Simple and Effective Tips to Cure Peeling of Men’s Leather Shoes

Who doesn’t love leather shoes? Everyone does. Leather products broadcast grace, elegance, and style. Leather shoes go with every attire and enhance the overall look and personality of the wearer.

However, leather shoes can also show signs of wear and tear with time. Not everyone understands the proper way to take care of their luxury leather accessories. Time corrodes the skin of your shoes, and slowly, the leather shoes begin to peel and flake off.

Once the pair of shoes has completely lost its integrity, it becomes almost impossible to “nurse” it back to health. Experts iterate the importance of the precaution over cure in this case. There are some effective tips to cure peeling of men’s leather shoes. Once you see the first signs of peeling, try the below-mentioned tips.

Men’s Leather Shoes

What Are Helpful Tips to Fix Leather Peeling?

The frenzy of last-minute polishing can only offer temporary shine to your shoes. Regular shoe maintenance requires consistent care and utmost care for your leather shoes.

Smooth Cloth Vs. Shoe Brush

Somehow, we collectively believe in the power of shoe brushes without considering their impact on the leather. The harsh and rigid tooth combs of the brush can ultimately damage the leather and hasten the process of peeling without raising any alarms.

Experts suggest using smooth cloth or rag for shoe polishing. Dip the rag into the tin of shoe polish and gently caress the smooth leather shoes with the rag. Even strokes across the top and the sides of the shoes should do the job of shining it up without hurting the product.

Dry with Natural Air

The perfect piece of advice would be not to get your shoes wet. However, that becomes unavoidable in some circumstance. If your shoes are wet, dry them with natural air.

People often make the mistake of leaving their shoes by a heater or fireplace to dry them. This, in turn, heats the water molecules seeping inside the fabric of the shoes. Leave your shoes in an area with open airflow.

Let them dry slowly in an area where there’s good air flow. Leaving them by the heater will shrink the leather and loosen the bonding material. This speeds up the process of cracking, peeling and discoloration. I have lost many a pair to my heating furnace.

Store in Cool Places

We have all read the caution on medicine bottles to store them in a cool and dry place. Well, the same goes for your expensive leather shoes.

When you are not wearing your shoes, keep them away from sunlight and hot places. Also keep them away from wet, moist or humid containers. Keep them in a dry and cool place. This ensures that the fabric stays intact for a long period.

Separate The Shoes

Your various pairs of shoes need space from one another. If you have a habit of throwing your shoes in a jumble at the bottom of your closet or shoving them under your bed, they may rub against one another, causing scratches and scuffs.

Keep your pairs separate and store them in an organized manner. Neatly place them in a clean container box and keep them away from one another. A little space always helps with relationships and leather peeling.

Shoe Trees

Ever wondered why shoemakers or shoe sellers keep shoe trees inside the pair. Well, the wooden shoe mannequins ensure that your pair of shoes resume its original shape after a long leather-stretching day at work.

Keep shoe trees inside the shoes so that when they cool off, dry and contract, they should be able to retain their original shape. An uneven shape can also cause peeling, cracking and aging of shoes.

Some scrunched up newspaper or pieces of tissue will also do the job if you don’t have access to shoe trees.

Get Rid of Salt Stains

I have lived in a snowy and wet area for over a decade now. Thunderstorms here don’t bring vampires out to play baseball, but they do leave salt stains and white stains on my leather shoes.

The wet and snowy weather conditions leave behind their memories in the form of white sticky stains on the shoes. These stains, if not addressed on time, may cause long-term consequence and cause scuffing, peeling and cracking of your shoes’ top.

Mix vinegar and water and use a cloth to remove the white stains properly. Let it dry afterward and your shoes will be free of peeling.

Clean Before Storing the Shoes

I used to come home right after a long day at work and throw my shoes into the cabinet. Although the cabinets were clean, dry and cool, yet my shoes started peeling.

If you leave your shoes dirty overnight or leave them dirty for a long period, the dirt particles can seep into the fabric of your shoes. Make sure you clean your shoes properly before shoving them into the nearest cabinet. Clean them with a wet cloth, let them dry and then store them appropriately.

Men’s Leather Shoes

What Do We Have to Say?

Shoe care and maintenance are never given enough attention since people assume that their shoes don’t need utmost care. A simple polishing once a day is considered to be standard. This is not true.

If you want to take care of your shoes and avoid peeling, cracking and aging, you need to ensure that you are attending to their care regularly.

You need to protect your investment. Let them dry in natural air, polish them with a soft cloth, clean them after every use and store them in a separate dry and cool place. These simple yet effective tips will make sure that your leather shoes don’t start peeling for decades to come.

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