Shoe Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Shoe trends are slightly different with each passing year and the kind that we come across in 2019 will be a little different from those prevalent through 2019. Numbers of people do away with their old wardrobes and shoe racks to make room for new.

2018 saw animal prints on shoes and block heels make a return in grand style. But 2019 is likely to be variable with color schemes. The switch towards lighter pastel shades is very likely. Shades like cobalt blue and lavender are will be seen prominently on the ramp, in fashion circles and on the streets as well.

A change can be anticipated in shoe construction materials. Tinted PVC and transparent heels made from Lucite will be more popular.

Boots are another one of the trends that will be around in 2019.  Ankle boots have come across much preference over recent times and make fine options for year round wear, beyond winters. Trainers are another option that will be much preferred throughout the year. Minimalism is going to be the in trend, particularly for men’s shoes wherein comfort will come across as a major purchase decision influencer.

Trends in women’s shoes for the year

Shoe Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Women’s trainers will be characterized by a retro metro finishing which makes quite a fashion statement. Wellies are likely to make a preferred choice for winters, and ankle boots and knee high boots will both be much sought after.

A number of women will sport heeled alligator printed boots, and cowboy boots again is a trend to stay.

Among the catchiest of trends for the year will be logos on shoes. The top brands will churn out a number of shoes with logos, and the remainder will follow suit. Logo designs will be louder on a few brands and tenderer on others.

Shoe trends for summers

In the warmer months, the sandals will be chunkier than earlier with buyers choosing comfort to be the top purchase influencer. Sandals would come across as being a highly practicable choice as well for the summers.

Heels for shoes will be more architectural for the year and will gain a deeper focus. Shorter heels will be popular and the patterns would be variable, with blocks, circles and waves being the top choices.

Men’s shoe styles to watch out in 2019

Men’s shoe styles to watch out in 2019

Shoe styles for men will be pretty much on the same lines as those for women for the year. The patterns will be simplistic and retro.

White shoes will bounce back to popularity, with a trendy touch. For summers, white may well be the in color for the season and it goes nicely with just about every ensemble. Another shade which will be very fashionable will be deep grey.

Trainers will have a retro twist in them, and the most popular of styles from the 80s and 90s will be seen around. Beyond white and grey, colorful trainers will be in for the season.

Men’s sandals, just like those for women will be more sizeable in summers. The platforms will be larger and straps thicker.

While the trends will be transient, shoes that are well made and fashionable will find wearer’s preference. The year has a lot to offer in terms of footwear trends.

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