10 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches 2022 – For Men and Women

High arched feet or rather a Cavus foot is a condition that strikes the legs around the ankles region. A cavus foot makes your feet arch quite high placing excessive weigh on your feet’s balls. Granted, this is not a delightful experience. Visible signs of this condition are pain, something you cannot miss.

Problems to your neurological system are primarily responsible for high arches. It is important that you determine the root cause of a high arched foot since this will determine the future of this condition. If it is from your nervous system, then this condition will likely get worse.

High arches are quite easy to notice. You cannot fail to notice the pain first of all. Instability, bent toes, and calluses to your feet are other signs of this condition.

This condition can be corrected by wearing the right kind of walking shoes. Shoes that will support your ankles and add stability to your feet are recommended for this. Wide heels will also add to your stability as you walk.

Normal walking shoes are primarily designed for comfort and easy breathability of your legs. They aren’t aimed at much else after these two. However, walking shoes for high arches have a lot more going on for them.

Granted, finding well designed and super comfy walking shoes can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone out there. That is why this article has drawn up ten of the best walking shoes for high arches you can get on market. Half of them are aimed at men with the other half targeting women. Whichever side you come from, be sure to get an idea of the best option for you.

How You Can Choose The Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

Wearing the correct shoes for high arches can help alleviate the pain, and to some extent, help correct the condition. For one, you will need to find shoes that will distribute your body weight evenly. This will prevent pressure buildup on specific points at your feet.

There are a number of things to put into consideration when choosing out the best shoes for high arches. One key thing among them is the padding that the shoe comes with. This cushioning brings with it added levels of comfort and support to your feet. That is why it should hardly be overlooked.

You can also look at the brand and overall design. The article is basically meant to give you some of the best options to go with when picking out shoes for high arches.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

Orthofeet 611 Montery Bay Men's Comfort Diabetic Extra Depth ShoeMen4.7
Nike Men's Air Monarch Iv Cross TrainerMen4.8
Brooks Ghost 9Men4.9
New Balance Men’s MW928v2Men4.6
Olukai OhanaMen4.8
Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Action WalkerWomen4.7
Brooks Addiction Women’s WalkerWomen4.8
Brooks Addiction Women’s Walker V-StrapWomen4.6
Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Slip Resistant SneakerWomen4.6
Spring Step Women’s Orella Sling back Sandal2Women4.8

There are tens of shoes out there you can pick out for high arches. All of them are literally made to provide comfort to your feet with better support for your ankles. This is key because too much pressure on a single point will increase the pain and increase your high arch.

The shoes discussed below are some of the best offerings out there. They are highly rated and are sure to alleviate your pain from high arches.

1. Orthofeet 611 Montery Bay Men’s Comfort Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe

These are one of the most comfortable walking shoes you can find out there. They are packed with a host of comfort features such as a soft interior, excellent cushioning and fantastic arch support.

Besides the comfort, these shoes will take away the pain in your heels and help you walk around more. Walking is good for you since you will exercise your feet more comfortable. The cushioning adjusts to the shape of your feet. This brings an added sense of comfortability as you walk. This conformity coupled with air cushioning also helps ease the pain and gives you much-needed comfort as you walk around.

The pros that this shoe comes with are a seam-free design, excellent cushioning and great arch support. Everything about this pair screams comfort from even the look itself.

These shoes are designed for people with a wide range of feet problems especially those that bring about high arches. Getting these shoes means that you will soon be forgetting about any kind of a pain in your feet. Back pain, knee pain, pain in your arches and even the Achilles tendon will be a thing of the past.

From its high rating on Amazon, you can be sure of what you are paying for. What are you waiting for, just get on that computer and order yourself a pair of walking shoes and forget about high arches?


  • Soft interior
  • Excellent air cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Seam-free design


  • Small compared to size

2. Nike Men’s Air Monarch Iv Cross Trainer

NIKE is a well know brand in the footwear industry. These guys have a vast experience in making some of the best shoes out there. Whether you want something for exercising, sports or just for walking, you can be sure the guys at NIKE have got something that suits you.

These shoes are the perfect companion for your feet especially if you’ve got high arches. They incorporate technology that will help you train with ease as well as comfort your feet. With this pair, you no longer have to worry about having any pain as you go about exercising.

They incorporate a leather covering on the surface with soft material on the inside. This interior offers a superb comfortability for your feet. This lightweight design eases your feet from too much stress as a result of physical exertion.

A Phylon midsole is used here to give you the comfort you so desire. It also assists in shock absorption for your workouts and all. From its name, these shoes incorporate a NIKE air-sole technology. With these shoes, you are assured of the best performance as well as comfort for your feet in general.

All in all, whether you are looking to run or just casually take a walk around somewhere, NIKE is your best bet. If you have high arches, then this particular shoe is exactly what you need on your feet. Whether you want to do some aggressive training or simply something light, the Monarch Iv should be under you.

You can easily expect to get value for your money here even with its superb durability. You will surely be enjoying this pair for quite a while.


