How to choose the right shoes for girls

Shoes are believed to be a fairly regular consumer item for humans, especially for women.  Shoes are always considered a type of fashion accessories that go with our outfits. For the same reason, the business of footwear depends largely on whether shop owners know the advice on how to choose women’s shoes to make customers feel satisfied.

Today, Shoesops will share some tips that shoe shop owners can capture to advise their customers on how to choose women’s shoes most accurately.

Tips for choosing high heels

How to choose the height of the shoe

For those who are not used to wearing high heels, it is best to start walking with a height of 1 – 2 inches. Avoid wearing shoes that are too high to make yourself look like standing up in front of other people.  Other people will think you are circulating with unnatural movements.

How to choose shoe size

The fact that if you wear shoes over 2 inches, your foot will tend to be pushed forward and compressed into the toe of the shoe. Therefore, to avoid soreness, shoe buyers need to measure their foot sizes correctly, and choose shoes that are a bit wider to avoid toe swelling when walking too much.

Normally, if you wear shoes from 2 to 4 inches high, you should choose one size larger than your foot size. If you wear shoes over 6 inches, you should choose shoes one and a half size wider.

How to choose the uppers of shoes

When buying high heels, women often wonder whether to wear open-toed or closed shoes. In addition to the aesthetics and preferences of each person, the choice of closed or open-toed shoes depends on each person’s foot shape. For beginners, they should not confine their feet and tie their toes together by wearing closed-toed heels. As a shoe seller, you can advise them to choose open-toed shoes so that they can feel more comfortable and confident in every step.

How to choose the texture of the shoes

When buying high heels, the heel and heel pads play a very important role. Buyers should tap the heel of the shoe to check the softness and elasticity, whether it supports heel protection.

Some notes when buying high heels:

– The sole of the shoe must be flexible but still have a hard bottom. The heel is guaranteed in the middle to keep balance. It is best for the buyer to try the shoes to feel.

– The distance between the big toe and the tip of the shoe must be as wide as the length of the thumb nail. If the tip of the shoe is pointed, the distance must be a little wider. Choose shoes with fake tip or long tip or open-toed designs to avoid toe pain.

– Choose shoes made from leather, suede or cloth, because these materials will often be airy and help reduce the likelihood of blistering when you are wearing high heels.

– Buy shoes at the end of the day because that is the time when your feet are the largest. Do not try to cram your feet into a smaller pair of shoes. Never expect that the shoes will expand after a while, because the expansion will be negligible.

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Tips for choosing flats

Unlike high heels, the expansion of the flats is much larger, which is why many people feel very uncomfortable after a period of use. So, when you choose to buy flat shoes, you should choose the shoes that are a bit tight. It’s best to put on the insoles when you try the shoes. Moreover, try the shoes at the end of the day because that’s when our feet are the largest.

The best way to choose flats is to carefully examine the soles of the shoes and the inside details of the shoes:

– The sole of the shoe should be a little thick and especially soft. It is best for it to be able to be bent to support the foot and ankle muscles when users are moving. If the sole is too thin, you will have to use it with a pad;

– The sole of the shoe must also have a “rough” surface with many grooves to create friction to help prevent slip;

– Look at the details inside the shoes, especially the lining. Leather will help your feet minimize sweat.

Tips for choosing sports shoes

The choice of sports shoes will be quite different from other types of shoes. It depends a lot on the user’s foot style.

– Too concave feet: Choosing a wide pair of shoes will help users feel more comfortable. If you have to walk a lot, use an extra pad to help balance your feet.

– Normal feet: A perfectly fit pair of shoes will be the optimal choice. Therefore, you can freely choose to buy shoes with standard size without having to worry about anything.

Too flat feet: For people with this type of foot, the soles and heels are the points that need to be more concerned. It is best to try and go back for a while to choose a pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

In addition, when choosing sports shoes, you also need to consider the purpose and level of the activity. It could be just a walk or a light workout or a gym with lots of different forms of exercise or even a high-intensity workout.

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Some notes when choosing sports shoes:

– Test carefully before buying and walking/running to really feel comfortable;

– Check the inside of the shoes to avoid errors such as bumps or roughness affecting the feet when moving;

– The tip and heel of the shoe must be elastic and able to bend along the contours of the foot;

– Buy shoes made from aerobic material to absorb shock better. The foot pads must be soft and well absorbent;

– The shoe should be wide enough. The distance from the longest toe to the tip of the shoe must be at least equal to the tip of the thumb.

Tips for choosing sandals

The choice of sandals is often easier than high heels, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to careful. The most important thing when buying sandals is to avoid buying infirm pairs. To check the balance, you can place both pieces on a flat surface and observe. In addition, choose to buy sandals with wide heels to walk more steadily. Sandals with leather straps will help keep the feet fixed and prevent scratches. In addition, sandals with wide tips will help the toes be more comfortable. Moreover, check the bottom of the straps for any rub that could hurt your feet when you are moving.