Useful tips for retaining footwear customers

All shop owners want their stores to sell as many products as possible. They always know that loyal customers will be the foundation for their business’ development. Therefore, besides attracting new customers, shoe shop owners always want to satisfy all customers and turn them into loyal customers. Here are some great ways that make customers return to buy other shoes at your shop.

Create sympathy for customers at first sight

The first look is extremely important to the perception of a customer. If they have the first impression that is good, they will easily accept the good things that the store brings. Imagine that a customer is in a very bad mood and has the first impression that is bad, then everything you do afterwards will make no sense. Of course, that is not absolute but most of the time that is true. So, make a good first impression to the customer!

But how to make a good impression? There are many ways. The shop decoration could be very sparkling and tidy. The clerk could get dressed politely and always be friendly. That can be an extremely small action but will make customers feeling that they are cared about. For example, the staff can welcome customers from outside, lead the car for customers, invite customers into the shop gently and politely or invite customers a glass of water. Tell them that it’s okay to sit and drink for a few minutes and then choose shoes. If it’s cold outside, bring customers a cup of warm water. A very small gesture will make your customers smile and be satisfied with you from the beginning.

Build trust in the eyes of customers with quality and service

After all, business is also a process of value exchange. Sellers need to make a profit. Buyers need to satisfy their own consumer needs. As a salesperson, you need to know how to capture each customer’s psychology and fully respond to make them trust you.

Someone once said that to sell successfully, you have to sell your trustworthiness first. The trust here includes the belief in the products, the belief in the sellers and the belief in the store. First, it is necessary to convince customers of the quality of your products by offering reasonable return policies and a commitment to quality to help customers feel secure when they are making a purchase decision. Some stores are willing to buy counterfeit and fake goods to help customers visually identify the authentic product. This is a smart way because many fastidious customers do not like to talk but need authentication, seeing and touching.

Next, you need to know how to cleverly and enthusiastically offer sincere advice for each customer. Let customers see that you are knowledgeable and willing to share with them any useful information about the product. When you have their beliefs, the words you speak out will have much more weight.

Remember to never sell a few pairs of shoes at any cost. Instead, stand on the customer side to make good advice which helps customers choose the best pair of shoes. Share with customers how to use and preserve shoes so that they are durable. That will make them willing to come back next time because of trusting your eyes and dedicated service. Every time they come, there should be some more useful information. Do not let them walk out of the store without any additional useful information.

Special offer for the next shoe purchase at the store

One of the attractions that make customers come back to buy shoes at your shop is special offer. Special offers can include reducing prices, giving gifts and inviting them to participate in sweepstakes. Membership card is also a good idea that many shops today use. It depends on the creativity and calculation of the shop owners. For example, for every $100, get 1 point. When customers get 10 points, they will get a gift or a 10% discount when buying products at the shop.

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