12 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet 2022

The Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet are produced by national and international companies that specialize in products designed with cutting-edge technology.

Are you concerned about being flat-footed? Do you think it can pose a threat to your career as a budding tennis player? Think again. There are numerous examples of sportsperson with flat foot becoming successful in their profession – even in disciplines like tennis, cricket, and baseball – all of which call for a high level of balance and feet coordination.

Flat feet can at best pose a certain amount of challenge, which can be overcome by wearing custom-designed sports shoes. It can, in no way, compromise your ability to go out on the court and enjoy a game of tennis with your peers.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet


Tennis is a game that most individuals love to play, most especially in the Western world. You actually don’t have to be a pro before you can have a nice time playing the game of tennis. Tennis isn’t just a great game in its entirety, it’s also a great form of body exercise. From a social viewpoint, tennis is a very popular sport that brings many people together to have a nice time engaging in sport.

Having said that, if you’ve flat feet and they stop you from being able to engage in sports such as the game of tennis, then this article is just for you. We all love being on court playing the game of tennis, so it can be really hurting and challenging when something as having a flat foot hinders that. Flat feet are one of the factors that can hinder you from having a nice time playing the game though if you have challenges with them.

The hurt and signs they result into make it so difficult to engage in your normal game. It can be hurting and at times a risky thing to do playing the game with friends. The absence of a “normal arch” indicates that tennis players with flat feet have the tendency or possibility of getting injured, as the game demands side movements, which are difficult for players with flat feet to do. There is another challenge that flat-footed people are “overpronators”, meaning that they turn their foot towards the inside when landing and that can result into some intense hurt and even serious breaks and strains.

However, all these do not mean that tennis players and lovers of the sport with flat feet cannot play the game. There are some tennis foot wears available on the market to help you rectify the problems that people with flat feet encounter when engaging in the game of tennis. They help to offer the additional cushioning they need.

It’s these foot wears we will be discussing in this article and the things you should consider when selecting a tennis shoe for your flat feet. Before we take a look at some of the best tennis shoes for flat feet, let us first of all discuss some of the things an individual should consider in a tennis shoe when flat-footed.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet?

All feet are not same, but there are some fundamental things you should consider when looking out for tennis shoes to aid in rectifying the challenges/troubles flat feet cause and enable you to enjoy doing what you love, playing the game of tennis on the court, devoid of dealing with pain or getting injured. The ultimate “quick fix” to having a flat foot but still being able to engage in the game is to select out of the best tennis shoes made purposely for flat-footed people. Below are some important factors you should consider when choosing the tennis shoes that will assist you to play on the court longer.

Great Arch Cushioning

One of the fundamental things to consider is that you will need additional safety to help suppress any impact or force when playing. All of the top-quality tennis shoes for flat-footed people will have lots of this and the specialist, topnotch kind of foam they’re produced from will safeguard your feet and make you feel comfy.

Arch Support

Another thing to take into consideration is lots of support for the arch of your foot. The shoes should be made in a way to ensure that your foot is given the arch it doesn’t have when on. This actually indicates that the flat footedness and signs connected with it are removed.


That possibility to turn your foot can, to some degree, be counterbalanced by making sure that your tennis shoes render additional stability and support to avoid it.

Effective Shock Absorption

In the course of playing tennis, your feet are moving up from and then coming down onto the surface of the court every time. To avoid strains and hurt, make sure any type of tennis shoe you select is capable of giving an effective shock absorption, or else the possibilities are you will have an unpleasant experience of pain every time you land. This is actually helpful to any tennis player, and not to only those having foot problems. Selecting tennis shoes that give effective shock absorption can aid in avoiding pain and injury, and may further offer you the additional support required to move your game to the next level.


Having a specific foot problem doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the lookout for good looking tennis shoes. You are going to play the game for months, and even for years, (if you choose any of our listed tennis shoes) using these tennis shoes. You have to ensure they’re good looking and quality. That’s not going to be a problem anyway, as there are various products on the market with different colours and styles.


