Best Socks for Sweaty Feet 2020 Reviews

Hey, Guys I am back and this time I am reviewing 10 Best Socks for Sweaty feet. Everyone loves to do workout or some kind of exercise and with that wearing a socks is mandatory but if you are having sweaty feet?

Suppose you went somewhere and there your socks are stinking and people are complaining, won’t it be an awkward situation. Most of the people face this situation and they not only try to hide it but in some places they don’t prefer removing their socks.

It’s commonly due to a disease called hyperhidrosis which cause sweaty feet, to avoid it people go for different solution apart from picking the bestest socks for themselves.

So, today I am going to list some top 10 socks which will solve your issue and give you the proper kind of solution these socks are better for exercise, cycling or any other places as their anti-odour property will never let you feel shy in front of anyone due to your sweaty feet.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

How To Choose The Best Socks For Sweaty Feet

Now a question might be arising in everyone’s mind is that how to choose the right one? Don’t worry I am going to tell you that too.

So for any socks the type of material only tells it’s quality and how they’re able to handle the moisture. Traditionally, you might have seen most of the people wear cotton socks.

Natural fibre – Cotton

Cotton as you all know is a natural fibre and it makes one of the best clothing for people who are suffering from sweating but if you say the same in terms of socks it’s way wrong.

Cotton is an absorbent and does absorbs all the moisture which comes from your feet when they’re trapped under shoes causing the issue of stinking. Instead of choosing a cotton socks it’s way better to choose socks that are moisture wicking as they’ll keep away the moisture and protect your feet from damp environment.


Wool is also natural fibre like cotton and it does keeps your feet dry by absorbing the sweat. According to a study it has been found that among cotton, wool and acrylic fibre wool had the best impact on foot health. Not only this but wool also having anti-bacterial properties which totally kills the chances of bacteria. Using wool can also lesser the chances of getting affected by bromhidrosis, it is only a reason why your sweat is stinky.

If you are using socks made up of merino wool then it is also a good material as it does also absorbs the moisture from your feet but when compared to normal wool it’s less scratchy.

These kind of wools comes from sheep indigenous to New Zeeland and some other parts of Australia, as they are much finer and softer as compared to other qualities.

Synthetic fibre

Synthetic fibre can also be a good option as they also have moisture wicking property. Polyester when used in making shorts can be stifling but in the same place it can be quite amazing material in terms of socks. This is only because of the fact that polyester is durable, quick to dry and easy to clean. When you’ll compare polyester with other type of materials like nylon or anything else you’ll find out that it’s more breathable and can be even more better when mixed with other kinds of fibres.

Brands like Nike user Polyester for their athletic socks and today the sale of them is also in huge number. Just to avoid sweating of feet modern science has introduced many other types of fibres like polyester blends Coolmax or completely new fibres Olefin which are only meant for sweaty feet.

As I’ve mentioned that these materials are for sweaty feet so they’re capable of completely absorbing the moisture from your feet. Well if you are planning to buy one going with these materials can be quite beneficial for you.

So, at last whether you choose to go with natural fibre or materials like Olefin or Coolmax your feet will thank you. Always remember while buying a socks that it must be moisture absorbent so that it does not harm your feet. Many other properties are also there like wool so if you are purchasing a socks made up of wool it’ll not only protect your feet from bacterial infections but will also never let you down in front of anyone. Just keep in mind to purchase those socks which are moisture wicking and does not let your skin stinky.

Top 10 Best Socks For Sweaty Feet

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock4.8
Pure Athlete Merino Wool Socks4.5
Thorlos Experia Xccu Thin Cushion Running Low Cut Socks4.7
Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks (2-Pack)4.4
Swiftwick Socks (1 or 3 Pairs), Durable Comfort4.5
Wigwam Men's At Work Double Duty 2-Pack4.3
Unisex Premium Bamboo Socks4.3
SERISIMPLE Women Casual Socks Bamboo4.6
Balega unisex-adult Silver Antimicrobial No-show Compression-fit4.8
Iseasoo Copper Compression Running Socks4.4

1. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock

As I’ve mentioned above that socks which are made up of merino wool can be better so going with this socks can be quite beneficial for you as not only it’s moisture wicking property will let your feet away from damp environment but will also help you maintain a good health of your foots. This socks is commonly made for hiking but can be used for any occasion as it is better for any type of wearing.


  • It is made up of merino wool so moisture can never last in your socks.
  • Protect your feet from bacterial infections
  • The quality which this socks are having is amazing and can fit to anyone.


