How to Clean Leather Sneakers

Nowadays, demand for leather sneakers is increasing. We believe that most of you have a pair of leather shoes to go to work or party. So, you need to memorize a few simple but effective tips on cleaning leather shoes to keep them always clean and bright.

1. Using natural ingredients

Banana peels

The banana skin contains a substance that can eliminate dirt and protect the surface of leather materials. So, using the inside of the banana skin to clean leather shoes will certainly cleanse dirt and even help your leather shoes become shiny as new.

Cow’s milk

You can take advantage of some leftover cow’s milk that has expired to clean the surface of leather shoes.


You can add a few drops of vinegar to your polish when cleaning your leather shoes. This makes sure your shoes will be clean and prevents daily dirt adhesion.


Before polishing, you can clean leather shoes with lemon juice or vinegar

Light-colored or white leather shoes are easier to stick to dirt. To overcome this situation, before polishing your leather shoes, you should wipe through your shoes with fresh lemon juice or vinegar and then use a dry and soft towel to wipe again. The substances in lemon juice and vinegar help prevent dirt effectively.

2. Using chemicals

Step 1: The way to clean leather shoes is the same as cleaning other types of shoes. You need to clean out the dirt first. If your leather shoes are wired, the first thing to do is to remove them to easily clean the hidden corners. You can use a soft bristle brush or dry towel in this step. Gently wipe to remove all dust and dirt on the surface.

Step 2: Clean your leather shoes with thin soap. Except for some special leather materials, using diluted soap will help remove stubborn stains easily. Note that avoid spreading the cleaning solution on the inside of the shoes (such as cushion and sole). It takes very long for these parts to dry; they are also easily damaged and glue there is easy to peel off.

Cleaning suede boots

Step 3: Use a towel to dry the cleaned parts. Actually, you should limit washing your leather shoes because most leather shoes will be damaged if exposed to water for too long. If possible, leave the shoes in a cool and dry place for 20-30 minutes before starting the next step.

Step 4: Remove the white spot caused by dirty water after drying. If you live in places with heavy rain or wet weather, your shoes will appear white spots due to water remaining after the shoes dry. To remove this unsightly stain, you can use diluted white vinegar to gentle wipe the shoes several times. Then, do not forget to use a dry towel to wipe again.

Step 5: Polish your shoes. Use specialized products to brighten the leather shoes to make them look like new and effectively turn the old shoes into new ones. Don’t forget to clean the shoelaces and soles too!


Wrap the shoe brush with socks

The brush cover will bring the most effective lightening effect on your leather shoes, increasing the cleanliness and shine of leather shoes after polishing.

Polish shoes with parchment paper

To help keep the white leather shoes clean and bright longer, you need to use parchment paper. After you’ve cleaned the shoes with specialized products, you should clean the shoes one more time with parchment paper, then use a warm towel to wipe away the remaining dirt. Certainly, your shoes will be cleaner and brighter than your expectations.

3. How to clean suede shoes

Because the material is “fastidious” and hydrophobic, you must follow special steps to clean your suede shoes.

Step 1: Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean stains. Gently wipe over the shoes once before cleaning them. For stubborn stains, gently move the brush back and forth until the stain is gone. Remember that rubbing too hard will damage your suede shoes and make them unsightly.

Step 2: Use an eraser to fade the scratches. No matter how thoroughly you take care of your shoes, it’s hard to avoid scratches on them. Don’t worry! Use an eraser to gently rub those scratches. You can’t remove the scratches completely but they will fade and very difficult to recognize.

Step 3: Eliminate grease stains. Avoid using gasoline to remove grease. This causes the shoes to smell and also damages them. Instead, use cornstarch or dry soap to remove grease on suede shoes. You just need to cover the grease with cornstarch/ dry soap and wait for 1 – 2 hours before using the brush to clean again.

Step 4: Use protective solution. If possible, buy a protective spray bottle to somewhat help the shoes to avoid dirt and also protect the shoes from weather factors such as rain, humidity and temperature.

Above are some useful tips for cleaning leather and suede shoes. Hopefully, with the suggestions of Shoesops, you will always be confident in any event.

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