  • Durability
  • Phylon midsole for optimum comfort
  • Lightweight design
  • Generally awesome for regular walking


  • The size seems smaller than the design
  • Not many colors

3. Brooks Ghost 9



This succeeds the previous rendition of the shoe, the Ghost 8. Being an update, it has a couple of cool features that are aimed at giving you the best feeling of comfort.

With this piece of footwear, you also get to contribute to the earth’s conservation due to its eco-friendly design principle.

Ghost 9 is among the best shoes out there for people with high arches as well as planter conditions. The pair is designed to be very sensitive to pain so as to keep you upright and balanced. Ghost 9 ranks among the best shoes to alleviate you of any pain.

Therefore, Ghost 9 is a perfect example of an impeccable walking shoe for high arches. The eco-friendly design, high energy cushioning and lightweight design gives this piece of footwear an added advantage over other examples out there.

Omega Flex grooves feature prominently on Brook’s superior walking shoe. This will keep you up and balanced as well as free of any pain. Expect no unwanted shocks with the damping effect of crash pads incorporated into the shoe’s design principle. The high energy is cushioning adds to this shock absorbing feature as well.


  • Omega grooves for better feet support
  • Superior dampening from crash pads
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Lightweight design


  • The size may not be universal

4. New Balance Men’s MW928v2



This pair comes with an EVA midsole for that perfect cushioning effect and ultra-comfort as you walk. Other features about these shoes is that they also have roll bar technology and a PU insert to help it perform exceptionally well in uneven terrain.

Nothing defines New Balance’s exceptional performance when walking. Their effects are so strong that you will sooner realize your potential sooner than you expect. Athletes are not the only ones this shoe company has set its eyes on. The experience you will get here will have you feeling like a sportsperson in no time. You are going to love the feeling these shoes give in general.

If you’ve got a cavus foot, then you are a perfect candidate for New Balance’s latest offering. The level of comfort on it is superb. There are several widths this shoe comes in, and this is aimed at giving you extra comfort, something high arches needs.

The shoe is designed with perforations to make your feet breathe easily. Besides the comfort, you will hardly be burning up when exercising. Sweaty feet? No problem. New Balance has got you covered.

The comfort levels on this specific shoe are immense. You will definitely be left feeling like you are walking on clouds.

New Balance hardly ever underperforms when it comes to footwear. Perfection is what you will be getting when this is on you. Say goodbye to painful steps with New Balance Men.


  • EVA midsole technology
  • Rollbar technology
  • Superb performance on uneven terrain
  • Wide range of width sizes


  • May not be targeted at casual exercising

5. Olukai Ohana



The name is inspired by Hawaiian culture and as you can already guess, is aimed at beachgoers. In addition, it still is an excellent shoe for land people as well. Overly, Olukai Ohana is an excellent walking shoe for high arches in spite of where you will be using it.

This shoe, definitely conforms to the shape of your feet and is so comfortable that you would rather have them on than off while having a good time by the seaside.

There are a pair of significant elements that make these shoes your right walking partner. The ICEVA footbed alongside an EVA midsole makes this another superior example of comfortability and pain relief.

This shoe can also double up as a sandal. The snug fit you get here is seriously awesome. You will hardly ever fall out of love with this Hawaiian masterpiece.


  • Lightweight design principle
  • ICEVA footbed and EVA midsole for more comfort
  • Snug fit


  • Durability is not guaranteed

6. Vionic Orthaheel Women’s Action Walker

Got high arches? Then worry not, this walking shoe will sooner help ease the pain and provide much-needed relief for your feet. The company Vionic was founded by pro podiatrists, and this fact only gives you an idea that this shoe means business. The APMA seal of approval adds to the shoe’s credibility among other walking kicks.

Besides supporting your body, the shoes are aimed at correcting your posture and gait. They will also protect you against smelly feet with a treated orthotic insert. There are very few offerings out there with this kind of superiority.

It is no wonder then how much women all over the globe have fallen in love with these shoes. Whether for running or simply having a stroll out in the park, you will not regret putting these on.


  • Orthotic insert for smelly feet
  • APMA approval seal
  • Pro podiatrist background


  • Might not be as durable as other walking shoes out there
  • Not easy to open up when new

7. Brooks Addiction Women’s Walker



Across different online stores, this shoe is receiving very positive reviews alongside and overly high rating across the board. This is not for nothing and here is why.

They come bundled with awesome goodies to make your high arches disappear hence correcting over supination. Brooks is one of those companies that you cannot simply ignore when it comes to footwear.

The sole does not slip as easily as others, and this is something many people will appreciate on this. Excellent cushioning is also another great element that this shoe has. Both rear fore and rear foot Hydro flow add on to the superb comfort you will feel here. The shoe is also quite stable from the three density levels at the sides.

The shoe also boasts of superior dampening and shock absorption. A MOGO insole is responsible for this. The extra cushioning from the hydro flow also adds to this effect.