In the same vein, as you are on the lookout for nice, good looking shoes, don’t forget about the major concerns, which are comfort and foot health. Ensure you try them on before purchase if feasible and move around in them to ensure they’re perfect for you to use. However, you should note that purchasing tennis shoes that don’t size well will only make things worse.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

10 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

NIKE Air Max Cage Tennis Shoes4.7
Prince T224.9
K-SWISS Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe4.6
Babolat Propulse BPM All Court Tennis Shoe5.0
ASICS Gel Game Point Tennis Shoe4.5
Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe4.9
Babolat Propulse Blast AC Tennis Shoes5.0
Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe4.9
Asics Gel-solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe 4.8
Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes4.8
Brooks PureCadence 74.9
WHITIN Cross-Trainer4.9

Now you know some of the important factors to put into consideration when looking out for tennis shoes for flat feet. Let’s proceed to take a look at some of the top quality tennis shoes for flat footed people. We have compiled some of the leading products available on the market, they are as follows:

1. NIKE Air Max Cage Tennis Shoes

Product Description

This product is a stunning tennis shoe from Nike and looks fantastic. The style it offers is unparalleled and you will feel so great making use of this on the tennis court. They’re convenient to use and worn with ease. The Nike Air Max Cage has a strong outsole that offers you unmatched balance when running across field taking your shots. The Air Max Support and low arch cushioning offer lots of safety where required and will assist you in forgetting all about having flat feet. They’re actually suitable for use on hard courts where the fantastic softening becomes helpful.

Nike is a global leader on the shoe market and this is one out of their many products into the market. The Nike Air Max Cage is one of the leading products known for its combination of style and ease. This tennis shoe will be of great help to you offering huge support to the arch of your foot and puts you back on court playing tennis. Its quality is topnotch and will last long, just give it a try!

Customer Satisfaction: The product is described to be great by its users. It’s also liked for its lightness in weight, as well as the support and comfort it gives to the foot. Though there are complaints surrounding its ability to last and its arch not being suitably placed by some. However, one good thing about the product is that it’s well built and fits well when worn, just give it a try!


  • Great support and comfort to the foot.
  • It’s lightweight
  • Active protection and cushioning
  • Noticeable heel Max Air section


  • Restricted area flexibility
  • The outsole of the shoe can be noisy

2. Prince T22

Product Description

The Prince T22 are one of the leading products available on the tennis shoe market made specially for flat-footed people. The additional cushioning and support are just what you require to lessen any strain or force on your feet. This is also suitable for tough courts, the sturdy outsole offers strong balance and traction.

The shoes appear great and are so comfy to use in with additional aeration to make your feet cool. Another feature the shoes have is that they help to keep your toes straightened with your heel to enhance your stance when on field. The Prince Tennis Shoes also provide effective shock absorption in the middle of the sole area, which is crucial to prevent any pain or hurt when moving across court. The Prince T22 are a common brand on the shoe market that can be seen on the feet of players everywhere and are excellent wears for flat feet. They’re lightweight but long lasting and offer the cushioning you require where it is needed the most.

Customer Satisfaction: There are complaints about the shoe pinching the foot by some users. One customer said the right part of his right foot gets tightly pressed by the shoe, and it’s said to be due to the ties of the shoe made of solid plastics. On the positive side, it’s said to be lightweight and a quality shoe that offers great support to the arch of the foot while on court. One customer also adjudged the product to be great as it offers great support and comfort to the foot while playing on both clay and hard courts. It also gives you the support, comfort and wear you need while playing on the court.


  • Very attractive tennis shoes
  • Superb mid-foot and arch support
  • Likely to run congruent with size, and offers a good fit


  • They’re very scarce. It’s a nice mid range shoe suitable for flat footed tennis players who play the game casually and not professionally

3. K-SWISS Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

Product Description

The K-Swiss Bigshot is one of the top products on the tennis shoe market. The K-Swiss  brand is one of the top producers as regards creativity and design. The K-Swiss Bigshot is not to be left out and it’s a tennis shoe to be greatly considered if you’re faced with the problem of having flat feet. You won’t have to sweat too much as the design and technology of these tennis shoes prevent that from occurring. The product features a flow cool system which is made with the shoes to enable air to reach your feet and offers a flow of air against them. They also take away moisture from your feet through the moisture controlling liner in the sole. This leads to a neat and moisture free feet within the shoe.

