Saucony – The Geometry Of Stong And Ever Run

While searching Saucony running shoes I came across the word that instantly pulled me to get to know about the term that is the word Saucony. The word Saucony comes from the American word saconk. The word saconk implies that where two rivers run together. When normally people run by normal shoes there is a possibility for an ankle sprain but Saucony helps the runners run better and better by introducing the geometry of strong.

In an average running shoe has typically a 12 mm difference between the height of the runner’s heel and forefoot but Saucony reduced that the difference of full 33 percent it to 8mm. A simple change In geometry allows the explorers to easily, adjust their stride and land further with full comfort and without reducing alleviating or resilience. So now the runners ca further land midfoot setting alleviating ankles calves knees are in a better position to proceed with their daily objectives.

Saucony shoes are lighter and they look after the ground reaction force so that the runners can run better and improve themselves without any kind of a flaw.

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How to Choose the Best Saucony Running Shoes

Craving the best shoes among the Saucony shoes is not a massive deal but it depends on where you run.there are different kinds of Saucony running shoes where each of them holds a different quality.


It is a lot more durable than Kinvara, it is more of that pace shoe which is lighter. Freedom shoes weigh 241 grams. You can barrage with that power and the freedom is of the thermoplastic bead so it’s smooth and soft underneath the whole foot and it is just with the one component for the whole midsole very absorbent when it comes as a shock and it offers a good stability return. It has a crystallizer up so a lot a good rubber underneath the whole shoe. It has the same outsole as that of triumph.

It is a road shoe, power on plus in the freedom uses the same midsole power on plus thermoplastic bead doesn’t get soften up with heat and doesn’t get hot in the cold as far as some typical EPA’s, it’s a very good cushioning system. If you are slightly underneath the heel drop look. It is fabric and has a synthetic sole for the durability and has an EVA+ midsole and engineered mesh and has the successor to the Kinvara 9 it’s form-fit performance contoured footbed.


It is a lot more durable than Kinvara, it has a crystallizer up, it has the same outsole as that of freedom. It is more cushioned and it looks more premium and for the feels too. The upper has enough stretch to accommodate from the wider foot but still supportive enough to keep the foot in a relaxed manner. It is more comfortable, it is best for supination it is synthetic and mesh and has reflective elements on the heel and lasting comfort and pressure relief, it has a full-length overrun construction which helps for long runners to be consistent. It has an updated ISOFIT and all new form-fit technologies. It has the successor to the Kinvara 9 and it’s everrun top sole construction for enhanced energy return.

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It weighs 220 grams, it is a road shoe and has a ever run cushioning technology which allows the runners run longer consistently. It is lightweight shoe made of a rubber sole and 100% synthetic, it has a top sole which is ever run. It’s upper has enough stretch for the wider foot to accommodate, to make runners feel comfortable.


Kinvara is a lightweight shoe and it can do is used for those long runs do a heap of training. It is for the half Marathon as well as the full Marathon it is just going to be a bit more forgiving underneath. It has a fabric and a synthetic sole for the durability. It has an EVA+ midsole and engineered mesh and it is the successor to the Kinvara 9. It also has a form fit performance contoured footbed and has a top sole which is ever run and it’s ever run top sole construction for enhanced energy return.


It is a good quality running shoe and it satisfies well on your runs. Your feet will feel comfortable and stable throughout your run. Due to this comfort and stability it helps the runner to run better so that it improves their performances day by day as well as durability. Nomad tr running shoes by Saucony rebuilt to last and will hold up to the wear and tear of the roughest terrain and the most rigorous of training and work out sessions breathability. This shoes use fabric which is open and breathable which in turn keep your feet cool and comfortable while you are out for your run. It gives you good support and it is of lighter weight and it gives good support to the sole, it’s mesh upper and breathability helps the runner to feel comfortable and increases the stability.


It is synthetic and meshes so it gives great stability and guiding every step to feel good runs. It has a great cushioning comfort which protects the heel from any sort of injuries. New PWRRUN cushioning provides just right softness for the runners. The new medical TPU guidance farm quickly and quietly. It has a rubber sole for the durability and breathable mesh upper and it’s perform midsole and I’ve run top sole provides good satisfaction. It’s form fit performance contoured foot bed and provide enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning.


It supports for a long run and it is 100% synthetic, it is made up of a rubber sole which can improve the stability for the runners to run better. It has fit known as sauc-fit for a highly adaptable, dynamic for and for the overrun top sole for continuous cushioning and enhanced energy return. Its tri flex outsole for the optimal blend of flexibility and protect the runners.

