10 Best Walking Sandals 2022

A good footwear lasts a long time. And nothing speaks volumes of comfort and sturdiness like our favourite pick in shoe wear – sandals. They’re tough, chic, and oh-so-comfortable. Plus, they’re incredibly good for your feet too. Why? The open design assures that you save your feet from the bane of developing a host of foot problems, such as athlete’s foot, and the best walking sandals also provide optimal support for your feet.

So, it makes perfect sense that you would spend quite some time buying a footwear that is sure to last you a long time. If you are you looking for buying the next best walking sandals that will bear the brunt of time and be worth your dime too, then you’re in the right place. Here we have assembled a list of the web’s most popular and highest-reviewed sandals along with a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best walking sandals.

Walking Sandals

Choosing the Best Walking Sandals

Let’s not bore you with technicalities, but here are a few basic knowledge points that will come in handy the next time you shop for walking sandals. Good sandals have:

Enough space

When buying sandals, make sure you buy shoes with just a bit of an extra room for your toes to adjust properly and for your ankle to not scrape the backend of the shoe every time you walk. This is important because wearing tight footwear can lead to many problems, ranging from general discomfort to the formation of bunions. So buying sandals with enough room for your foot is the foremost thing you should consider.


This one goes without saying, a good sandal is supposed to grant you the most basic purpose it’s supposed to perform – to grant support to your feet. For this purpose, any sandal design that you pick must be stable How else are you going to rule the day if your shoes refuse to stay put in the runs of life?


It’s great to try on numerous shoes before deciding on buying a pair. Still, it helps to buy a design that offers just a bit of extra perks in terms of adjustability with additional buckles. A cushioning adjustment to the overall makeup of your footwear will help your feet get a snugly fit.

Top 10 Best Walking Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona SFB4.8
Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs4.7
Birkenstock Women's Gizeh Thong Sandals4.8
Teva Men's Mush II Flip-Flop4.8
Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals4.7
OluKai Men's Ohana4.9
Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandal4.7
Northside Womens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal4.6
Vionic Wave Toe-Post Sandal4.7
Reef Fanning Mens Sandals4.6

Without further ado, here’s a list of the web’s most sought-after pair of sandals that have brightened up customers’ lives.

1. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona SFB

First on our list is the Birkenstock Arizona sandals, the ultimate comfort shoes that provide optimal amount of sturdiness to keep you on your toes with ease. The shoes are 100% suede with a synthetic sole and an average platform thickness of 0.25 inches. Birkenstock is known for its convenient and comfortable shoe designs. You can’t get more classic than the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals with its basic two-strap style (the provided buckles can be adjusted as required), and with its ultimate supremacy in terms of comfort.

Size range offered: 4 – 12.5 (women’s size), and 10.5 (for men), in a huge variety of colour options, from black and metallic silver to mocha and rose blue.


  • Classis Birkenstock comfort
  • Wait a bit for your foot to ‘break in’ into the structure. And viola! After a few days’ wear, you’ll feel like you these sandals were meant to be worn by you.


  • Not really for the design itself, but for the faker versions of this variety being sold out there. Beware, only go for the original Birkenstock sandals if you want to benefit from all the classic Birkenstock convenience.

And trust us, you’ll know; Birkenstock designs are known for longevity. The fake ones, for one, wouldn’t last for long, will exhibit wear and tear after only a few days’ wear, and simply not feel the same. So buying the original is your best bet.

2. Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs

Made from real leather, the Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs come in an assortment of colors: black, white, and various shades of brown, in size range from 5 to 13.5. The platform measurement is 1 inch, and the design features a round toe section with grooves for better grip. The mule is as simple a shoe design you can get; seriously, you slip it on and you’re on your way to conquer the world (even if you’re not rocking fancy heels) because these shoes may look like casual slippers but based on reviewer’s comments, they might have the capacity to help you withstand the apocalypse itself.

