How do Adidas shoes fit?

Adidas is one of the famous brands, receiving the attention of many people, especially young people. However, liking is not enough; you also need to know how to choose the shoe size that fits your foot.

Instructions on how to choose Adidas shoe size


  • A sheet of paper that is bigger than your foot
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

Convention: L is foot length, N is shoe size

How to choose shoe size through measuring foot size

1. Draw your foot on the sheet of paper

2. Draw a line along the width and the length of your foot

3. Use a ruler to measure the size of your foot based on straight lines that you have just drawn in step 2.

4. Use the ruler to measure the width in the downward direction. There are still shoes with different widths, so when measuring, you need to measure the width.

5: After you have owned all the measurements, you deduct 0.2 inches (0.5 cm) from each measurement to correspond to the difference of the pencil foot and actual foot.

Adidas sneakers

Factors to consider when choosing Adidas shoe size


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing Adidas sports shoes is the size of the shoes. You have to look for beautiful shoes that make you feel good and comfortable. The best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon when the feet are comfortable and at the largest size so that we can try shoes with accurate results.


Even when you’ve chosen the right size, you must make sure that your feet feel absolutely delight when you are wearing your shoes. Your shoes must embrace your feet nicely; they should not be too wide or too tight.

You also know that wearing tight shoes will not only cause pain for your feet, but also cause other dangerous diseases in the long run such as foot deformities, crooked feet and calluses. A too wide pair of shoes will make you feel uncomfortable when you are moving because the steps are not solid. Therefore, when buying Adidas shoes, you must try and feel the comfort of shoes.


The style of Adidas shoes completely depends on the preferences of each person. Different people like different models. You have to focus on choosing the right color for you and see if the shoes are suitable for your outfit.


You have to find yourself a pair of shoes with solid material and solid shoe frame, but the inside part should be soft. The solid material helps to keep the shoe shape and prevents damage caused by long-term use and other external forces.

Some models of modern Adidas shoes

Adistar Boost ESM

Adistar Boost ESM is an extremely good model of running shoes and is appreciated by many famous runners. The flexible appearance supports the seamlessness of the shoe body to provide users with great comfort. At the same time, the shoe has heel cushioning that supports the ideal heel, increasing energy for the running foot. Adistar Boost ESM’s appearance is very sporty, strong and stylish.

Adidas Ultra Boost

This model is dubbed the best running shoe in the world announced by Adidas. The model combines the two-best technology of Adidas: the ultimate BOOST technology for smooth running, energy return and high durability blended with PRIMEKNIT technology for an extremely good performance. Moreover, Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are extremely eye-catching.

Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are super versatile in that users can wear the shoes for running, doing gym, playing sports or just going out in casual occasions.  Not too surprisingly, Ultra Boost has developed into a global craze when many types of this model 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 with popular and beautiful faint color variations are sold in the market.

Ultraboost Uncaged

The first impression of Uncaged is its clean, minimalistic, simple but beautiful feature. The BOOST technology for the sole helps lift the running power. PRIMEKNIT fabric fits perfectly to users’ feet, so during the running time, the shoes will be super flexible and supple. When you finish running, your feet are still dry and not sweaty. In terms of fashion, Uncaged has a touch of streetstyle fashion, so it is quite diverse. The color scheme is beautiful when there are many colors for you to choose from.

Pureboost ZG Prime M Running Shoe

This is the younger sister of Pure Boost ZG but improved with soft prime fabric to help users’ feet move smoothly. This is a pair of shoes you need to invest in for versatility. The outsole sticks to the road well, and the durability is super high, enhancing the resilience.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boost Running Sneaker Shoe

Engineered Mesh material provides excellent ventilation and foot-friendliness. The shoe-covered coating helps to keep the feet covered when running, with TORSION technology in the sole to support the moving feet. As a sports companion, SuperNova Glide 7 can be used on almost any road surface to give you a comfortable running experience. This model has the 3-stripe logo as its noticeable feature.

Adidas Energy Boost 3.0

As the name suggests, this model represents energy. That is, the sole of the shoe will absorb the energy from the ground and then return the energy to the running steps. So, the running shoes will give you a variety of energy; your running will be more durable and stronger. Good performance, strong appearance, flexibility and durability are the reasons why Energy Boost 3.0 is widely loved by athletes. This model is also versatile when you can also wear it for light walking.

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