The product is comfortable to put on and play the game of tennis in. To aid making your feet straighten properly when playing, these tennis shoes feature a properly softened and constructed mid sole that stretches the length of them. As regards support for your arch, these shoes are great and offer all you require to play the game when on court for a long period of time.

Customer Satisfaction: The shoe is lightweight, sturdy and constructed for the kind of support and sturdiness that it’s required for hard court tennis tennis players to utilise, as acclaimed by some of its users. One customer however questioned its durability and said it has an appalling wear resistance. Some users also stated it has a nice design and fits well whenever utilised. The shoes have been regarded to be helpful for side movements on the court and offer superb support to the foot. They’re generally lightweight and made of topnotch materials.


  • They offer superb toe support, useful for those who tend to overpronate
  • Effective shock absorption
  • Superb odour and sweat control qualities


  • Likely to have a somewhat wide fit even in sizes that are standard

4. Babolat Propulse BPM All Court Tennis Shoe

Product Description

This is another amazing product from Babolat. This is the Babolat Propulse Tennis Shoes. These shoes do not only appear amazing when worn, they also safeguard your foot and give you great comfort. As regards getting one of the best tennis shoes for flat feet, the Babolat Propulse Tennis Shoes are to be reckoned with. Another fascinating feature these shoes have is an effective reaction system constructed into them. This aids in giving support to your toes and ball of your foot when in motion. This product also has a unique cushioning structure that bolsters the entire foot in a cosy manner while lowering effects on your arch. This is exactly what you’re going to need to help lower the impacts of being flat footed.

These shoes also feature a four-point backing made available by a frame type foot belt. This allows your foot to be in the right order and offers it superb shelter which indicates that you can be on court for lengthy periods devoid of strains and pains affecting your game.  This is an awesome product for tennis players to consider irrespective of your level of professionalism in the game. The general safety and arch support they offer is awesome and makes them worth considering and listed as one of our top quality tennis shoes for flat feet.

Customer Satisfaction: The shoe is said to be superb. It’s highly appreciated for the incomparable support and comfort it offers to the arch of the foot. One customer said it is a quality shoe that is reasonably priced. Summarily, it’s an excellent product, and all its users have regarded it as quality and topnotch.


  • Superb arch support
  • Attractive, narrow shoe shape
  • Protective toe frame
  • It’s fairly priced for a shoe of the professional class


  • The shoe can be a bit tight at the heel

5. ASICS Gel Game Point Tennis Shoe

Product Description

If you’re in need of a pair of tennis shoes that offers great comfort and safety to your foot while playing on court, then you should get these Asic Gel Game Points. The product has a leather top section with integrated net panel to make sure your feet remain cool when playing on court. Sweating excessively from moving and running across field is not appropriate and this assists by tackling that via the free circulation of air.

Another special feature these shoes have is that the top section renders superb support to your foot and puts it in the right order. There are no worries about being comfortable in them, as these shoes help you to run freely and in a natural manner. They also give great cushioning to your insoles. The middle of the sole has lots of flexible memory foam in to bolster your arches and lessen any hurt you would usually experience. These shoes give the flawless blend of design, relief and safety that will put you back in your game, having a nice time playing your favourite game in no time!

Customer Satisfaction: They have been regarded to be comfortable when worn by some users. On the negative side, they tend to be too tight when worn at first, but they later fit your foot well. They are said to be lightweight and easy to use. There have been complaints about the shoe being too tight for the upper/toe area of the foot. On the plus side, one customer actually described it to be perfect for flatter feet. They also offer a decent, if not the best, arch support, especially for those with high arches, and sold at a reasonable price. More importantly, they’re appreciated for their lightness in weight and quickness they offer when on court.


  • Proper and a responsive arch support
  • Effective shock absorption qualities, particularly at the heel
  • They offer proper support to the heel
  • Fairly rated shoes for the irregular players of the game


  • Some set of people are of the opinion that these shoes seem a bit “cheap” in comparison with other ASICS productions
  • They’re likely to fit inadequately at the ‘gap’ and heel

6. Adidas Barricade Tennis Shoe

Product Description

We couldn’t do without adding this product from Adidas, it’s one out of the company’s top quality entries available on the market. Adidas is one of the top producers of sports shoes. So the brand alone assures and gives buyers rest of mind when they purchase the product. These tennis shoes are of top quality and offer great comfort when utilised.

