How to relieve foot pain from standing all day

There are many occupations that require people to stand more than to sit such as receptionist, marketer, waitress, salesperson and cashier. Standing in one place seems simple but needs persistence and high endurance.

When standing for hours, the legs can be sore, swollen or have red, stiff joints. Standing for a long time even causes back and neck pain. People who have been doing this for a long time may have varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, tendon heel pain, hypertension and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Standing for too long can cause discomfort and stress, which can lead to reduced job efficiency and difficulty in engagement to the job.

foot pain

There are many ways to help your feet get less tired. Depending on your specific job, we have some suggestions as below:

  • If you have to wear high heels, you should prepare two pairs of different heights to alternately change every session or a couple of days. The muscle groups that have to work a lot when wearing these shoes will rest when you change to the other shoes. Do not often wear shoes with pointed toes attached to your toes, because after a long time you can easily have calluses or crooked thumb in the shape of the shoes.
  • If you’re behind the counter, there should be a chair or a small platform. You can stand on one leg and relax the other on the platform.
  • A small rug made of plastic or fabric can helps your feet feel softer. Standing for a long time on a hard surface overloads the heel tendons and soles.
  • If you have to stand as a “facade” such as welcoming guests, you should step back and forth in the solicitation, or often change the direction a bit.

In addition, apply some of the following exercises to help increase blood circulation and relax muscle tendons:

  • Constantly wiggle your toes, bend for a few seconds and spread your toes. You should not wear tight shoes because they will make it difficult for you to practice.
  • Rotate your legs or lift your knees a little, which will help to relax your muscles. More simply, you can stand on tiptoe and rock your heels slightly.
  • Move your foot forward a little (4-8 inches). Lift the toes and then step up and down several times.
  • Stand on the outside edge of the foot and gradually turn to the inner edge. Do it a few times and then switch sides.
  • If possible, practice your foot soles by rolling on a tennis ball. This move is very effective in relaxing your feet.

Also, note that if your foot is swollen or painful after standing for a long period, apply a cold compress for five minutes. After work, find a seat and put your feet up slightly on a small chair or table. Gently massage from the foot to the thigh. This movement can reduce swelling very effectively. If your feet have no problem, you can soak them in warm water every night for 15 minutes. Vigorously exercise your ankles. Practice cycling on the spot to prepare your health for the next day.

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