How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes

It is believed that high-quality leather shoes always have a high durability, but after a period of use, leather shoes cannot avoid getting cracked. Take some small below tips to remove those annoying cracks from your leather shoes!

Use egg white for small cracks on leather shoes

Normally, small cracks on high-quality leather shoes are caused by the fact that the shoes are too wide for your feet, causing extra gaps and so when you are walking, leather shoes are folded, which lead to cracks. If these cracks are only mild and new, you can use 1-2 egg whites applied on the surface of the leather and then polish the shoes carefully. Your shoes will be shiny and regain their original flatness. If you feel your leather shoes are wrinkled in a worse condition, paraffin will be the rescue for you. Fill cracks on the shoes with paraffin and then use flat iron to heat leather shoes at low temperatures.

How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes

Fresh milk can reduce cracks and lighten your leather shoes

If you are familiar with the steps of shoe care, you probably know that fresh milk can help high-quality leather shoes to become shiny as new. In addition to that use, fresh milk can also help the cracks on leather shoes disappear easily. Soak fresh milk on a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe all over the surface of your high-class leather shoes. In this way, you can both eliminate annoying cracks and make your high-quality leather shoes softer and less prone to cracking.

Use lard to get rid of stiff cracks

If egg whites and fresh milk are not effective on your wrinkled leather shoes, think of an extremely simple and easy to find ingredient: lard. You also do not need to perform too complicated manipulations. Just apply a little lard on the cracks on your high-end leather shoes and then carefully use a small fire to allow the grease to fully absorb into the shoes. Then leave the shoes to rest for 1-2 days. Finally, to eliminate unwanted odors and stains caused by lard, you can use alcohol 70% to wipe and polish the shoes to make them become glossier.

A steam iron can handle cracks on leather shoes more easily

It sounds a bit strange, but the truth is that the usefulness of an iron is to remove cracks on wrinkled leather shoes very well. The first thing to note when you use the steam iron is to make sure that the iron is at a low enough temperature. Next, place a cotton cloth on the creased surface of the leather shoes and iron for a few seconds with the steam iron. After removing the cloth, you will see that all wrinkles are ironed flat and your high-quality leather shoes are as nice as new.

Use alcohol carefully to erase cracks on leather shoes

This is probably a very useful but also a dangerous material for high-end leather shoes. Therefore, be very careful when using alcohol to remove cracks on leather shoes. First, you should only try a little alcohol on a spot of the heel of the leather shoes. If you do not see signs of discoloration of the shoes, continue to apply alcohol to other surfaces of the shoes and then wipe dry with a soft cotton cloth. Finally, soften your high-quality leather shoes with a conditioner specifically for leather shoes!

Hopefully, with these 5 helpful tips, you will be able to handle the nasty cracks on your high-class leather shoes.

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