How to wear Jordan shoes – 7 tips for matching Jordan shoes with jeans

Over the 30 years since the birth of the Michael Jordan brand, Jordan shoes have always had a strong foothold in the sports industry in the world. These shoes gradually become not only the desire of sneakerheads but also of fashion aficionados. Today, we will learn how to combine jeans and Jordan shoes to build a trendy street style, or simply add a fashionable outfit to the wardrob.

1. Matching slim-fit jeans with Jordan shoes


With a dynamic spirit and simple designs, a pair of slim-fit jeans is definitely an indispensable choice in the wardrobe of young people.

Regular slim jeans have a slim design along the length of the body, with a wide tube in the thighs and being tapered but not tight at the ankles to create comfort and youthfulness for the wearer. With a minimalistic and dynamic spirit, a pair of slim-fit jeans is an extremely proper item when paired with a strong basketball pair of sneakers like Jordan.

For young people who love the creativity and innovation of street fashion, a simple pair of slim-fit jeans will be the foundation for you to freely combine with different items. Some of the cool suggestions you’ll need are oversized t-shirts, casual shirts, denim jackets, corduroy jackets or oversized blazers that don’t have a streetwear canvas structure.

2. Matching skinny jeans with Jordan shoes


Compared to slim-fit pants, skinny jeans are designed to hug the hips and be along the length of the body with a small opening and then hugging the ankles. However, skinny pants have very high elasticity, so they do not affect the basic activities of the wearer.

As an item that has a minimalist spirit and tends to be flattering as well as helps the wearer become slimmer, skinny jeans are a perfect match of Jordan shoes.

3. Matching straight-fit jeans with Jordan shoes


Straight-fit jeans are a type of denim pants with a classic and strong appearance, suitable for tall people with long legs. Straight-fit jeans show off the strong features of tall men and fashion followers who love the liberal style. With a youthful and energetic spirit, the combination of straight jeans and Jordan shoes will give sneakerheads a breakout look, bringing the sound of street fashion in the 90s.

However, make sure the pants you choose fit your size or you’re tall enough to wear them. You don’t want to see yourself “swimming” in baggy jeans and make yourself look outdated, right?

One more small tip is that try the simple but extremely effective combination of Mid or High-top sneakers with straight jeans and T-shirt (basic or oversize). Skillfully roll up the pants a little bit.

4. Matching ripped jeans with Jordan shoes


Ripped jeans/ distressed jeans are also one of the indispensable items in the wardrobe of young people who love street fashion. Strong jeans, accompanied by extremely fine details, can give a liberal and impressive look. To make your outfit more harmonious, you should avoid Jordan pairs that are too colorful or have too many patterns. The moderation in choosing shoes and accessories will highlight the dynamic spirit and personality of the outfit.

5. Matching blue jeans with Jordan shoes


If you aim for a classic style, a pair of blue jeans is the best response for you. Basically, this style is geared towards comfort, simplicity and dynamism for the wearer. A pair of blue jeans, a pair of Jordan shoes and a T-shirt make up a complete set of clothes that ensures fashion and is suitable for many different activities. You can also be creative by replacing T-shirts with long-sleeved pullovers (jumpers). The choice of shoes is also a factor to be considered. Usually, the blue color of jeans is perfect when combined with the bright and dark tones like red or black.

6. Matching black jeans with Jordan shoes


Black color and black jeans have never been listed as “outdated”. Black is always the first choice for those who want to put on a dynamic, stylish and modern look. Although there are many different styles of jeans such as skinny, straight and ripped, black jeans always highlight the spirit of dynamism and masculinity. In fact, all black or monochrome clothes always contain a very rebellious and fashionable spirit.

Black jeans will be a perfect launch pad for the sneakerheads to unleash their creativity by combining with strong, colorful Jordan shoes.

7. Matching gray jeans with Jordan shoes

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A pair of blue or black jeans is a flexible and popular choice. You can easily mix them with different types of shirts and accessories. Meanwhile, gray jeans may not be so popular, nor do they appear in common closets, but it is an item that makes a difference if you can skillfully mix with other items.

A pair of black or white Jordan shoes will make your outfit stand out thanks to the color balance. A pair of shoes with the same gray color is sometimes a good choice. Note that the harmonious combination of different gray tones can make your outfit more interesting.

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