Also, Birkenstock Boston Suede clogs have received high praise for comfort from patients with arthritis. Particularly, the arch has been termed to be amazingly supportive by numerous reviewers. If you are worried about it the strap being too lose in adjustment, don’t be. Many reviewers have attested to the fact that the shoe base/insole is designed to mimic the supportive action of the earth beneath your feet whilst also providing enough room for your feet to function properly.


  • Ultra-flexible and adjustable, so particularly great for people experiencing feet problems or other issues like arthritis.


  • Are said to slide off if you wear them with socks on.

This is a cautionary note only and not exactly a con: be careful about the arch you order. Too high of an arch than you’re used to wearing can create problems, especially if you experience back issues.

3. Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandals

If there was one word to define this design it would be ‘minimal’. But just because it is a prime example of minimalism in play within the realm of shoemaking, doesn’t mean it is anything ordinary. Thong sandals have been around since prehistoric times, ever since humans started creating shoes for themselves, and Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong sandals are a fine example of how far we’ve come in evolving this simple design.

The Gizeh thong sandals come in a range of sizes, like other Birkenstock options on the list: 4-11.5, and color varieties of golden brown, white to earthy shades of brown.


  • Versatile colours that go with every outfit
  • Amazingly adjustable – the toe pad has been applauded for its convenient design


  • None whatsoever. Only a note of caution – only buy the original Birkenstocks, as any other fake varieties are sure to not live up to the brand name and merit.

4. Teva Men’s Mush II Flip-Flop

Teva Men’s Mush II Flip-Flop are especially lightweight and comfortable variety. The heel section provides just the right amount of cushioning to keep your feet supported with the thong strap. This minimalistic, comfy design has been tried and tested by over 2000 keen customers and commended for its amazing feel and grip, which is basically all we look for when buying sandals, don’t we?


  • Cheaper than other options
  • The older design is famous for lasting years
  • Even though it’s “for men”, women reviewers have had no problem wearing them and experiencing the welcome convenience of use.


  • The new design is more of a downgrade than an upgrade and lacks the former’s resilience for daily use.

5. Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

This German-made design is assembled an entirely synthetic core with pure leather finishing. Even in this simple a design, Birkenstock has ingeniously incorporated buckle for adjustment, which we think you might not really need to use considering the wide range of shoe sizes offered (4 – 15.5), and provided that you get the best fit for you. Colour varieties include toffee, silver, Habana, mocha, and many others. Don’t be fooled by the shoes’ delicate appearance, the pair is sturdy. For those that love this variety, they are a go-to in everyday life.


  • Beautiful colours and a stylish option in sandals
  • Sturdy design that lasts long


  • Don’t clean up very well
  • Might take longer than other sandals to ‘break in’ as the design might prove to be a little too tough for some customers’ comfort.

6. OluKai Men’s Ohana

If you are vegan, OluKai Men’s Ohana is a must-have as it features a 100% synthetic design.  Size range is 7 – 18, and colour varieties feature various shades of black, brown and grey, from muted tones to more vibrant colour shades. The pliable but tough rubber design is highly resistant to water. The arch design and insole strength is remarkable with reviewers commending the sandal’s robustness for everyday rough use. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and other feet problems, then OluKai Men’s Ohana would be perfect in granting your feet the much-needed rest.


  • Incredible comfort and durability makes the design worth its price


  • Pricey for flip flops

7. Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

I think we’ve established by now that Birkenstock is the leader in manufacturing comfy sandals. Its Women’s Mayari sandals are no exception. Composed of the synthetic birko flor leather, the sandals are light with a platform heel of about 3.4 inches. The design offers good support, and based on reviewer’s comments, the big toe strap along with the main sandal strap is great for making your feet move about easily whilst providing the necessary grip in this light-weight and perfectly functional construction.


