10 Best Shoes for Standing All Day 2022

Most people spend hours standing every day and deciding what shoes to wear on your feet is an essential decision for maintaining your long term health. Our feet are one of the most critical parts of our bodies and must be taken care of, starting with our shoe choice. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best shoes for standing all day. We provide an in-depth look at a variety of shoes that combine fashion with function for your perfect shoe.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

How to choose the best shoes for standing all day?

Several features of your foot must be considered when deciding on the best shoe for yourself to stand in all day. Since each person is different, shoes come in many designs from the exterior to the interior technology to be able to support the wide range of feet.


Choosing the right shoe size is often the first thing we learn about shopping for the right shoes. Getting a shoe of the correct length is the first step to achieving comfort for standing all day.


Width is another aspect of our shoe size. There are many points for measuring the width of your foot that can determine whether a shoe would be comfortable enough or not. It’s best to look at the widest point near the “balls” of your foot.

Foot Type

Many people overlook the style of the foot when selecting shoes for standing. The construction of the shoe can vary significantly depending on your foot type. Foot styles range from flat to arched, requiring different levels of support in this part of your foot.


Once you have an idea of your foot measurements and style, you’ll begin browsing shoes, taking into consideration the flexibility of the shoe. People who require more support are recommended to get shoes with less flexibility, and more flexibility is for people with fewer support needs.

Heel Support

People who are standing all day will need significant heel support. The way that weight is distributed on our foot when standing, much of it is transferred to our heels. If you are anticipating to be spending a lot of time of your feet, having the proper support can be beneficial to your posture and overall health.

Top 10 best shoes for standing all day

Nike Tanjun Sneakers4.6
Nike Men's Revolution 44.7
Rockport Men's Eberdon Loafer4.6
Adidas Men's Ultra Boost Running Shoe4.5
ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe4.7
Saucony Men's Cohesion 104.7
Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On Classic Running Sneaker4.6
Crocs Classic Clog4.5
Skechers Men's Superior Milford Slip-On Loafer4.8
New Balance Men's Mx608v44.7

Now that you have some pointers on what to consider when choosing an appropriate shoe for standing, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best shoes for standing all day. These shoes vary in shapes, styles, and shoe technology that give you plenty of options to consider depending on your particular foot needs.

1. Tanjun Sneakers by Nike

Nike is one of the most trustworthy brands in sneakers when considering performance. Nike developed the Tanjun as a great shoe choice for people who plan to be on their feet all day. Sometimes, for a great shoe for standing, all you need is something lightweight and comfortable, and Nike’s Tanjun sneaker is an excellent combination of them both.

The Nike Tanjun was designed with simplicity in mind. From the simple design to the simple functionality of the shoe, they were able to achieve lots of comfort for standing. One of the first elements that you’ll notice with the show is how flexible it is. It is made with breathable material that is stretchable to fit your foot.

While the upper portion of the sneaker is made for comfort, the lower part of the shoe is optimized for cushion and support. The thick heel is made from foam for additional comfort and absorbing impact of regular walking motions. The entire shoe can be compared to wearing socks with the benefit of shoe support on the bottom.

Many people wear Nike Tanjun shoes when standing all day. Whether you have a flat foot or need a shoe with more arch support, the Tanjun can accommodate both foot styles. It has breathable material to keep your foot cool all day.

2. Nike Men’s Revolution 4

The Nike Revolution series has been a choice sneaker for people who are active and on their feet all day. If you plan on standing all day and need a great shoe to eliminate foot pains, the Nike Revolution 4 is an excellent choice.

The Nike Revolution is a minimalist shoe with significant emphasis on its functionality. People turn to the shoe for everyday wear, used for work environments or outdoor running. The Nike Revolution is best for people who have flat feet or a wider foot than average. The flat interior lacks an arch, giving people with flat feet a more comfortable fit.

Cushioning features have been built throughout the shoe for all-around comfort. The athletic shoe was designed with a midsole made of soft foam to make it lightweight when wearing. It also has underlays on the toe tips to add support and comfort. Even the soles affect the comfort of the shoe. The multi-surface traction makes them ready for walking on a variety of surfaces. There are pods on the soles that flatten on impact, absorbing the tension between the ground and your foot.

The breathability of a shoe is vital if you plan to be on your feet all day. The upper mesh design of the Nike Revolution is constructed of mesh to allow for proper air circulation.

3. Rockport Men’s Eberdon Loafer

Rockport’s Eberdon Loafer is one of the most versatile shoes on the market, designed for people planning to be on their feet all day. The unique shoe has the appearance of a casual business shoe, but the functionality of a sneaker. It’s a type of footwear that you can wear to the office or casually running errands around the city.