  • Personally, I didn’t got any type of cons related this product.

2. Pure Athlete Merino Wool Socks

Secondly, I have another wool socks with me but this one is proper wool and as I have mentioned above that proper wool is scratchy. So when you are wearing it does not need to think about that it will damaged because it can be used by anyone.

Also it having synthetic fibre so just don’t keep in mind that it’ll be stinky from any side. Just go and grab one for yourself it’s available on amazon and by it’s rating itself I am damn sure you won’t get disappointed.


  • These are athlete socks so if you are someone who runs these socks can be a better pick for you.
  • Reshaping or any other issues isn’t found in this socks.


  • Like the above one this one is also having no cons
  • One major thing which you’ve to keep in mind is it’s wool and cannot be washed again and again.

3. Thorlos Experia Xccu Thin Cushion Running Low Cut Socks

Coolmax another new kind of fibre which was only meant for sweaty feet, so this socks is having the same property 70%  Coolmax fibre is used in this socks. This socks does also have built-in cushioning for the heels and the balls of the feet. As they’re more breathable so just forget about the chances of getting any of odour from your socks.

As they’re athletic socks so can be quite beneficial for you when exercising sweat can never be absorbed in this socks. Even if you are wearing it whole day long still it won’t give you any stink odour.


  • Anti Blister
  • Thin cushioning to give support to your heels as well foots.
  • Moisture Wicking Property


  • You won’t be getting ultra thin cushioning in these socks.
  • Rest everything is ok in this product.

4. Bridgedale Ultralight Coolmax Liner Socks (2-Pack)

Another coolmax variety of socks as it’s a liner socks and can be a better option for you. 60% of Coolmax and rest merino wool is used in making of this socks, so just forget about any kind of worries when you’re ordering it.

If you are still worried and want to check this product genuinely I must say that you should visit it on amazon. There you’ll get people who have purchased it and are quite more happy from the response which they got from it. So just go and grab one for yourself.


  • Coolmax fibre is used so product is fully acceptable.
  • Light weighted, so won’t have issues in wearing it.


  • No other issues have been found yet by the customers so far.

5. Swiftwick Socks (1 or 3 Pairs), Durable Comfort

As I’ve also mentioned that another new type of fibre is introduced by scientist and which is Olefin. So this socks Swift Wick is also made up of Olefin which will help you to fight from sweat as well as germs.

It has a high density because it is having 200 knitting while making this socks. If you are purchasing this one I must say you are going to do something really good for your feet, these socks are durable and can be fit for any person who is having issues of stinky feets.


  • Socks are made up of Olefin Fibre.
  • Better for golf and running.
  • It’s ankle cuff height is something which I love a lot.


  • It’s too thin to wear.
  • Rest you won’t get any problem when you are wearing it.

6. Wigwam Men’s At Work Double Duty 2-Pack

Now if you are looking for a socks which can be better for your work I think you must go with this one as it will help you to fight from such problems. And also people at workplace wear shoes for so long duration which causes a lot of sweat so if you are choosing this one I think you are doing really great. It’s very thick and comes with a cushioned footbed. It also having anti microbial property which will let you fight from the odour or any other kind of issues. Just go and grab this one.


  • Acrylic, Nylon, Olefin and Wool is used in this product.
  • The calf sits at the crew cuff.
  • Will not cause any issues.


  • Price when compared with the quality is too much.
  • Even it can get damaged easily and can’t be used regularly.
  • Rest I didn’t got any quality issues.

7. Unisex Premium Bamboo Socks

As Bamboo Fibre is also a good fabric and can be quite more beneficial for you to fight from such problems this socks works the same.

It is made up of 100% Bamboo fibre and as I’ve said these socks are moisture wicking so you won’t to think about odour or anything while using this socks.

These socks can be purchased directly from amazon so all you have to do is just go and checkout for it. Also remember to check the reviews so that you won’t get confused between the products of this quality.


  • It is made up of bamboo so won’t create any issues of stinky feet.
  • The demand for this product is too much.
  • It’s breathable so just don’t worry about the moisture which comes from your feet.
  • It’s ultra thin too so when you’ll wash it even in mild sunlight the socks will get dry.


  • As it’s a very demandable product so I haven’t got any type of issues related this products.

8. SERISIMPLE Women Casual Socks Bamboo

It’s a known fact that synthetic fibre once mixed with other fibre gives you a totally different kind of quality so in this socks you are going to get 80% of bamboo and other synthetic fibre.

