How to protect white shoes

There are two types of people when wearing white sneaker shoes: one wants dirty shoes because they look stylish; the other always wants to keep his shoes pure white.

Of course, after a period of use, the white shoes are no longer bright. So, how do we help the white shoes “team” not have to worry about keeping the pure white color of the shoes? Today, Shoesops will show you 9 easy ways.

1. Use white nail polish to cover scratches

The trick to covering your white shoes is that if you see any small scratches, you just need to use a little white nail polish to cover them. Extremely simple but quite effective!

2. Use some tools

white shoes

The following shoe cleaning kit needs to be invested:

  • A hard brush
  • A soft brush
  • A soft cotton towel.

These three can be combined with soap solution or even vinegar to remove stains.

For leather sneakers, you should use a hard brush to clean. For suede fabric or canvas, use a soft brush.

It is not necessary to rub vigorously to remove the stain, you just need to rub gently and properly. Dip the brush into the cleaning solution. Rotate the brush in a circular motion on the surface of the shoe, and wipe it off with a clean towel. Continue following these steps until there are no more stains.

3. Say no to the washing machine

Many people mistakenly think that if they want white shoes, they will throw them into the washing machine because they think they cannot beat stain by hand. Totally wrong! Even if you use the lightest spin mode, the washing machine is still capable of tearing and devastating your shoes! The rotational force will damage the thread line or wear the rubber sole.

4. Use a brush and toothpaste

It sounds wrong but quite right! Use an old toothbrush and toothpaste to gently brush the stains in the hard-to-reach corners of the sneakers.

5. Shoelaces are also quite important

Don’t forget the shoelaces! Just soak them in warm water and rub them gently with soap.

6. Use paper towels to dry shoes quickly

Part of what makes your white shoes more susceptible to stains is that when they are not exposed to sunlight, the shoes will be moist and not dry out quickly. To overcome this problem, you should put paper towels into your shoes. The moisture will be absorbed significantly fast.

7. Use shampoo

If your shoes are accidentally contaminated with oil, you should rush home and soak them in warm water and use shampoo to rub on the shoes. Oil stains will disappear quickly.

8. Avoid the sun

drying shoes

To preserve your beloved white shoes, do not put them under direct sunlight or you will get the consequence that the shoe color will fade quickly. Store them in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

9. Be careful with bleach

white shoes

Not only for colorful sneakers you must be careful with bleach, but also for white shoes, you have to be aware of how you should use bleach. When using bleach, dilute them in water with the rate of 1:5. If you carelessly use the wrong dose, you will have to scream because your shoes will have yellow stains caused by bleach. It’s best to dip your old toothbrush into diluted bleach solution and scrub your shoes gently. Wash the shoes with warm water when you are done.

Hope that you will be able to keep your shoes pure white with 9 ways that Shoesops has just shared above!

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