This product was first used in a professional tournament at the first crucial competition of 2018- The Australian Open- being used by some top players during the tournament. The Barricade “setup” has been displayed in Adidas tennis shoes for quite sometime now. Importantly, it’s carefully constructed to provide the optimum mid-foot backing which is fantastic news for flat-footed people.

Furthermore, the boost part of this tennis shoe’s name indicates its softening system, it doesn’t only provide an effective shock absorption you want, but it as well helps to utilise kinetic energy for an additional boost.

Customer Satisfaction: There are complaints about the 2018 Barricades being different from previous versions, due to the fact that they don’t give the cushioning and support they’re known for. One customer said it has always been an experience of pain whenever he used it, and he eventually couldn’t play tennis in them. On the positive side, they offer superb arch support, somewhat comfortable, fit well and give great stability to its users.


  • Topnotch expert sports shoe technology marketable shoe
  • Best mid-sole support
  • Great shock absorption


  • They’re made in limited quantity of diverse colours
  • They appear a little bit bulky
  • They’re way too costly

7. Babolat Propulse Blast AC Tennis Shoes

Product Description

The brand Babolat needs no introduction, especially if you are a fan of Rafael Nadal. Hugely popular among both professionals as well as amateurs, Babolat shoes are made to withstand the rigorous grinning of a tennis player’s exclusive needs.

Babolat Propulse Blast is specifically made for the flat-footed players with extra cushion for supporting the arch. It also features a propulsion system for providing additional support during forward stepping movements. It brings lightweight comfort and breathability.

Power Belt technology is used to lock in the heel with an external shell for superior stability. Moreover, Babolat Propulse Blast sports EVA midsole with Kompressor technology to offer added responsiveness underfoot. The sole bears Michelin rubber compound with an advanced tread pattern for better grip and traction any court surface.

While buying this pair of tennis shoes, make sure to select the gender correctly. These are not unisex shoes, there are different models available for men and women.


  • Excellent arch support.
  • Aesthetically pleasing looks.
  • Lots of color variations available.
  • Amazing grip level.


  • May not be the top choice when it comes to comfort.

8. Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoe

Product Description

Addidas is ranked among the world’s largest sports shoes manufacturers. In fact, this specific model got its first professional outing at the feet of ace French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the 2018 Australian Open. That speaks volume about the capability, competence and confidence it brings to aspiring tennis players.

Barricade Classic Bounce is one of the few unisex tennis shoe models designed by Addidas for flat-footed players. It features Addidas’ patented ‘Barricade System’ which has been designed to provide best-in-class mid-foot support – a feature essential for flat-footed individuals.

The cushioning system deserves special mention as it offers shock absorption, minimizing the potential injury risks. It also helps harness kinetic energy to provide an additional boost while stepping forward – offering the much-needed few milliseconds advantage while chasing distant balls.

If that’s not all, Addidas Barricade Classic Bounce comes with abrasion-resistant ‘Adituff’ wraps around the toe to minimize damages caused by foot-dragging, especially while serving, volleying or making extreme lateral movements.


  • Superior technology for professional players.
  • Best-in-class mid-foot support.
  • Shock absorption and abrasion resistant wraps to prevent injuries.
  • Excellent kinetic energy boost.


  • Available in a limited number of colors.
  • A little bulky design.

9. Asics Gel-solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe

Product Description

The GEL-Solution series by Asics is a tennis-specific sports shoe range and the Speed 3 model has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of flat-footed players. Priced in an affordable range, it has turned out to be one of the most preferred choices among amateur tennis players with a flat foot.

SpEVA technology is used to provide excellent arch support, yet keeping the important mid-sole part lighter in weight. Memory foam heel collar molds seamlessly to the feet shape – allowing more customized fit, while the PGuard toe protector enhances durability.


  • Superior arch and heel support.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • GEL insole system provides excellent shock absorption.
  • Affordable price.


