How to handle when shoes stink to eliminate foot odor

Well, if you’re facing the problem of odor in your shoes & thinking about buying a new pair to replace them then stop & just listen to me what I’ve to say! What if I say that I can solve your problem free of cost or less expensive than buying a new pair of shoes? Shall you still buy a new pair? Man… there’re very simple & easy methods to get rid of that unpleasant odor!

I’m going to discuss them in this post and I assure you that you’ll thank me for this later, after reading those methods and try them out! Because this will save your money as well as solving your problem. So let’s start!

Check for the cause first & then use methods given ahead

First of all check for the cause that’s causing the unpleasant odor. If you found out that it is the insoles that are causing odor then remove them from the shoes & place them in a sunny spot to dry them. As per scientific view on this method is that the odor is mainly caused by bacterias & by keeping insoles in the sunny spot will kill those & dry out your insoles. But if this trick doesn’t work for you then you can replace them with a new pair of insoles which is less expensive than buying a new pair of shoes, right? But if you find that your shoes are the cause of odor then don’t worry, there’re also many solutions to this.

First, you should try some baking soda. Just put a healthy dose of baking soda in the shoes for the whole night because it is known for absorption! It’ll absorb the odor from your shoes by overnight & in the morning you’ll have an odor-free pair of shoes. Use the hair dryer to dry the shoes if you’re in a hurry, if not, then put the shoes in a sunny spot to dry them.

In another method, you can use is to place the shoes in a sunny place or near a heater to dry them out, the reason behind this is that the bacterias that cause odor will be killed due to overheating. The raises of the sun can kill the bacterias like nothing else & there’s also another fact that bacterias need a certain temperature to grow & overheating will eventually kill them!

Another method is freezing. Just put your shoes in a plastic bag & then place it in the freezer for the night. The theory behind this is by freezing the shoes there can’t be any bacterial growth which causes odor & it’ll also kill the bacterias. So you can also try out this method.

In the next trick, you can use a lemon or lime peel. You’ve to put either lemon or lime peel into your shoes & then leave it for a night.  Then you’ll get a better smell from your shoes than the odor & you already known to smells of these(lemon & lime peel). Just remove them before using the shoes.

The next trick you can use is to insert a new dryer fabric softener sheet in each shoe & leave it for the night.  It’ll remove odor from the shoes & will make them of use for you(don’t forget to remove sheets you placed before putting the shoes on).

In the next method, you can use salt. Splash some salt in your shoes. It’ll soak up the moisture & remove the odor. So the salt can be useful in order to get rid of the odor. The trick you can use is rubbing alcohol. By pouring some rubbing alcohol over the dirty part of the shoes will help to reduce the smell & sterilize the shoes. You can also use this trick.

These are some proven methods ahead

In another trick, you can use tea bags. Boil a tea bag in water for about 3-4 minutes & then remove it from the water. Leave it in the open air to let it cool down naturally rather than putting it in a freezer, after cooling it down put it in shoe for an hour. Then remove it from the shoe & clean up the shoe if there’s any liquid left in the shoe. Black tea contains tannins which help to kill the bacteria & also helps to remove the smell.

The next trick is to use baby powder. Rub baby powder on your feet before putting the shoes on. It is a very effective method to prevent the smell on the feet. It is a precautionary step to prevent the feet from smelling. In the next method, you can use lavender oil. Pour 1 or 2 drops of the lavender oil on the sole of each shoe. It’ll help to remove the odor & add some anti-bacterial properties. It’ll also replace the smell of odor with a cool fresh fragrance.

The next method is to use a mixture of water & vinegar. Take a jar & mix water & vinegar in the ratio of 50-50%. Then spray this mixture in the soles of your shoes & leave it for the 30 minutes in the air to dry it. It’ll help to remove the odor from your shoes. You can dry your shoes with the hair dryer if you’re in a hurry. In the next method, you can use Vinegar with baking soda to remove the smell from the shoes. Take one cup of baking soda & one cup of vinegar. First, add the cup of baking soda in each shoe. After that add the cup of vinegar to the shoes, vinegar will cause the baking soda to bubble. Leave the shoes as it is for the next 15 minutes & then wash them & put in a sunny spot to dry.

So, what’s your next step now?

So you can see that there are many methods to get rid of odor in very simple, easy & effective ways. And all these methods can be used with the help of stuff we use daily at our homes. So? Shall you still go to buy a new pair of shoes for such a silly thing? The decision is yours!

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