5 Simple but effective ways to make wide shoes smaller

Is it difficult to make wide shoes smaller? How many ways are there to tighten wide shoes? These are the questions that are often asked when you own an oversized pair of shoes! Don’t worry too much! Today, Shoesops will join you to learn and explore ways to handle shoes that are wide.

The trouble of wearing wide shoes

When wearing a shoe that is too wide, you will feel very uncomfortable. Unsteady steps can lead to slow movement and even falls during walking. At the same time, you will feel insecure when hanging out with friends. Your mind will always be focused on the shoes, making it difficult for you to focus on your friends, not to mention that your feet will be sore when wearing oversized shoes all day.

A pair of shoes that fit your feet will make you pleasant in every move. You can run, jump or walk all day comfortably. Amazing, isn’t it!

The reasons why you own oversized shoes

-When you buy shoes online, determining the right size of your shoes has many guidelines. However, each type of shoe often has different size. That leads to the fact that for A shoes, you wear this size but for B shoes you wear a different size. So, note that you should choose the shoe shop that allows you exchange.

-You get a gift, or someone else cedes their shoes to you. This reason is also likely to happen, because not everyone knows your foot size.

-Another reason is that the shoes get wider after a while of walking. This happens quite often, especially for sports shoes.

So we have come to understand the inconveniences when wearing wide shoes as well as the reasons why you own oversized shoes. Embark to find out how to fix it!

5 simple but effective ways to make wide shoes smaller

1. Wear more socks (or use thick socks)

This sounds pretty simple, right? It’s okay to make your feet bigger. You can wear two, or maybe three pairs of socks at a time if the shoes are too wide. For shoes that are a little too wide, you can use thicker socks.

This method is suitable for sports shoes or boots. You should choose socks that have good sweat absorption, and also have good ventilation. Otherwise, it will cause an uncomfortable feeling in the feet. However, if it’s in the hot season or you have a lot of sweat, then you should find another way.

2. Use additional shoe lining

One common way to fix wide shoes is to buy more shoe insoles. It is this lining that will create more fullness of the foot and fill the gap in your shoes.

Note that you should choose a shoe lining equivalent to the size of the shoe you are wearing; otherwise, you will feel unpleasant. At the same time, after each use, you should remove the lining to a cool, dry place to increase longevity as well as avoid bacteria arising inside.

3. Insert small stuffs into the shoes

Have you tried using this wide-fitting shoe repair? If not, then apply immediately, it is quite effective! Use small items such as newspaper, paper towels, or small cloth and put on the uppers of shoes. This is quite suitable for shoes with excess length.

Shoes like heels, doll shoes, and sports shoes are a good fit for this method. But note that this method should not be used if you are traveling long distances, or traveling long time. The reason is that the small items in the shoes will make you uncomfortable.

4. Use urgo pads to tighten shoes

This method is used by many girls when wearing high heels. You can apply it to your shoes, but it only works with shoes that are a little bit wide. The reason is that the urgo pads are quite thin in size.

The use of urgo pads also has the added effect of avoiding friction between the heel and the shoe. This helps the heel painless, even after a long day of moving.

5. Bring to a shoemaker/ shoe repair shop

If you have tried the above methods but still not effective or simply you want to thoroughly overcome the problem of wide shoes, it is time for you to find a shoemaker.

But finding a shoe repair address is no easy task. This profession has gradually disappeared because of the development of human life. You can ask relatives and friends around for a trustworthy address to repair your shoes.

Note that you should only bring your shoes to a repair shop when your shoes are really valuable (such as expensive leather shoes) or you consider them a meaningful gift. This is because the cost of fixing shoes is also quite high, even higher than the value of the shoes. As for sports shoes, you should solve the problem at home; otherwise, buy new shoes!

Tips for wearing wide shoes

When wearing a wide pair of shoes, you need to pay attention to some notes below.

-Pay attention to your body when moving. Many young people wear wide shoes and create a different type of movement. Although it’s a bit uncomfortable when having to wear wide shoes, try to walk upright and move gently. If your leg hurts too much, take a break to relax.

-Move carefully. The movement when wearing wide shoes is always noticeable. For shoes longer than usual, you need to lift your feet higher when walking. Avoid tripping, which often happens when going up and down stairs.

-Pay attention to health effects when wearing wide shoes. Although you have manually overcome the problem of wide shoes, it is inevitable that the feet slip back and forth inside the shoe. If you go for a long time, that could lead to blistering and itching or even skin diseases and osteoarthritis in the long term.

-Consider buying a new pair of shoes. Wearing wide shoes for a long time is very harmful. So, if possible, invest in a new pair of shoes. You can still keep the old wide shoes and wear them occasionally.

So Shoesops has just showed you some simple ways to repair shoes that are wide at home as well as some tips when you own a wide pair of shoes. Hope you gain the useful knowledge for yourself through the article!

Good luck!

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