  • Wait for them to break in, and then they turn ‘perfect’, as deemed by a sizeable majority of reviewers


  • None

8. Northside Womens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

A prime selection for a sporty lady, this quirky design is all you want in a shoe – it’s stylish, tough, and highly resistant to water. Combining comfort with the necessary sturdiness required in sports is not easy, but Northside Womens Burke grants you the best of both worlds. The design features a synthetic sole and platform height of 0.25 inches with size range 6 – 10 and attractive color combinations. The jagged upper layer is especially designed to be highly resistive to environmental impact and moisture whilst providing breathing space for your feet during outdoor activities. So phew, no more blisters!


  • Pretty stylish
  • Highly resistant to daily wear


  • Can prove to be a little too stiff, and might take longer-than-expected to break in.

9. Vionic Wave Toe-Post Sandal

Flip flops are as basic you can get. An essential footwear, we all love scourging on reliable pair of flip flops. With Vionic Unisex Wave Toe-Post sandals, you will look back at the time you bought this basic essential with gratitude. The neoprene thong embellished with mesh muted mesh design is simple, but what this pair is particularly renowned for is its long life. In fact, the design has been applauded by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) for its comfort and health benefits with a prestigious APMA seal of acceptance.

The pair comes in size ranges of 6 – 15, you are probably buying a pair that is sure to last you a lifetime.


  • Highly comfortable for people suffering from arthritis, plantar fasciitis and other feet problems.
  • Provide particularly great support for ankle pronation
  • Straps are light as compared to other brands’ varieties, and that is wonderfully convenient


  • Since they’re unisex, the pair has given issues to some women users as they deemed that the arch was too high for a woman’s foot in some sizes.
  • Slightly heavier than your ordinary flip flops.
  • Might be too simple-looking if you’re looking for a fancier variety

10. Reef Fanning Mens Sandals

Saving the best for the last, the Reef Fanning Men’s sandals are Amazon’s bestsellers in men’s shoes, and with good reason. This is because the polyurethane design houses a meshwork of airbags to provide amazing cushioning and support. The comments are full of rave reviews about this variety, praising the arch height which fits perfectly into the top strap. Normally, spending huge money on a pair of flip flops might not seem like your first choice. But it is also true that a good pair of flip flops are not easy to come by, and those that last you a long time and give your feet the much-needed relief are even harder to find. So, you can rest assured that Reef Fanning men’s sandals are exactly what your feet have been missing.


  • Highly comfortable – lauded as one of the most comfortable sandals in the market


  • None for the original design.



How do I clean my walking sandals?

Many varieties listed here dry up pretty quickly. Wet your sandals (a little water goes a long way and helps to foam up the wash), and douse a standard sandal wash for best results. Using authorized varieties assures that the material remains perfectly intact. Then scrub away the dirt, and leave to dry.

How long do walking sandals last?

This depends on the particular design you’ve purchased. Based on the reviews, on average, a good sandal should last you about 6 months at least (excellent varieties have lasted people a decade and above too).

What kind of materials are good for the best walking sandals?

100% leather works best; it is flexible yet highly supportive and resistant. However, you can go for synthetics too. Synthetic materials offer the advantage of being better resistant to water. Nevertheless, the material has a shorter life than its leather counterparts.

Can I use my walking sandals in water?

Yes, synthetic materials work especially better in water.

Do sandals come with a warranty?

Most varieties do, depending on the particular brand and variety you buy. You should check for warranty information, advisably, before making a purchase.


Be it a hot summer day or a trek on the mountains, sandals are an essential footwear that everyone needs to get a pair of once in a while. When shopping to buy the best walking sandals, you can visit this online resource to help you buy the best products available on the internet all in one place reviewed by customers just like you. Save yourself the hustle of scrolling through Amazon and other platforms to find the best picks – we’ve done all the hard work for you. So sit back, relax, and take your pick of the best walking sandal because walking is only cool if you have great footwear to carry you through the day. Happy shopping!

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