The Rockport Eberdon Loafer has a mix of features to ensure maximum comfort when wearing them for long hours. A favorite feature is the stability control which matches your natural walking motion for better balance. There is also a built-in Kinetic Air Circulator design to permit proper airflow to keep your foot cool during extended wears. Other features of the shoe include an EVA footbed and a rubber outsole.

You’ll achieve a perfect fit with the Rockport Eberdon Loafer. The mesh lining on the shoe’s interior is form-fitting to the shape of your foot. It’s made with 100% leather but is soft enough to stretch over time to adapt to your foot shape.

The shoe is recommended for people who are struggling to find a shoe that supports various discomforts and health issues found with other shoes. The lightweight build helps to eliminate foot fatigue. It’s also a great option for added arch support and people who prefer to have a shock absorbing functionality in their shoes. You can purchase it in various widths and extended sizes for the perfect fit.

4. Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Running Shoe

The Adidas Ultra Boost shoe supports long days on standing on your feet, whether in place such as in the office or when moving such as outdoor running activities. The stylish shoe can be used in either scenario and provides the appropriate amount of foot support to ensure a full day of comfort while wearing them.

The namesake feature of the Adidas Ultra Boost shoe is the Boost midsole technology. The thick heel provides additional cushioning and support for your heel for improved balance and performance when walking or running in them. Another unique feature of the shoe is the Primeknit upper. It adapts and expands with your foot to allow for natural movement. The knit material is also highly durable to avoid tear due to daily wear.

On the shoe’s exterior, the rubber outsole includes grips to support non-slipping on wet or dry surfaces. The Adidas Ultra Boost has a neutral design, providing comfort for people with or without arches. In case you need additional support, the interior has a removable insole to replace with your preferred insole.

The Adidas Ultra Boost has a narrow characteristic typical with the brand. Even so, the flexible material allows the shoe to adjust for people with a wider foot.

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The ASICS brand has been a frontrunner with developing shoes appropriate for standing, and the latest Gel Venture model is the perfect design for achieving maximum comfort for long days on your feet. The Gel Venture series has been developed for several models, each time perfecting the design just a bit more for the desired results.

ASICS Gel Venture 6 was designed with several features to support standing all day. One of the main features, the rearfoot GEL cushioning system absorbs shock on impact and provides added support for your heels when standing. The shoe has a slim design with moderate arch support. A unique characteristic of the shoe is that the design allows for optimum weight distribution throughout your foot when standing. With the weight distribution effect, you won’t be putting so much pressure solely on your heels, allowing you more balance.

Other features of the shoe include an AHAR outsole, a special type of rubber used on the shoe for durability. You’ll have plenty of shoe support while standing in the ASICS Gel Venture 6 shoes. There is also great ground support for walking in the shoes on a variety of terrain.

The ASICS Gel venture 6 allows added customizability with a removable insole that can be replaced with your preferred insole to match the style of your foot. There are more than a dozen colorways that you can find for the shoe.

6. Saucony Men’s Cohesion 10

The Saucony Cohesion 10 is a shoe with a near-perfect fit when selecting your appropriate size. It’s rare that a shoe can come right out of the box and have all the support you need for long hours of standing without having to interchange insoles or break them in. With over a decade of experience designing the shoe model, Saucony has added plenty of features to the shoe to support standing.

The Saucony Cohesion 10 includes two prominent technologies for added support. The IMEVA technology was applied to the midsole for increased shock absorption, responsive cushioning, and durability. The external Hell Grid System is the first sole-based stability and cushioning system that allows for better heel support. Supporting your heel is important, especially when standing all day.

Comfort is a significant factor for a shoe when considering standing all day. Almost the entire shoe is built with breathable mesh and breathable fabric lining, regulating your foot temperature in a variety of settings. It’s highly recommended for people with a narrow fit and prefer a lighter shoe.

Putting your foot into the shoe will be the highlight of your day. The foam insole molds to your foot over time but can able be removed in favor of insoles. It also supports a normal foot arch.

The Saucony Cohesion 10 is versatile for various users, thanks to its everyday-wear capabilities with a dozen colors to choose.

7. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On Classic Running Sneaker

The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On Shoes were developed back in the 1960s for the athletes to wear during the Olympics. Due to their success and popularity, the brand re-launched the shoes and are now a preferred shoe for everyday people to wear for their comfort.

The Onitsuka Slip-on shoes are an athletic runner style shoe, made with significant attention to detail in style and comfort. The first noticeable thing about the shoes is the unique design, made in over 35 different colors. You can find the shoes in either leather or mesh material, each sturdy enough for dynamic motion.

The shoes are also a great option for standing all day. People with either flat feet or arched feet can find comfort in wearing the shoes throughout the day. Since it was re-released, it was designed with a thinner sole, making them less attractive for extreme sports, but still suitable for general wear during the day.

Several of the shoe features, in addition to comfort, make them a viable option for standing.

The shape of the shoe supports a good posture and is a lightweight shoe for moving around.

