Shoe Fashion is An Art – Shoe Fashion is the Norm

We people are always eager to express our best attitude with the best fashion attire and accessories and there is no doubt. Fashion can be limitless or can be limited. Fashion doesn’t have any rules and regulations. What you think suits you the best in the fashion of yours. Your ideology of fashion can be Kim Kardashian or can be Masaba Gupta. But your ideology can be only your opinion!


In this summer you can go crazy with crop tops along with shorts and flip flop. I remember my best memories were in my flip flop. You can also add slide sandals to make you more casual in these hot sunny days.

You can choose cotton or linen for the tops and go to shops like ( forever 21, H&M, rule 21, etc) and the jeans must be comfy like old navy, boyfriend jeans, the loft, etc. For the Riche rich they can choose Gucci, Versace, Zara, etc. Gucci has the best flip flops my opinion. I think it is the time flaunt your bodies rather than your closet..!

Summer season is the season of shorts, it is the season of crop tops. All the thing you couldn’t wear throughout the whole year, you can now make it worth it. Now a trendy color is neon colors. If you don’t like color, this summer may be a testing time for you, because along with neons and yellows, there’ll be a load of tie-dye about, too.

Be worn in this hotty summer.


Layer after layer is the sign of winter. In the winter you can fight with the shivery cold with the warm jackets and jumpers with heavy pants. You can flaunt your leather jackets at this time. It is time to show the world your leather collection!

In Winter we must packet ourselves but surely with the finest sweaters and leather jackets. Even padded jackets are so in demand nowadays for winter. Fake fur coats are also

So trendy and yes so warm they are. Cape capita is now so trendy, puffy shoulder dress are also warm. We can use a knit cap, Chook, Kromer cap, woolen cap, etc. Ow and you can precise the look

With bomber cap and Pom Pom cap. You can pair up with high boots or ankle boots to present the best of yours. And lastly, you can cover yourself fully with long heavy camel coats, duffle coats, cocoon coats, etc. You can wear mufflers from Burberry of LV. I guess to flaunt your fashion sense.


Oh! Maybe the rainy season is the worst for flaunting your fashion sense, but still some tips can help maybe. If winter is the season to flaunt your leather collections then it is the season to flaunt your nylon collections.

Remember, your umbrella is also a fashion accessory in the moon-soon. In this season I think you should go with dark color as the puddle will be stepped in, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, and the inevitable drop or two of muddy water will make its way on to your clothes and shoes. Dark colors tend to hide spots and stains better than light colors, and they’re less transparent when they get wet. While more coverage tends to be better, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to pants or trousers.

Long, flowy pants or flare jeans that brush the ground are more likely to collect mud and rainwater. Keep pants short and cropped. These types of pants also look the best with ankle boot.

And then in this season, you’ll need a bag big enough to carry your daily essentials. There are some Great options include a water-repellant satchel, a roomy tote, or a sturdy backpack. One of the most important considerations when choosing a bag is how well it protects your belongings from the rain, especially your laptop and headphones.



There’s a saying, “you should always wear a pair of good sandals because it takes you to good places”.

In this era of numerous model of sandals and shoes, we are surely very confused which one to choose. And for girls, it is surely a big deal!

Girls can go with heels like nude pumps, block heels, boot heels, pencil heels. These may not be comfy but these are classy. Short girls use this as their opportunity to get not only tall but to flaunt the fashion senses.

Nowadays summer shoes are kind of comfy and trendy too. Those can be paired up with shorts or with jeans or with gowns too. You can lace up your summer shoes with ankle socks or maybe with knee socks.  Heels can be paired up with jeans and shorts too but it goes best with the flaunt gowns, sneakers were once so fashionable still it is but now to an expand summer shoes are comfier.

But yes the Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc are the comfiest sneaker of all times. I think every girl should have at least 1 sneakers to survive in the fashion world. Being a fashionista is not that easy. You have to make you more flawless to be one.

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