Grid Excursion Tr12

It has a rubber sole and it is 100% synthetic which means it gives more durability and to be mention there is a grid cushioning in this excursion TR12 which is mentioned in the name itself. This excursion is best for trail running because it has a specific mesh which is known as trail-specific mesh. It has long durability because it holds a durable rubber outsole and meshes upper with supportive overlays. It has a shaft measures approximately low top from arch, it has a great cushioning capacity to use for trail running.


It has a rubber sole and synthetic and meshes for the addition of durability and stability. It has lasting cushion comfort throughout the run. It’s perform missile updated profit technology and engineered mesh upper for a dynamic and a lightweight fit throughout the run. It’s ever run topsole construction for enhanced energy return which helps the runner to land the rest of the steps in a safe manner and with a positive manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Saucony shoes machine washable?

You cannot wash your Saucony shoes in your washing machine, you can wash your shoe by removing insole. You can remove the shoelace while washing in your comfort, you can remove shoelace and wash it separately or you can replace it so that it looks attractive.

What are Saucony shoes good for?

Saucony shoes are lightest with the addition of stability and durability. Saucony shoes help the runners to run with speed and to be consistent for the long runners. When you wear Saucony shoes, their cushioning comfort let the runners move further to achieve their daily goals. Each and every Saucony shoe have a unique comfort which means its shoes are no exception for any kind of training.

How long do Saucony shoes last?

Saucony shoes have basically long durability and stability, Saucony shoes last nearly around 400 miles which is a great number. Saucony shoes provide you with a synthetic which increases the durability and made up with a fabric. It is of a rubber sole and a mesh upper with supportive overlays. This durable rubber outsole helps to last long.

Is Saucony a good brand?

It is a well-known brand in the world, Saucony shoes give you stability, durability, flexibility, breathability, style and comfort etc. It is a great shoe brand which is from years so it is qualified enough to be a good brand.

Which Saucony shoe is best for me?

It depends on you because if you are a long runner you can either choose hurricane 22 or guide 13 or if you are a trail runner you can choose peregrine 10, so it is totally according to you that where you are going to run.

Is Is it ok to use trail running shoes on road?

Trail running shoes are designed for off-road runs, trail running shoes have more stability which is what you need when running on terrain and rugged path so you can wear trail running shoes for a road run to be safer and to be prevented from a serious injury.

Is it ok to wear the same shoes every day?

You shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day because you have to give your shoe some kind of attention to not to lose its shape if you wear every day there won’t be enough period to keep it dry so there is a chance of losing its shape. So wearing the same shoes every day is not preferable.

Why you shouldn’t wear other people’s shoes?

Sharing your shoes with other, people can change your shoe shape and size and most importantly it’s unhygienic and not safe. So many bacteria and fungus live on your shoes so by sharing your shoe the one shared and the othe one who used can get infected so avoid using other shoes.

Is Saucony a good walking shoe?

Saucony shoes are good for walking because of their durability and cushion comfort. You can choose SAUCONY ECHELON LE2 for walking.

How do you pronounce Saucony shoes?

The appropriate pronunciation of Saucony is “ SOCK UH KNEE”. This is the precise way to pronounce Saucony.


Saucony shoes are the lightest and have max durability and stability to the runner to run consistently, all the Saucony shoes are best in their own way so choosing Saucony shoes isn’ta big deal it totally depends on where you run.

  • Trail Run: Saucony Peregrine 10
  • Speed Work: Saucony Kinvara 11, Saucony Guide 13
  • Long Run: Saucony Hurricane 22
  • Reverence: Saucony Triumph Iso 4
  • Stability: Ride Iso 2

Each and every Saucony shoes are best for their stability and for their lightweight. It is fabric and 100% synthetic and made up of a rubber sole. Saucony by introducing the geometry of strong, Saucony changed the trajectory of running.

Saucony more concentrated on their running dynamics has led them to a breakthrough in cushioning. Every Saucony shoes are more cushioned so that the runners don’t feel low while running. By introducing this cushioning a technology known as ever run. This ever run technology provides cushioning for every landing so that it can make the runner run consistently. This cushioning technology or ever run technology made smoother landings in the heel with reduced pressure in the forefoot.

Ever run technology provides 83% energy return so that the runners don’t feel tired in a smaller distance. This ever run technology helps the runners run stronger and longer.

So Saucony shoes are the best in any kind of a way you think you want to use for, so using Saucony shoes are protective and helpful for the runners because of the Saucony shoes technology.