This socks is machine washable and does not have any harm on it’s quality even after the wash. This product can be quite more beneficial for people who loves to wear shoes everywhere and does not want to carry a lot of socks. As they’re perfect for any occasion, personally I have also used it and was literally so happy with it’s quality.


  • It keeps your feet cool, dry all day long as 80% of bamboo and 20% of nylon is used in this socks.
  • M size of this product fits up to for shoes 4-8  whereas L size fits up to for shoes 6-11.
  • Machine Washable don’t need to use your hands.
  • The fibre is silky even if you are using it for the first will feel like you are wearing something which is made up of bamboo.


  • No cons or product related complaint has been found yet by anyone.

9. Balega unisex-adult Silver Antimicrobial No-show Compression-fit

Silver ions can also be a best pick for people who are suffering from sweaty feet. As they work really good when it’s about keeping your feet dry and also if you are suffering from odour issues this product is just for you only. It’s the ninth one in the list and does also have many other qualities.

If you also want to share it with someone and thinking that it will not be perfect just don’t worry as anyone can wear it. Even after that too the size will remain the same so just go and grab one.


  • To make this product Drynamix Polyester is used 75% , Nylon 23% and Elastane 2%.
  • Now don’t worry about the quality because three fibres are used while making it.
  • It is also machine washable.

10. Iseasoo Copper Compression Running Socks

As like silver ions copper is also a best fibre in terms of socks. It does not only keep your feet dry but also protect your feet from different kind of bacteria. And as you all know coper having good electrical properties so it does also helps in maintaining a proper blood circulation level of your foot.

When you are using these socks I must say that hyperhidrosis or any other type of disease which causes stinking of feet is never possible. This socks is available on amazon and quite cheap according to its property just go and get one.


  • Due to it’s huge number of demand currently this product is unavailable.
  • Now I don’t think I need to tell more about the pros.
  • No cons have been discovered yet related to this socks.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

So the above mentioned socks are best and can be availed directly from Amazon the properties which I’ve listed about them is truly correct, still if you have any doubts or anything else below I am mentioning some more FAQ’s which will completely let you out of the confusion.


There are some questions which you might get after reading the above mentioned products so just to clarify all of them here are some FAQ’s which I am damn sure will be quite more helpful in selecting the right one.

Is it important to wear two socks?

Yes, in some cases like with merino wool liner socks it is important to wear two layer of socks, as it’ll not only help you to fight from bacteria but even if the water is absorbed the other one can protect your foot from fungal infections.

Are these Socks tested?

Now you might be thinking that why I am listing these products and why I am so sure about it? So just to let you out of this confusion too, let me tell you that all the socks which I have listed are quality testes and still even after this too you are not sure just go and check their reviews. People have personally used them and some of them are personally used by me also.

How to choose the best one?

In market you’ll get lots of them but the best one is that which absorbs your moisture from feet, as it does not only helps you to keep away the odour but also let you free from many diseases which cause stinky feet. As per me choosing the socks which are made up of wool can be quite more beneficial if you are someone who loves to wear shoes all day long.

Are there any other issues apart from quality of socks which causes stinks feet?

Hyperhidrosis and Bromhidrosis are the reasons why your feet become stinky as well as sweaty. To avoid these diseases using a socks which are having properties like moisture wicking, durable and easy to wash can be a good option. There are several other options as today in the market you’ll get a lot of other fragrance products which will let your feet away from odour or any other disease.

Why is it important to keep your feet healthy?

This is one of the most commonly asked question which I have heard from a lot of people. So let me tell you that your feet are also a part of body and even circulation of body also passes from your feet, now when your feet is unhealthy and affected from problems like stinking, bacterial infections I can easily say that your body will also be affected.

Are shoes also responsible for sweaty feet?

In some cases I’ve seen that shoes also leads to sweaty feet because the quality is also something which matters a lot, if you are using cheap brands shoe and thinking that after using the above mentioned socks your feet will remain healthy. Trust me you are so wrong because this is something which also have to be focused on.


Overall, we can say that feet are also a important part of our body and it is also very mandatory to protect them from various kind of infections.

The socks which I’ve mentioned above in this blog can be helpful for people who are facing this situation as people nowadays are shy when it comes to stinky feet. Even if you are going to somewhere and your feet stinks a lot of people will complain about it and trust me no one likes it.

So just go and get the one which fits according to your needs.

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