  • All color choices are on the brighter side.
  • Looks a little cheap.

10. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

Product Description

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor is one of the most sought after tennis shoes for those with flat feet – thanks to its association with tennis icon Roger Federer. Be its technical specifications, comfort or utility, this pair of shoes is in a league of its own.

Nike incorporated low arches and wide design to accommodate flat-footed individuals. Patented ‘Adaptive Fit’ design provides a superior level of support. Kinetic energy efficient design brings speed and agility. Last but not least, the imported rubber sole provides excellent gripping on all types of court surfaces.


  • Low arches and wide design for more comfort.
  • ‘Adaptive Fit’ technology for improved support.
  • Extremely low break-in time.
  • Flawless grip.


  • Price is on the higher side.

11. Brooks PureCadence 7

Product Description

A low-drop tennis shoe to support individuals with flat feet, the Brooks PureCadence 7 is made for both style and comfort. It is powered by a fabulous sole unit, supportive mid-foot with GuideRails and excellent grips – allowing you to go on for prolonged training sessions without the slightest amount of discomfort.

Besides being a tennis shoe, it can double up to serve you for long-distance runs. While it’s a generic men’s tennis shoe, even the women can wear it comfortably – thanks to its narrow to medium-width design.


  • Low-drop design for better stability.
  • Excellent mid-foot support with GuideRails.
  • Imported sole unit for enhanced traction.
  • Value for money buy.


  • Arch support could have been better.
  • May not fit individuals with a wide foot.

12. WHITIN Cross-Trainer

Product Description

WHITIN is a reliable brand when it comes to producing barefoot and minimalist shoes. The WHITIN’s men cross trainer shoes provides a natural experience for your feet in both running and walking exercises. The shoes allow your feet the flexibility to move and provide your feet with the sturdiness to support the body for everyday tasks.

The men’s Cross trainer shoes also allows the brain have a sensory feeling of the ground under your feet and lets you build new connections with the environment. The design is quite minimalistic and geared towards adaptability to different surfaces.

The shoes are extremely comfortable and make your feet feel connected to the ground whether you’re running or working out. The men’s cross trainer also provides more cushion for a comfortable experience.

The Men’s Cross trainer shoes comes with a wide toe box which allows your toes to spread and relax. The shoes give you the best near natural experience that barefoot shoes are known for.  The shoes have a removable sole that allows for a more “barefoot” feeling and also a rubber sole that offers protection from the ground.

The Men’s Cross Trainer shoes also come with a Velcro strap which allows the shoes to feel more snug to your feet.


  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Barefoot or Minimalist feeling
  • Zero drop sole provides for a natural stride


  • Getting the perfect fit might be a bit tricky

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet


What are flat feet?

Flat feet (also called fallen arches) is a postural condition in which the arches of the foot fall, making the entire sole coming into contact with the surface. Flat feet prevail in around 20-30% of the world’s total population.

Can individuals with flat feet become professional sportsman?

Why not? There are several ways to tackle flat feet condition effectively. Many individuals with flat feet have gone onto make it big in a sporting career. The best example could by Kobe Bryant – the NBA living legend.

How do I know if I have flat feet?

If you have flat feet, the middle of your foot – the arch – will be in complete contact with the floor. You can simply tell the difference by observing your wet foot-print.

What are the things to consider when buying tennis shoes for flat feet?

First and foremost, the tennis shoe must have excellent arch support. So the mid-sole design is important. Good shock absorption is another necessity. Low dropping shoes are believed to be advantageous for flat footed individuals. Always opt for comfort over style when you are dealing with flat feet condition.


There you have it, any of the aforementioned tennis shoes can be selected as they’re all suitable for you because of the topnotch design and support they render. However, flat feet can be a great challenge if you have them, but it doesn’t indicate you won’t be able to play tennis anymore. Selecting the correct kind of tennis shoes that have been made specially to correct the problems of having flat feet will be of great assistance, and puts you back on court again.

The above shoes discussed will give comfort and relief to your feet and will help immensely to lessen foot and leg strains. Give any of these a try and say goodbye to flat feet hindering you from playing the game you love.

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