring them anywhere and coordinate them with any style you like. With a record that 35 million pairs have been sold worldwide worldwide, this brand is more than a legend. It has become a sneaker icon.

Nike shoe brand

  1. Nike Air Force 1


One of the most influential shoes in the sneaker history is Nike Air Force 1. Launched as the first sneaker to incorporate technology, Nike Air Force 1 creates a Great revolution – a pioneer who brought technology into shoes. Although Nike launched the brand for basketball, the design of these sneaker shoes caught the “blue eye” of the artists and they were often used as a fashion item, which was followed by a trend. Young people loved to own a pair of Nike Air Force shoes. This sneaker has continued to be loved for over 30 years and has become an indispensable item of any fashionistas.

  1. Nike Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Jordan 1 1985

These sneaker shoes are associated with the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Air Jordan is also a sportswear brand dedicated to this player. Many people love the shoes because they are close to their idol Michael Jordan, but the dynamic design, especially the richness in each color scheme, is also the reason why this sneaker is sought after. The price of the Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes is not low at all, not to mention that the shoes are marked “limited”.

  1. Nike Air Max 1

Air Max 1 1987

Nike Air Max 1 is a sneaker from the very beginning, which has caused its adversary Adidas to be wary. Air Max technology was first introduced and integrated into a pair of shoes. This is the technology that brings pride of Nike shoes. Nike almost completely dominated the market after the launch of this technology sneaker. There have been many versions of Nike Air Max so far, and most of them have received positive feedbacks.

New Balance shoe company

  1. New Balance 990

The perfect line of pioneering shoes to win the hearts of the shoe lovers from New Balance is New Balance 990. Many people call this sneaker a “silent pioneer”. It is not as noisy as its contemporary counterparts as the shoe companies quietly showed their inherent nature and gradually gained a significant position in the hearts of not only professional athletes but also Shoe lovers. Even the world’s top billionaires must love it.

  1. New Balance 574

The suede sneakers with the familiar N symbol have made a splash in the sneaker world. With less modernity in the design than in the design of Nike or Adidas, New Balance 574 chooses a classic but sustainable style. It is still one of the most widely-chosen shoe brands by famous people. The variety in the color palette of this sneaker brand has even made Korean stars hunt for it.

Converse shoe company

If there is an award for the legendary “oldest” sneaker, it should be awarded to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Launched from 1923 to the present, Chuck Taylor All Star is still considered the perfect shoes that anyone should have.

Vans shoe company

  1. Old Skool

Vans designs are never sophisticated; instead, it is always simple in the most minimalist way. Vans Old Skool shoes are no exception. A simple design with a bit dusty street style makes this sneaker strangely popular. Moreover, despite being born in 1977, the shoes are still items that many young people choose.

  1. Vans Era Checkerboard

Vans Era Checkerboard shoes have been a must-have for hip hop lovers. As usual, with the simple combination of black and white, these shoes once swept all the large and small catwalks when combined with countless different costumes.

Puma shoe company

Referring to Puma, it is impossible not to mention the legendary sneaker Puma Suede Classic. Puma Suede Classic was born based on the idea of ​​trendy suede basketball shoes. Later, it was noticed by both the audience and athletes and used more with the fashion role. The slim, creative in style makes these 50-year-old shoes still a popular item.

Reebok Shoe Company

One of the oldest and most famous sneaker shoes of Reebok Classic is Reebok Classic Leather. Few know that these sneaker shoes have sometimes been put on the scale to compare with Adidas Stan Smith. The shoes are made from soft leather, so they always bring the best comfort for users. The classic but still trendy materials and design make a point that the shoes are still at the top choices of many people.

Hygiene and preservation of sneaker shoes

The sneakers will always look new if you know how to clean and preserve them.

The first thing you should know to protect your sneaker is to choose and use shoes that suit your purpose as well as the purpose of the shoes themselves. It sounds strange, but if you use the wrong shoes with their inherent purpose, they will certainly break down faster than normal, and the hygiene will not make much sense.

For the hygiene of the sneaker shoes, you should perform the steps by hand rather than using the washing machine. The washing force of the washing machine easily damages the texture of the shoes. To clean the shoes, you should use soap or diluted shampoo. Soak wet the specialized brush (or old toothbrush) into this solution and gently brush all shoes. Wipe off with a towel. You can also use a little water to rinse the shoes, but not soak or immerse them in water for too long. That will adversely affect the quality of the shoes. Bring your shoes to a windy place to dry. Avoid direct sunlight. You can cover the outside of the shoes with white paper so that your sneaker shoes will dry faster and prevent stains.

Cleaning your shoes will be a bit different depending on the material, so take some time to learn the best way to clean your shoes.

Besides cleaning, storage is also an important step. After each use, the shoes should be kept in a well-ventilated place, away from moisture. You can use a desiccant pack or a tea bag to drop into the shoes to absorb the moisture as well as deodorize. If there is a shoe rack, avoid overlapping the shoes. You should store the shoes in the box if you do not use them for a long time.

Hopefully, Shoesops’ sharing will help you have more useful information about sneaker shoes.

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