8. Crocs Classic Clog

Until you slip your foot into a pair of Crocs Classic Clog shoes, you may not be a believer of the shoe’s comfort, but people around the world will tell you otherwise. What seemed to start as a trend for the unique pair of shoes became a mainstay in many people’s closets. From the funky colorways to the exceptional comfort, Crocs are the perfect shoe for standing all day.

Crocs come in over 40 colors, made of 100% croslite material, allowing them to break-in quickly and become one of your most comfortable pair of shoes you’ve purchased. There are a few key features that make them a choice shoe for standing in for long hours. The elevated platform gives support between your foot and any ground surface. The ventilation ports are more than just a style element but allow for lots of foot breathability. There is even moderate arch support thanks to the styling of the sole, permitting people with low or high arches to enjoy the comfort of the shoes.

Crocs have become a universal shoe, work in a variety of settings. People working on their feet for 10-12 hours per day can slip on a pair of Crocs and won’t have to think about harming their foot health. The lightweight design and pivoting heel strap ensures a secure fit and minimizes foot fatigue.

9. Skechers Men’s Superior Milford Slip-On Loafer

For those who are looking for a stylish slip-on shoe, look no further than the Sketchers Men’s Superior Milford Slip-On Loafer. The suede and woven soft mesh style of the shoe makes it a suitable shoe for standing all day in a variety of settings, including at work or home.

People tend to overlook slip-on shoes as being shoes that can be worn all day, but the Sketchers Milford Loafers change all perceptions. Many people purchase the shoes for casual wear around the house before discovering the extreme comfort of them to wear even outside.

Unlike many other shoes designed for standing all day, the Skechers Milford Slip-on is a minimalist shoe when it comes to the shoe technology. It was designed with comfort being a major priority, and it surpasses all expectations. The shoe lining is made with soft fabric; they can be worn with or without socks. The shoes also have a general relaxed fit, providing ample interior room for people with wider feet to still have space. It allows for more breathability of your foot during wears.

A surprising fact about the Skechers Milford Slip-on Loafers is the fantastic arch support. People with foot arches can wear the shoes for long hours without worrying about foot aches. The shoes are also recommended for people with flat feet thanks to the significant amount of padding on the interior.

10. New Balance Men’s Mx608v4

Standing is an everyday activity, so you’ll need an everyday shoe, especially for standing long hours. The best recommendation is the New Balance MX 608v4. The MX 608v4 is the fourth model in the New Balance series that continuously makes improvements to support all types of foot styles.

The New Balance MX 608v4 is an all-around shoe that’s an excellent option for people not looking for such a form-fitting shoe for their exact foot. It’s the perfect combination of stability and balance for people of all sizes and weights.

In the design of the shoe, a significant focus was made to the heel region of the shoe. Providing enough cushion in this part of the shoe is a major reason for being considered a great shoe for wearing all day. The enhanced cushioning compliments the IMEVA technology added to the midsole, which is beneficial to absorbing impact. At the footbed is EVA technology.

The New Balance MX 608v4 was made predominantly for indoor use, being a go-to shoe for people with careers requiring lots of standing throughout the day. The shoe is 100% leather with high-quality construction. It also has a breathable textile lining. The universal shoe comes in close to 30 different colors, making it one of the most popular New Balance models for standing.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day


Why do I need comfortable shoes for standing?

Everybody spends lots of time on their feet during the day, whether you’re involved with sports or doing everyday activities. Consider running around town doing errands and having to wait in long lines, or going for a long walk every morning for exercise. Comfortable shoes for standing all day will allow you to take care of your feet and preserve them for long term health.

What makes the perfect shoe for standing?

There are several factors to consider when buying shoes for standing. While there are many standard features found in each shoe recommended for standing, everyone has a different type of foot and trying a variety of pairs in beneficial to finding the perfect fit.

What are the benefits of comfortable shoes?

Our feet are an essential part of our body and must be cared for, especially in situations where we are standing for long hours. All of our weight shifts down to our feet, so proper support is needed to ensure their comfort.

Improving your posture can help you to avoid common health issues such as lower back pain, joint damage, and poor circulation by having proper footwear.

When should I consider shoes for standing long hours?

Many careers and activities cause us to spend several hours per day on our feet. Jobs such as nurses or factory workers can sometimes spend 10-12 hours per day walking. People who are also active such as trainers or exercising also require significant time spent on your feet. For people that spend significant amounts of time on their feet are recommended to wear appropriate footwear.


It’s important to consider the shoes that we wear daily. Footwear is one of the foundations for long-term health, and the way you treat your feet can be a major differentiator between health and health issues. We’ve examined many of the factors that go into choosing the right pair of shoes for standing all day and provided several recommendations based on their performance by satisfied customers. Try a few of the shoes and find your perfect shoe for standing long hours.

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