Your heels and toes and quite generally your feet will thank you for getting yourself a pair of these puppies. Get on Amazon and see for yourself.


  • MOGO midsole
  • Triple density post for added stability
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Highly acclaimed across many stores


  • Narrow in the toe box

8. Brooks Addiction Women’s Walker V-Strap



Brooks has done it again and come up with another perfectly designed walking shoe for high arches. Only these which have nifty makeup.

The V-strap is designed to appeal to those who would rather not tangle themselves up with shoelaces. These guys do not care much for other people’s opinion and only about the comfort feeling you can get from having these shoes on your feet.

The shoes do not have a lot of funfair going on around them. If you like having your things as minimalistic as possible, then grab a pair of these. What matters here is your comfort and support, period, anything else is secondary. If this is what you think, the Brooks Addiction shoes are what you need.

Your medial arch is supported, and this brings you an added ability to control your pronation even better. Stability is something you can look forward to having this pair on you.

In addition, his pair shoe will definitely ease your environmental conscience. The material is made from environmentally safe items, e.g., environmentally safe silicon. This makes it even easier to appreciate the benefits to your conscience that this shoe holds as you walk around.

You can adjust the inner cushioning by removing the insole. Doing this varies the level of support that you will receive once you put these babies on. So get yourself a pair and see how much your feet will appreciate that.


  • V-straps replace tying shoelaces
  • Medial arch support
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Easily remove the insole to suit your preferences


  • Minimalist design might not cut it for everyone

9. Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneaker

Besides their awesome looks, Skechers for Work Women’s Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneakers are excellent for your overall comfort. They come packed with several features that only keeps your feet in a really comfortable position always.

Skechers made a shoe that is gloriously comfortable with all the cushioning feeling in it. Your aching feet will be the happiest pair with these shoes on them.

It has a fabric lining and a leather upper that makes your fee fit in perfectly. Every step you take will be accompanied with extreme confidence because of this high-class brand of footwear. Give your walks the justice they deserve. The very moment you acquire this pair of shoe, you will no longer have to worry about high arches anymore.

The insole can be removed, and you do have a say in what kind of insole you would want under you. However, you will hardly take away anything from this shoe. It is perfect in many ways and sure puts the competition on their toes.

So forget your high arches as you get these shoes. They are truly an amazing pair.


  • Slip resistance functioning
  • EVA midsole
  • Fabric lining
  • Easily replaceable insole


  • Short break in period

10. Spring Step Women’s Orella Sling back Sandal2

Are you looking to give yourself a perfect shoe that is delightfully comfortable, and helps ease high arches? Then the Spring Step Women’s Orella Sling back Sandal2 is your best bet and with good reason. You are assured of excellent arch support as you put these on.

You wouldn’t need to add any insoles here. They come with extra cushioning to solve this problem. They also come with added durability. You will be able to derive as much value for your money for a very long time.

The back strap is also built for comfort and will fit most women out there. Its lightweight build gives you a much-needed relief when walking. So get yourself a pair of these puppies and open up a world of the right kind of comfort.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight design to ease walking
  • Extra cushioning for more comfort
  • Adjustable strap will fit many women out there
  • It is made of high-quality Italian leather


  • Cushioning isn’t much


One of a lot of people’s concerns with high arches is whether non-surgical treatment is a viable option for high arches. The manner of this condition is complex enough that a lot of people will put off having the correct pair of shoes under them.

Well, non-surgical treatment works and is just as good enough as going under the scalpel. Lack of proper arch support aggravates this condition immensely. You will have an added pain sensation without it. That is why many shoes designed for high arches are so much into the whole foot and especially arch support.

Much emphasis is put into comfort and support. That is why you will have some shoes coming with extra linings and padding. This is by all means aimed at giving you extra support.

Many of these shoes will have specially designed midsoles and insoles. Many of them are particularly designed for Podiatrists. Your knees, hip, back-pain will be very much relieved as you have these shoes on your feet. These are places that are vastly affected by your gait and posture drawn from high arches.

Regular walking shoes do not have any of these supporting factors. As a matter of fact, a perfect pair of walking shoes for high arches will definitely offer you the comfort you have been seeking for years. But not something comparable with what you will get with other regular walking shoes. With these walking and running shoes, various points on your leg will be given more comfort, e.g., your plantar fascia ligament.

Most of the time, regular walking shoes are designed so that your legs will breathe easily. Granted, this is still an important aspect when it comes to selecting the right pair of shoes. However, this overshadows comfortability. That is why these offerings are your best bet when it comes to high arches.


High arches are far from delightful to have. Painful symptoms are majorly a result of the condition. Others include loss of balance, instability, calluses and ankle sprains among other unwanted signs and symptoms. Granted, no one would be pleased to have any of these things bothering them.

Getting yourself a pair of these specially designed shoes will go a long way in aiding the reversal of high arches, maybe even helping to stop them altogether. Remember, the makers of these amazing products did so having in mind high arches. So get yourself a pair and see for yourself. They are indeed the best walking shoes for high arches you can find anywhere.

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