How to match sneakers to your outfit

“She wears high heels. I wear sneakers” – As you might remember, this is a famous line in the song “You belong with me” of the famous singer Taylor Swift.

In the past, people used to think that girls had to wear heels to be attractive and feminine. They probably did not expect that sneakers would be so popular one day.

To understand why this item is so hot, let’s explore with Shoesops what kind of clothes these sneakers can match with!

Sports Shoes – The “Needed” Item For Both Men And Women

Versatile but still fashionable

Not to mention, sneakers are always a must-have item for autumn and winter when the weather starts to get cold. However, if sneakers are only used to keep warm, then there is nothing people have to be crazy about in recent years.

With hundreds of shoe brands and thousands of models and styles created by big “tycoons” such as Adidas, Nike and Converse, sports shoes are now an essential fashion accessory for both men and women. Increasingly popular, sneakers are an extremely ideal choice to coordinate with our outfit.

Mixing sneakers with outfit is both easy and difficult

It is not difficult to combine sneakers with clothes, but not everyone knows how to make the combination beautiful and outstanding.

Moreover, when fashion is “unlimited”, sneakers can also match with items that you always consider as “wrong”. So, the hard part is knowing which items you can mix with your shoes and cleverly create the harmony.

Let’s explore all the ways to match sports shoes with our outfit!

Women’s Sports Shoes

  1. Mix sport shoes with jeans and a jean jacket

sport shoes with jeans

If you are looking for a set of clothes to walk around the city in the autumn and winter with a dynamic and youthful style, check out the fashion items that Shoesops has mixed below!

All you need are a loose-fitting jean jacket that can be a bit too wide and low on the shoulders and sleeves and a skinny pair of jeans. Inside a jean jacket, you can wear a crop top, or simply a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Fold up a piece of pants and wear a low-toped sneaker. That’s it!

  1. Mix sport shoes with hoodie

Mix sport shoes with hoodie

The second formula to mix clothes with sneakers for women is with a hoodie.

With sporty style, hoodie and sneaker seem to “be made for each other”. It is not hard to choose a hoodie mixed with jogger pants or jeans.

You should choose shoes with low top and matching tones to coordinate. A stylish handbag or stylish glasses will make your outfit perfect.

  1. Mix sports shoes with culottes pants

Mix sports shoes with culottes pants

If you have never seen anyone mixing culottes pants with sports shoes, add them to your fashion dictionary right away!

The culottes are usually worn by women with very feminine tops such as bralette or camisole, but no one “forbids” the femininity with a bit of dynamism and strength from sport shoes, right?

Choose a plain long-sleeved T-shirt to wear with long or short tube culottes and a pair of sneakers for a day out!

  1. Mix sports shoes with jogger pants

Mix sports shoes with jogger pants

Similar to a hoodie, why not try jogger pants and sneakers when both of these fashion items have the same active and energetic style?

To make the set more stylish, you can mix with Biker leather jacket. The shoes you can choose to mix can be low-toped or high toped.

Don’t be afraid to try on different items to choose the one that best suits you!

  1. Mix sports shoes with jackets

Mix sports shoes with jackets

On colder days when it is early winter, an item that you will want to mix with sneakers is the jacket!

Wondering what outfit to wear inside?

Keep things simple with a turtleneck sweater, a pair of torn baggy jeans and especially indispensable low-toped sneakers.

  1. Mix sports shoes with dress and skirts

Before, when a woman wanted to wear a feminine dress, she would find heels or doll shoes to wear. But now, sneakers can be mixed with all kinds of dresses.

Surprisingly, dynamic sneaker shoes do not destroy the set with dresses or skirts. On the contrary, sneakers can make the overall outfit eye-catching and impressive.

If you have not tried this style, please scroll down now to choose your own one!

Slim dress with sports shoes

Slim dress with sports shoes

If you do not want to create a “slightly older” appearance when wearing a slim dress, sports shoes are a very effective solution for you.

