Tips for footwear photo shoots

You are selling shoes online and want to quickly sell as many products as possible at your desired price? If so, you will need to spend more time and effort in advertising, namely how to capture beautiful product photos that attract buyers. When your product photo is beautiful, it can increase the excitement of visitors when they are making purchase. In this article, Shoesops would like to share with you how to create nice photos of shoes that can really attract customers.

Prepare your shoes carefully

If your shoes are dusty or have been used, clean them, but be careful not to damage the details on the shoes because they are delicately designed with many different materials and can be damaged by any detergent.

For shoes that are soft or need to be shaped, you should put a little newspaper inside and readjust them to make them look natural. Then make sure to tie the shoelaces neatly.

Find an appropriate shooting location

Search and compare a number of different positions to find the best angle that enhances the beauty of the shoes to be captured. You can also put the shoes on some footwear models. There are many different positions or views you can choose from such as shooting from the top, horizontal shooting and placing shoes on the table next to the wall and sitting on the chair. You can also put shoes on the chair and kneel for direct shooting.

Try taking the image on a white background if possible. Most homes and offices now have white walls for you to take photos. Otherwise, you can use some white paper as a background behind and under the shoes if necessary.

In addition, it is important to know how to place the shoes as a key element in the image using a neutral background that can complement the color of the shoes. For light-colored shoes, choose a dark or black background and do the opposite with black shoes.

Check the light and camera

Camera light needs to match the natural light. Adjusting between outer light and shoes is necessary to avoid shading. Most high-end cameras have very good flash settings, so you don’t need to worry too much about lighting. It’s best to choose a camera with a resolution of over 10 megapixels, and remember to set the highest resolution as well as make sure the flash is on.

How many pictures are posted?

The advertising image should show an overview of the entire product, and reduce the number of unnecessary questions that each potential buyer will ask you. We recommend using at least 4 different images, but 8 will be the best. You will need a reasonable layout so that buyers can see the product from overview to detail:

The 4 images that must be included are:

  • A full photo of both pairs from the tip of the shoe to the right. This is also the standard image for most websites selling shoes today
  • 1 photo of the back of the shoe
  • 1 photo of the side of the shoe
  • 1 photo inside the shoe.

The next 4 photos will increase the likelihood of sales and product authenticity:

  • 1 detailed product photo (buckle, bow tie, leather …)
  • 1 photo of shoe sole
  • 1 photo of the trademark
  • 1 overview of the shoe box.

Take a photo

To capture sharp images, make sure the lens doesn’t shake. Therefore, sit in a comfortable, stable position, or use a tripod to help prevent blurring.

Take 8 positions like the previous step and double check them on the camera screen to see if the image quality and visibility are clear for your purpose. With any angle that is not suitable, you can manipulate the capture until it meets the requirements.

Edit the photo

Although the lighting and techniques have been applied correctly, the photo still may not look like the real thing. Therefore, using image editing tools can help you fine-tune the brightness and contrast of the images so that they are most balanced.

After editing, you can resize and crop the image to the smallest size 500x500px. In addition, some Facebook groups only allow sellers to post a single photo, so you can collate the photos together into a single image. There are some free photo editing tools that you can use, such as Microsoft Picture Manager and (which is a free online photo editing website).