Simple tips for extending the life of your running shoes

One of the most important things of those who love running is to find a pair of standard running shoes. A pair of standard and good running shoes will give you great support when you run. Therefore, it is important to know how to keep the durability of the shoes. You need to know how to “take care” of your running shoes. Do NOT think this is unnecessary because the cost of a pair of running shoes is not gentle at all. You must be concerned about extending the life of your shoes.

“What have you done to increase the life of your running shoes?”. A lot of people have the same answer to this question: “Use the shoes for the right purpose and wash them regularly.” Do you have the same answer? If so, your answer is right but not enough.

Choose the right type of running shoes

The protection of your running shoes starts right from the way you choose the shoes. Even beginners know that there is more than one type of running shoes. The purpose and design of the flat running shoes will be different from terrain running shoes and will not be the same with trekking shoes. Therefore, it is the best to choose a pair of shoes that suit the target of your practice. This will not only make your shoes more durable, but also make your training more effective. You should also choose shoes that fit your foot type: normal, flat feet, overpronation, heel spurs, high arches, bad knees,…

Use your shoes properly

The right way means that the running shoes are the best for you when you use them to run only. Of course, you can use daily running shoes to even do aerobics, zumba,… but when your shoes are used improperly, there is no guarantee of effectiveness of your training, and the durability of the shoes can be reduced.

Adjust shoelaces after each wear

Have you many times put on (and off) your running shoes without removing the shoelaces? This has become a habit for many people, partly because it is convenient, and most people find that removing the shoelaces is not necessary when they can be easily inserted. This habit can make your shoes lose their form, break the heels and reduce the grip of the shoes. Gradually, you will feel like the shoes are wider because they have lost the form. Removing shoelaces every time you wear the shoes is important.

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Wash your shoes properly

One of the most influential factors on the durability of shoes is the cleaning. If not properly cleaning them, you will have to say goodbye to your beloved running shoes.

How often should your shoes be washed?

There is no certain rule about this. Depending on the level of use and where you exercise, you can choose the time for cleaning your shoes as proper. The average can be once a month if you only run normally on flat roads. For those who run on the terrain or on the muddy road, the frequency should be shortened.

As for cleaning the outside of the shoes, you should do it more often.

Hand wash or machine wash?

Whether running shoes or any kind of shoes, washing by hand is always the best. Strong washing ability and high intensity of the washing machine will distort the form of your running shoes. Hand-washing helps you keep the shape of the shoes. You can also focus on scrubbing stubborn stains because not all shoes can be scoured the same way. This is something a machine cannot do.

Should we use washing powder?

According to experts’ advice, washing powder should not be used to wash shoes. The strong detergent properties do not match the material of running shoes in particular and sports shoes in general. You should replace washing powder with milder detergents such as soap, shampoo and shower gel. Toothpaste is also a great choice. If possible, you can buy specialized cleaning solutions, which guarantee not only shoe cleaning but also better shoe protection to help extend the life of the shoes.

Do NOT soak your shoes in water for too long

Unlike clothing, the layers of the shoes are attached by glue. If you soak the shoes in water for too long, it will make these glue layers susceptible to damage.

Hang your shoes in a cool place

Running shoes after washed should be allowed to dry naturally in well-ventilated places and away from direct sunlight. The shoes can be wrapped with white paper to dry faster and have fewer stains. Using a dryer is not recommended.

Store your shoes properly

You should also pay attention to how to store your shoes. Every time you finish using your shoes, keep them in a well-ventilated area so that the water and sweat left in the shoes fly away. It is also possible to leave tea bags or paper inside the shoes to eliminate the odors as well.

The shoes should be left in the box if you do not intend to use them for a long time.

You should have at least two pairs of running shoes

Every item needs “recovery” time. One way to ensure your running shoes’ life is to reduce their use time by buying another pair of shoes. The alternation between the two shoes creates a time period for the shoes to “rest”. It is also proved that alternating the running shoes will make your feet more adjusted and thereby it reduces injury when you are running.

Do NOT just be the savvy shopper who knows how to choose the best pair of running shoes. Turn yourself into the smartest shoe user from the smallest things.

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