The combination of sports shoes and slim dress is very popular with many girls because the set of clothes not only makes you young and active but also very convenient in everyday activities like going to school and hanging out with friends.

You can choose a plain sleeveless dress or floral/texture motifs worn with a jeans jacket and a pair of sneakers having color that matches the overall set.

Short skirts with sports shoes

Short skirts with sports shoes

It is undeniable that the short skirt with sneakers is a perfect combination.

You can try some of the following formulas:

T-shirt / shirt + spread skirt + sport shoes

Because the spread skirt flatters your waist and hips, cleverly choose the shirt with waist length to emphasize the outfit. With this set, you can unleash your favorite low-top sneakers.

T-shirt / shirt + body hugging skirt + sport shoes

Instead of a spread skirt, a short skirt is also suitable to mix with a pair of sneakers.

Long skirts with sports shoes

Sport shoes are not only mixed with short skirts but also with long skirts. Sneakers can also promote all of their “strength” to make your outfit become more stylish than ever.

Whether long chiffon skirt, pencil skirt or spread denim skirt, you can simply mix them with some items such as sleeveless or short-sleeved T-shirts. The energetic sneakers will make your outfit look even more trendy!

This is all about how women can coordinate their outfit with sneakers.

So, what about guys?

Read on, you won’t be disappointed with the suggestions on combining clothes with sneakers for men.

Men’s Sports Shoes

  1. Mix sports shoes with a hoodie

  • Men’s Hoodie
  • Jeans
  • Sport shoes

This is exactly the “standard” set of clothes for the cool, active and sporty guys!

Choose a hoodie with basic colors like white, black and gray combined with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Simply by this way, you can attract many female gazes!

The hoodie and khaki pants will be very suitable for days when the weather is not too cold. Adding a pair of sneakers, you have completed the extremely masculine and comfortable streetwear outfit.

  1. Mix sports shoes with sportswear

Nothing is better than wearing fashion items with the same style. Why is that? Because they give you a whole outfit that could not be more perfect and better-groomed.

The great combination of men’s sportswear and sports shoes gives you a youthful, dynamic and healthy appearance that is still full of personality.

With this combination, you absolutely can safely wear them anywhere, whether it is a gym or a daily walk in the city.

  1. Mix sports shoes with leather jacket

Are you looking for an outfit to go out in a bit cold weather? Dress up with a leather jacket, jeans and sneakers. A leather jacket will bring you extremely fashionable appearance. It is also very masculine, helping you impress other people.

To complete this set, you can wear a plain T-shirt or a shirt if you want to look more elegant. Finally, add a dark pair of jeans or khaki pants and a pair of stylish sneakers.

  1. Mix sports shoes with jogger pants

Mix sports shoes with jogger pants

Many guys will want to mix jogger pants with sneakers!

Not necessarily a sports workout, even on outings, you can choose to wear jogger pants and sneakers because both items have sporty style.

You will need an extra long-sleeved T-shirt to complete the set. The way to mix this set is simple but certainly not less prominent.

  1. Mix sports shoes with felt coats

If the sporty style of sneakers makes you fed up, why not try the trendy style with your felt jacket and sneakers?

Short felt jacket

Short felt jacket

Try a short double-breasted felt jacket with an elegant neckline! With this jacket, you can choose to wear multi-layer inside: a shirt, jumpers or sometimes a long-sleeved sweater. Pay attention to the length of the shirt you choose!

Along with a felt jacket, a pair of black jeans and low-top sneaker would be a great fit.

Long felt jacket

In addition to a short jacket, sports shoes can also be coordinated with a long jacket. The way to mix the items in the inside layers is similar to that with a short jacket. However, you can freely choose their length.

A top coat with a sufficient length mixed with white sport shoes is more than enough to make you charming and masculine.


You already know how to match sneakers to your outfit very simply and effectively. Use the items and accessories in your closet immediately and dress up with sneakers!

Shoesops wishes you success!